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Demo “Prophet” written and sung by Renee Ashley Baker. Copyright by CP Irrevocable Trust for Columbia/Sony and CP Music Publishing.

It’s #Friday and well, now, it’s time for Me to speak. (Yes I, Renee Ashley Baker, saw the clip of #DojaCat meeting #WhoopiGoldberg). Why, I ask, does #DojaCat keep cracking herself over the head ? DojaCat is acting like a “#no-talent #NeelyOhara” and DojaCat needs to STOP it (!!!) I, Renee Ashley Baker, am NOT going to go against breakout #Star (#actress / #rapper ) #CardiB because somebody else is mocking CardiB. Dear DojaCat, try to be the “next star”; not the lesser Star (!!!). So, many want to “help” Renee Ashley Baker. And even if I, Renee Ashley Baker, hadn’t “shut down” all production I, Renee Ashley Baker, would never be able to get you in the door DojaCat !!! The Twitter community (and the public ) would skin Me !!! So Doja, you have a Pedigree (a talented Parent) but so does #Drake. Why are you mocking Drake now ? (I admit that I have had #Strawman / #Streetman problems with Drake which, I will never forgive the #EntertainmentIndustry for letting happen). But that is beside the point. You and #NickiManaj need to #STFU. Really !!!. Nikki has had her day in the sun and she needs to “let go of the rope”. (Nikki at 35 can’t move on and do other things in “ShowBusiness” ? Why not ? Washed Up ? ) But for you newcomers, what do you think you’re doing coming for–of all people Cardi B (and Drake ?#%!). BTW: Cardi B must never doubt herself because she spits her raps like an #actress not like a rapper and this should already have garnered Cardi B a mountain of “movie scripts to read”. Anyway, Doja Cat, I hate to say it but there are at least 20 “blondes” in #popmusic (and on YouTube) who look and sound like you. I hate to say this, but it’s true (!!!)
Now, I, Renee Ashley Baker, must close this (#rant ) by saying to DojaCat what someone in Denver (a stranger–who is female and Caucasian) said to Me. She said, “Renee, take the high road”. Hella puzzling at the time but now I know what she meant. DojaCat, you too should take the high road or Cardi B will “out class you a thousand times a day ” (aka CardiB will steam roll over DojaCat !!!) ….BTW: How come everybody new (or passezΒ΄ ) is coming after Cardi B ? Why is it that none of you newbies are after #LadyGaga, #Adele, #BebeRexa, #Lorde, #DuaLipa, #TaylorSwift, or #KatyPerry ?
P.S. Renee Ashley Baker will stay OUT of the Entertainment Industry for the next 7-15 years.
Signed #ReneeAshleyBaker


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What Happened To The Black Entertainment Industry ?

It went Broke, it then went to Atlanta, it came back to the Los Angeles Black “Strawman” Streets, now it’s on YouTube sponsored by Stay Home Covid 19 !!! I, Renee Ashley Baker, must state that I am happy it ALL went BROKE !!! I am happy the Entertainment Industry is down and OUT of money. Why wern’t My “movie production deals” signed ? #LMAO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Now, Stay Home Showcase !!!

Prophet by Renee Ashley Baker

Lyrics Copyright 2020 by CP Irrevocable Trust.

Chorus (Begins at 23 sec – 34 sec)

Verse (Begins at 35 sec )

Last Verse (1:55 – 2:05)

You Sons-a-Bitches talkin bout killin Me ?

All you Putas better fck and go to sleep

See your Poppi and your Mommy gonna weep

I’m Deleting all the fcking Enemy

(Chorus to End )

Back Story: An aging Cholo helps a crew of New York Street Buskers and Dope Runners defeat A Drug Kingpin.


Selfie of Renee Ashley Baker. The USDOJ building is still closed so I’ll try again on the 15th !!!


A New One !!!

“Black Pearl !!!”

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And Below…

Renee Ashley Baker’s New Home ? To Stay Home as No Performing is Allowed. Not even on TikTok !!! (Insurance Claim Settlement Coming Soon I Hope !!! )


The Jolly Green Giant was Renee Ashley Baker’s Mascot when Renee Ashley Baker attended George Washington High School in Denver (located in the rich Jewish Crestmoor Park neighborhood of Denver Colorado ).


Janis Spindel Matchmaking

Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking 2020 in the Hamptons !!! Will the Janis Spindel parties in The Hamptons be all Virtual this year ? (Renee Ashley Baker is looking to marry a MAN who must be Jewish-Caucasian, 60-80 years of age, and a Billionaire or Millionaire !!!)


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Now, My Robbie !!

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Gadgets !!!

Recipes !!!


A Video by Renee Ashley Baker For Throwback Thursday

Gazette News !!!



Plus, The Reason:


Why, have I, Renee Ashley Baker, left the Entertainment Industry ? Because Los Angeles’ Sex Offenders, Crips, Communists and HOBOS are running the Entertainment Industry !!! No to the Talent Agencies. No to UTA. No to Willliam Morris. No to Endeavor. No to ICM still as the “streets of Los Angeles” are still telling Me that it is ICM Dana Simms who is still running that “Criminal Strawman Entertainment Company” that I, Renee Ashley Baker, keep asking the F.B.I to investigate (!!!)Before I arrived back in Los Angeles I, Renee Ashley Baker, was verbally “coerced to rent–not buy– in The Hollywood Hills. I guess the Crips have the Hollywood Hills while the Bloods have Calabasas. Either way, I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be buying a new house in New York. (I, Renee Ashley Baker, will NOT be returning to California). Denver Colorado; that Soapy Smith Silver Mine Prostitute Cowtown had better not still be trying to have an I.P.O. using Morgan Stanley and Renee Ashley Baker’s Intellectual Property. I, Renee Ashley Baker, will have the USDOJ and the SEC put somebody in prison !!!

The “NO” List:

No to Charlize Theron. (B-List Hobo who can’t get Box Office ). No to IFC and No to Robert Redford. No to Universal Studios. No to NBC Network. No to SNL. No to Hoda Kotb. No to Paramount, No to CBS Network (too many Sex Offenders–Charlie Rose, Leslie Moonves etc). No to Showtime. No to Simon and Schuster Book Publishers. No to Warner Bros. No to HBO. No to Atlantic Records. No to Warner Chappel Music Publishing. No to Madonna’s Maverick Music Publishing Co. No to Netflix. No to Hulu. No to Peter Guber. No to Elon Musk. No to Uber Corp. No to Kylie Jenner’s Companies. Still NO to Ice Cube. No to Ice-T. No to t.i. (and No to fat ugly Tiny). No to Nique at Nite. No to Tasha K. No to Armon Wiggins. No to ASAP Rocky. No to the Black Deciples and No to The Crips. No to OWN Network. No to Oprah Winfrey, No to Gayle King. No to The Obamas.

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