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DEMO Written and Sung by Renee Ashley Baker

Yes, I, Renee Ashley Baker, was so influenced by the “situation” stimulus that I did, in fact, write a song about the “Stimulus Payment”. (View Song Lyrics Below). Now A Brief Bio. I, Renee Ashley Baker, was born in St. Louis Missouri to a Boujie Mother, Lady Irma/Erma, who was a U.S. Air Force Mother, an Army Wife and an Eastern Star. My Father ( Mr. Ashley) was a U.S. Army Man and a Mason. I, Renee Ashley Baker, was born in the (Land of Truman) inside the rich Jewish Hospital in St. Louis (Barnes Hospital) and I, Renee Ashley Baker, was raised in a rich Jewish neighborhood in St Louis a neighborhood of Doctors and Lawyers, and Judges (in fact the mini Mansion purchased by My Mother Lady Irma/Erma had “real gold in the wall paper”, fireplaces and Wrought Iron chandeliers in every room, an attic, a basement and a four car garage. (In fact Lady Irma/Erma’s mini mansion had been brought over from France , piece by piece and rebuilt in St. Louis Missouri by a Jewish Judge. (Talk about being “Rene”. Really !!!). Anyway, I Renee Ashley Baker, attended George Washington High School in the rich Jewish neighborhood of Denver Crestmoor Park, and I, Renee Ashley Baker, attended a “rich kids” college (the University of Denver) where I, Renee Ashley Baker, studied French and had a 4.0 . G.P.A. (I , Renee Ashley Baker, also had a “meeting” with the very important Chancellor of the University of Denver where I, Renee Ashley Baker, sat at a table across from the Chancellor of the University of Denver in his impressive and expensive woodworks office). I, Renee Ashley Baker, also attended a Business College (a Night School) where I made the Deans List. (At this Business College, I, Renee Ashley Baker, studied Business Principles and Practices, Real Estate Principles and Practices and Marketing. I, Renee Ashley Baker, made “straight A’s” ). Now, for the Clout: The Relatives. I, Renee Ashley Baker, have 8 (eight) Millionaires in My Family. Really. They are: “A” (a 401 K millionaire and inheritance millionaire) , “J” (an inheritance millionaire) and CS (a 401 K millionaire & inheritance millionaire) plus CS had his office in the U.S. Department of Justice in the J.Edgar Hoover Building in Washington DC and CS received a “commendation” from former FBI Director Robert Mueller. #4 and #5 (Miss M and James who both made a Million dollars over their lifetime in their respective Professions). #6. An Aunt in Ohio (a Real Estate millionaire). #7. LF (an IBM 401 K millionaire). #8. CP’s biological Father, a Caucasian Man, who is also a Millionaire). When CP (Dr. CP ) was a little boy all of his chums (his friends) in grade school and high school had Fathers who were either millionaires or employees of the USDOJ (yes the U.S. Department of Justice !!!). The only way I , Renee Ashley Baker, am going to “become a millionaire” is from my Car Accident Settlement (to be made whole) and from Marrying a millionaire or billionaire (I am waiting)….now on to:

House #1

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House #2

Island Love

Rap Lyrics by Renee Ashley Baker.

Copyright by CP Irrevocable Trust.

(Chorus begins 30 sec)

If that Stimulus is so stimulating

Why am I still Broke,

Why am I waiting.

All of this Woe yeah all of this Hating

I’m a Pretty Girl and I should be Dating.

When will my Phone ring, an-ti-ci-pating.

When will my Heart sing , sound so elating.

One day I’ll fall in Love I’ve been awaiting.

One day I’ll be a Dove, I’m so amazing.

(Verse 1 begins at 50-1:30 sec)

(Chorus 1:30 – 1:50)

**Song above for Columbia/Sony and for C P Music Publishing. Written For All The Island Fam: Hawaii, Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Peurto Rico, Bali, St. Barts, Lyford Kay, Mykonos, Mustique, and Golden Eye !!!


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“Quarantine Nail Blues”

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