Plus TASHA K. SUES CARDI B !!! Plus New DEMO sung and written by Renee Ashley Baker !!! Plus…Tasha K Sues Cardi B for $1 Million Dollars !!! R Kelly Gets “Do Over” and SummerBunni disses her Rabbits (LOL) TMZ. ShadeRoom. Billboard. CelebrityGossip. CelebrityNews. Rappers. YouTubers.

Vlog by Renee Ashley Baker. “Tasha K sues Cardi B” !!!

DEMO “Green” Sung and Written by Renee Ashley Baker. Copyright 2019 by CP Irrevocable Trust. Music: Beats by Dyleechi !!!

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By Renee Ashley Baker

So should HE be FIRED ? Whomever wanted these “sophisticated women” acting bafoonish ? Image is everything and a certain “Mean Girls” Erika Kane behavior has become expected of the “battling housewives” albeit somewhat cliched. Fetishes are what has replaced personalities ? Yes, I Renee Ashley Baker, have been harassed to “pick products” and I, ReneeAshleyBaker, have done so. There are only two products: Chanel #5 and Creme de la Mer !!!

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