Will “Los Angeles” Leave Hollywood Alone ?…. Plus… Buggy & Business For Sale !!! Now, To Warner Bros: “No Thank You”. To Sean Combs : No Thank You. I don’t want the Purses”. ( Now—Summer Fun, Summer Rapping, and Summer Shopping !!! Plus, Music Videos, Celebrity News, TMZ, MTV !!!)

Story (For Disney Studios or Jeff Bezos ) ???

7 Minutes by Renee Ashley Baker


Video by Renee Ashley Baker. Music by Davis Absolute.

I, Renee Ashley Baker, request All rights to this “talented” Beat Maker’s music.

No to Kevin Costner. No to Tom Cruise. No to Paramount. No to Universal Studios. No to Warner Bros. No to Atlantic Records. No to Ice Cube. No to t.i., No to IceT, No to ASAPROCKY, No to Playboi Carti.

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To The Entertainment Industry

(and To 30 Million Readers Worldwide):

For the first time somebody “a male”
admitted that the #WarnerBros debacle was in fact a “fiasco”. That there were two (“too”) that never should have been allowed NEAR a Man like Kevin Fuhjihara. These two “slicksters” belong in Denver walking around harassing the talented to “let them” enter into the “Entertainment Industry”. Are things that bad over at WarnerBros ? Are Warner Bros Studios that “desperate for money” that they needed “financing”–that they needed a loan–from two “outsiders” who shouldn’t ever be allowed to become “members of the CLUB !!!”. Heidi Fleiss must be laughing that the Powers That Be are “in business with The Hoes” now !!! The Entertainment Industry (formerly known as “Show Business” ) is allowing “talents like Renee Ashley Baker” to face the “insult” the movie business and the music industry has become. Still No to Warner Bros, No to HBO, No to Atlantic Records, No to WarnerChappell Music Publishing and No to Madonna’s Maverick Music Publishing Company. In 7-15 years–after CP INDUSTRIES is launched in France with The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds —
I, ReneeAshleyBaker may then “sign a contract” with Walt Disney Corporation. There must be an office on Walt Disney lot that will house Renee Ashley Baker’s “production staff” !!! (I mean Disney NOT ABC “Too” ). No to CBS Network, No to Paramount. No to OWNNETWORK, No to The Obamas, No to Netflix. No to Leo DiCaprio’s “Directors”.
Plus, No to Cardi B and No to Bhad Bhabie neither of whom need Renee Ashley Baker. (And No to The Jackson Family “too”. ) P.S.P.S. What happened to the Entertainment Industry “Leadership”. The “Studio Heads are teaching lessons: “get along with the #SexOffenders” and the Talent Agencies are teaching lessons “work for less money and on the small screen”; (unless of course you’re in India or China where luxury movie theatres flourish !!! ). The genius minds are growing the Third World while the “retarded mind” is “shrinking” America !!!
Signed Renee Ashley Baker (aka St Louis Missouri).

Now, Busines Tuesday

My Day: I had to run an errand this morning. And though I have decided not to “post” my whereabouts on social media “real time” I am out. Enroute I discovered a great “caffeine stop”. The employees are so nice and friendly and the caffeine-rista made the “perfect cup of Earl Grey Tea”. Perfectly sweet with cream. Below are pictures I took in a 180 degree circle right across from the Wiltern. The “People” of Los Angeles :

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