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Word To The Wives

Renee Ashley Baker
A reworking not a remake. Copyright 2019 by C P Irrevocable Trust.

(A Narrator of the 1960’s Jerry Lewis movie comedies type).


What could go wrong ? Yes, she had her plan. And her best friend Olivia would help her. They’d figured out all the “kinks”. Right ? She had kissed Noah goodbye and he suspected nothing. She dropped the top and hit the pedal. The Louis V in the back shaking the world. So, again I ask What Could Go Wrong ? FLASH FORWARD 7 DAYS LATER.
ON CAMERA WE SEE “SHIT GOING WRONG” !!! Oliver (Olivia’s husband) and Noah (Gladys’ husband) are both seated in the dining room chairs back to back. Ropes wrapped around both men’s chests. Both men’s hands behind their backs with zip ties around their wrists. THE CAMERA MOVES LEFT AND WE SEE Two figures dressed in all black. Black gloves, black shoes, black hoodies, black pants, black ski masks. The two figures are seated side by side on the SOFA in the adjacent “living room”. CAMERA MOVES FURTHER LEFT IN A 180 AND WE SEE YET ANOTHER FIGURE. THIS ONE STANDING–LEANING AGAINST A DOOR JAMB. HE TOO IS WEARING ALL BLACK. AND IS –GET THIS–SMOKING A JOINT !!! WE SEE IN THIS “LEANING MAN’S HAND” A GUN–A BLACK 44. AUTOMATIC AND HE IS WAVING IT BACK AND FORTH. FROM THE TWO IN THE CHAIRS TO THE TWO ON THE COUCH. WHAT A MESS !!! It was to have gone so smoothly. Gladys and her BFF Olivia were going to “dress up like burglars” “get inside Gladys and Noah’s house” and scare, frighten “Noah” with a “phony home invasion robbery”. Frighten him so badly that he’d want to “move” into the “new housing development” where Oliver and Olivia had just purchased a new house !!! Go figure. It was “burglars night out” and a “real burglar” would find Gladys and Noah’s house on the same night as the “phony burglary”. The REAL BURGLAR–the one standing and leaning against the door jamb and smoking the joint and waving the gun around wasn’t amused. He NEVER collaborated on his jobs.


Above “story” by Renee Ashley Baker is Not for Universal Studios. Not for Paramount. Not for Warner Bros. And Not for Television. Disney Studios shall receive this project “too” .


(Open Letter )
Dear #Judi Dench:
Kevin Spacey’s body of work is in the proverbial toilet because the young generation cannot stand the sight of his face. ( A molester–a sexoffender–a thief of young Mens dignity. ) That, is why the Executives need to be skint. For hiring a #Sexoffender who’s work has become “tainted” … ( let’s say who’s work has become DETESTED ) and therefore “work” that has NO AFTERLIFE !!! Farewell to (not “arms”) but to Shitty “arms”. No Al Pacino movies ? No Dustin Hoffman movies ? No Kevin Spacey movies? Who knew ?
P.S. No to #Lamborghini. No to Kate Winslet. Yes to Cate Blanchett but Chris Hemsworth first (with Renee Ashley Baker in the female actress lead) at Disney Studio in 7-15 years (After CP INDUSTRIES !!!).

Signed Renee Ashley Baker


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*Still “No” to Warner Bros, No to Atlantic Records, NO to Chappell Music. No to HBO, No to Madonna’s Maverick Music Publishing, No to The Obamas, No to Netflix. No to Paramount. No to CBS Network. No to UniversalStudios. No to ICM.

No to NBC, No to BET, No to OWN Network. No to Diana Ross’ daughter and No to Porsha Williams. No to Charlize Theron !!!