Att: New York Times, Washington Post, People Magazine, Daily Mail, USWeekly Magazine. New York, Los Angeles. Boston, Atlanta… Dear America: The Traditional Values of Love and Marriage are Important. Yes. But, your sons, who must take summer jobs as ‘Waiters’ or Postmate Delivery Drivers’ should have ‘No Fear’ for their Safety. I cannot ignore the changes in this ‘new society’ where American Citizens cannot beat ‘The Enemy Within’. Yes, it seems that Renee Ashley Baker makes fun of everything, (there is a ‘funny gene’ in My family) but, I have decided to direct new attention to the ‘serious malfeasance’ in today’s ‘World’. Besides, the nation’s newest comedianne is being prosecuted by social media and by the Prosecutors Office who seemingly, isn’t aware of the new slick business saavy in the hood (“How To Get Rid Of The Competition !!!”). I am going to show a new and different Renee Ashley Baker on this WordPress Blog. Hopefully, the Consumer will like My new Instagram / Facebook Marketing Campaigns filled with Beautiful ‘New’ Merchandise sold at Below Market Prices !!!