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I, Renee Ashley Baker, have never been a Prostitute nor a Dope Runner. Composites in some instances are Justified…

DEMO Written and Sung by Renee Ashley Baker (for Columbia/Sony and CP Music Publishing)

Kunsler to Kardashian. Well, things certainly have become ridiculous, haven’t they ? Ray Jay’s ole lady handling ACLU cases ? Well, it ain’t like the old days when Citizen John Q was interested in his Country. New York Donald Trump is in the White House telling idiots to inject themselves with bleach and alcohol. Yes the Idiot Mind reigns supreme nowadays. Anyway, the movie industry deserves to remain BROKE until it gets back to making blockbusters (and not booty calls ). P.S. NO Renee Ashley Baker will not produce the Larry Davis Story — will Kim Kardashian ? Or maybe Jay-z ? P.S.P.S. Still “NO” to Lil Kim and still “NO” to Beyonce Knowles.

Now…A Contest !!!

Which Should I Use ?
She or He ? A Contest !!! Most Clever Quote Wins 2 free Bottles Moscato from Stay Home Vineyards !!! Stay Home and Stay Tuned !!!
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(Open Letter )

Re: Dr. C.P.

To Chicago (Communists and Mobsters):

Dr. CP is Beneficiary of (Owner of ) CP Irrevocable Trust.

Dr. CP’s Irrevocable Trust is Owner of CP INDUSTRIES.


1. Stay Home Vineyards, (and also Champagne Socialite exclusively for Rothschild INC ).

2. Helene Fourment by Rubens (Lifestyle Brand exclusively for Neinan Marcus ).

For The Wertheimers. CP INDUSTRIES OWNS:

3. CP Watch Company (Exclusively for Rolex ).

4. Collections designed by Renee Ashley Baker (Baby Luxe Cashmere Line, Digital Wallpaper Athletic Wear, Celtic Lion Cashmere Men’s Ties and Hoodies and Commuter Bags. Vizon i Eyelash & Eyeshadow Palette. PlusVarious Collections on ReneeAB9 Zazzle.

5. Sun Louie Luxury Lifestyle Brand.

6. ReneeAB9 Collection for Roche Bobois.

7. Collection of Bluetooth Portable Speakers for Sony and Bang & Olufsen.

8. CP Ecommerce (Owned 100% by Dr. CP )

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Stay Home Recipes ?

🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬 Weekend Movie Matinee

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This, is What’s Next:

Renee Ashley Baker gets her Stimulus Payment. 2. Renee Ashley Baker gets Insurance Claim Payment (to be made whole for $8 million dollars in “financial losses” from 5/2018 – 12/2020.) 3. Renee Ashley Baker buys a New House in New York State. 4. Renee Ashley Baker “re-sends” Copyright Registrations for CP INDUSTRIES IP and CP INDUSTRIES Fashion and Housewares Designs so that these “designs” can be sold by Neiman Marcus Stores (under the label “designed by Renee Ashley Baker exclusively for Neiman Marcus”). 5. Renee Ashley Baker dates and gets married to a Jewish/ Caucasian Millionaire or Billionaire (via Janis Spindel Matchmaking and Selective Search Matching). 6. Renee Ashley Baker may, in 7-15 Years, ( certainly after her Insurance Claim Settlement) work in the Entertainment Industry but only for Walt Disney Corporation and only for Columbia (Sony) Recording Label, and only for using CAA Talent exclusively. There has to be “No More Packaging” at the Talent Agencies. (BTW: Yes, The Entertainment Industry and the Talent Agencies have been “brought down” from 100% to 50% — 50% fees, 50% industry profit, and 50% talent ability . The Entertainment Industry is “finally admitting” that it is down, bankrupt and needs a “Government Bail Out”. All those “inflated numbers” in the trades in past years have been exactly that– OVERBLOWN. So, do not keep on with these “false hoods” — admit that 5 Movie Theatre Chains Collapsed — and there are others that need to go ahead and “fall” TOO !!!). Anyway, I, Renee Ashley Baker, have seen the movie industry as a “failure” in it’s post Debra Winger (post Michael Eisner) era. I, Renee Ashley Baker, was told that my NOT working in the Entertainment Industry was costing the Entertainment Industry approximately $2 Billion dollars a year (in “trickle down” revenues). I, Renee Ashley Baker, will remain OUT OF SHOWBUSINESS until White Men (until the NON sex offenders) have returned !!! P.S. No to the NFL. No to the Obamas. No to Netflix. No to Hulu. No to OWN Network. No to Universal Studios, No to NBC Network, No to SNL, No to UMG. No to Paramount, No to Showtime, No to CBS Network, No to Warner Bros. No to HBO, No to Atlantic Records, No to Madonna’s Maverick Music Publishing, No to Warner Chappell Music Publishing. No to Charlize Theron. No to Peter Guber. No to Elon Musk. No to UBER. No to PepsiCo. No to UTA, No to William Morris, No to Endeavor, No to ICM. No to Wilhemina Agency (Renee Ashley Baker will sign with Ford Modeling Agency for Endorsements such as –Supersmile Toothpaste, Caviar Shampoo, Creme de la Mer and Chanel !!!) Renee Ashley Baker is ‘still’ waiting for that Bag πŸ’°πŸ”‹πŸ’ΌπŸ—½πŸŽ 

Above “The 4 Faces of Renee Ashley Baker” (aka The Royal Purple Lady ?). Also above the new Musee Moderne Furniture Collection at ReneeAB9 Shopify Online Store !!!

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Demo Written and Sung by Renee Ashley Baker “Hacking Mathilde”.

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Hand Sanitizer, Masks, Gloves

Did I Renee Ashley Baker tell you, My Readers, that I have relatives who wear the coveralls above and who are in fact U.S. Government Haz Mats !!!

Best Videos !!! “Quarantine Nail Blues: A Video by Renee Ashley Baker”

House #5

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