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Question: What do the two events depicted below have in common ?

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Now, What To Do This 4th of July Weekend ?

Best Events:

New York:

New York 4th of July Weekend 2019 – 10+ Fun Things to Do in July

Los Angeles:

Los Angeles 4th of July Weekend 2019 – 10+ Fun Things to Do in July

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They couldn’t make Me (Renee Ashley Baker ) “be” the ish so they tried to make me (Renee Ashley Baker ) “take” the ish. I, Renee Ashley Baker, have been fighting certain companies:

No to Cover Girl. No to Clairol. No to 50 Cent. No to The Carters. (No to Jayz and Beyonce). No to Chik a filet. No to Sprint. No to Lindsey Lohan. No to Alyssa Milano. No to Nicholas Cage. No to Mira Sorvino. No to Uma Thurman. No to QVC. No to HSN. No to Christie Brinkley. No to Cindy Crawford. No to Bose. No to Revlon. Yes to Chanel Cosmetics Yes to Rothschild Champagne. Yes to Roger Vivier. Yes to Bang & Olufsen. Yes to Christofle and Yes to Waterford. Yes to Steuben. Yes to Haagen Daz Vanilla. Yes to Coca Cola. Yes to Perrier. Yes to Evian. Yes to Hansens.

I was pressured (in Colorado) about my hiring –about my giving jobs to– Rosanna Arquette, Kate Beckinsdale, Alyssa Milano, Lindsey Lohan, Angie Everhart, Selma Hyak, Lupita Nyongo, ( and Halle Berry and Taranji P Henson both clients of Manager Sex Offender Vincent Cirrincione). No to Angelina Jolie. No to Charlize Theron. And No to Oprah Winfrey and No to Meryl Streep both “friends” of Harvey Weinstein. I Renee Ashley Baker do not want OWN Network and No to Hoda Kotb !!!

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Harvey Weinstein’s Sex Club:


Bankrupt Companies in America:


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Best Holiday Potpourri

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