The Big WAIT !!! Plus Worldwide Screenwriting MasterClass !!! Plus Warning Explicit Gore !!! Plus Female Rappers in Distress ? Foxy Brown Booed !!! Plus Cardi B Drags Fan Page Over Sister Henny !!! Cardi B Twerk Cat ? (movies, cinema, music videos, rappers, music, hip hop, Offset )

Father’s Day Video by Renee Ashley Baker

Video by Renee Ashley Baker

above,Wendy Williams and Her Son in New York !!!

Chris Brown will not be required to “Develop” a motion picture for Renee Ashley Baker. Plus ….Re: Where is My My Instagram BizCo101 ?

Re: Why 7-15 Years ?

I, ReneeAshleyBaker, am still waiting to pay for my Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgery. No to the Entertainment Industry until: (a) My Breast Surgery and My Knee Treatment.
(b) CP Irrevocable Trust has been “drawn up” !!! And CP INDUSTRIES set up.
(c) Millionaire Match, Janis Spindel, Selective Search finds a Husband for Renee Ashley Baker and He must be Caucasian/Jewish, 45-80 years of age and a Millionaire / Billionaire who is NOT in the Entertainment Industry.
In 7-15 years I, Renee Ashley Baker, will work in the Entertainment Industry !!!
P.S. No to Goldie Hawn. No to the Talent Agencies. No to the EntertainmentIndustry. No to Universal Deals. No to CharlizeTheron. No to Califano/HOBO economy as I was told in Los Angeles that Califano “factored in” the HOBOS !!!.
Signed ReneeAshleyBaker

Re: Cannes Film Festival

So, the Showing of Quentin Tarantino’s movie was “flat”. Says who ? I don’t think those at Cannes now are qualified to judge !!! This new crop of movie producers using “intimacy coordinators” for scenes and all because the Leading Man wants out !!! Maybe the er um “story” isn’t there !!! Remember how Kevin Costner and Sean Young’s kissing scenes heated up the screen ? (Now both Kevin Costner and Sean Young are “out of favor”. So is another Manly Leading Man “James Woods” who starred in one of my favorite movie remakes “The Days of Wine and Roses” aka “The Boost”). The movie theatre owners (NATO) need to survey the movie going audiences and find out exactly who they are. Find out what their level of education, what their occupation, what their income level. Who their 10 favorite Leading actors are !!!

No to Revlon and No to Cover Girl. No to PepsiCo, No to Oprah Winfrey and No to OWNNetwork.

No to Sharon Stone. No to TaranjiPHenson, No to Lupita Nuongo and her neck massages. And No to B-lister Pam Greer. I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be hiring Leading Men at Disney Studios exclusively and they are: Chris Hemsworth, Charlie Hunnam, Harrison Ford, Christian Bale, Jeff Bridges, Sean Penn, Ben Kingsley, Anthony Hopkins. Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis. And maybe–maybe Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio. (In 7-15 years after CP Industries is launched in France !!! )

P.S. Why did LeeLee Sobieski quit ? Did something happen to her ?

To Disney Corp and Mr Robert Iger:
I, ReneeAshleyBaker, will be willing to talk with Disney Streaming about “Renee Ashley Baker Show: A 6 Part Documentary” at $6 Million Fee paid to ReneeAshleyBaker, for all 6 Shows (with $3 Million paid to Renee Ashley Baker, upon signing). The deal will call for exclusive rights to Disney Corp (No rights to Netflix and No rights to OWNNetwork meaning ALL RIGHTS exclusively going to Disney Streaming ). This Proposal in addition to “12 Emojis” if– Disney (Robert Iger) in agreement !!!

No to Sprint , No to TMobile and No to Metro and No on Revlon and No on Cover Girl. I, ReneeAshleyBaker, will wear Chanel Cosmetics. Signed ReneeAshleyBaker


re: Music

I, Renee Ashley Baker, resent not being able to work “autonomously”. So, I, Renee Ashley Baker, refuse to work. Should things change and Movie Executives take back control (and get it away from those after a fast buck “money grab”) I, Renee Ashley Baker, may have singing jobs for Snoh Aalegra, Cleo Sol, Corinne, Bette, and Barbra and Bebel. And I, may have “roles” for some new faces ” DaBaby, Offset, 21Savage. Tyler Perry (sans Madea make up). Some of the older faces have to “move out of the way”. (Beyonce Knowles and Erikah Badu still CAN’T sing My song “Diamonds” nor any other ReneeAshleyBaker, song. Why? I need to discover the NEW !!!)

“They” were “pushing” Meryl and Charlize FIVE YEARS AGO when I wanted to hire “actresses” from India and China and England (like Cate Blanchett !!!).
Well, Now I am embarrassed for the American cinema industry because the mess has been EXPOSED to be far worse than even I thought it was. Every “sick sex offender creep” has come to Los Angeles to “harass the entertainment industry”. To “filthy” the Movie Industry. How sad. No wonder there is such “block” on “screenwriters”. Downtown Los Angeles has always been “seedy” but what about Century City
(and Cannes !!!???)


Re: Starbucks Coffee

There are so many “sick talking” employees of the Starbucks chain that I cannot imagine how the Owner could ever lead this country as President of the United States. They’ve told me that this “sick” (whatever it is) is Oprah Winfrey’s (ish) !!! This is why I will continue to “refuse” Oprah Winfrey and refuse OWNNetwork.

I suspect that when OWNNetwork is sold it will be Comcast that will buy it. Is this the new and “slippery” Communism come to ReneeAshleyBaker’s “America” ? No to Comcast/Universal.

To All My ScreenWriting, Filmmaking Group Members and Prospective Students :

I, ReneeAshleyBaker, may be a bit harsh with respect to how I say things sometimes but really, has anybody noticed the “sad lull” in the “movie industry” on discovering new talent ? Why ? Not since Debra Winger, right ? Can you name a “new face” ? Brad Cooper ? Who is the next Cate Blanchett ? Is Melissa McCarthy the new comedienne (following in Goldie Hawn’s footsteps ?)


(He’s on tour with #Cardi B but he’s probably going to be sued for all his money. Promoters please specify on tickets “no photos or autographs” unless Special All Access Pass.

Re: Cardi B

What are you fans thinking ?

Two Videos by Renee Ashley Baker


1. An allergy to bikini wax or maybe surgery stiches.

2. The Mask: To copy Remy Ma ? But a “religious uniform” (Burka) is different than the “skimask of a thug” ( or the Bandana of a Bandit).

3. Foxy trying to update herself in a climate of “fickelness” and “group cancelling” of one thing after another.

Note: Renee Ashley Baker will NOT be signing with WarnerBros, nor with Atlantic nor with ChappellMusic, nor with Madonna’s Maverick, nor with UniversalStudios, nor with OWNNetwork, nor with Oprah Winfrey, nor with Hoda Kotb, nor with NBC, nor with Janus Funds.

No to Hulu. No to CBS Network. No to Netflix. No to The Obamas.