“Like, Follow, Love” a new Video by Renee Ashley Baker !!! ) PLus Iggy Azalea is Baaack !!! Plus Billboard Music Awards !!! Winners !!! Plus #LHHH Hazel E. vs. Rap Sensations The City Girls !!! ( Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, Cardi B, Offset, Madonna) Entertainment, New York, Fashion , Celebrities !!!

“Like, #Follow, #Love”

A Video by #ReneeAshleyBaker

Wardrobe for Renee Ashley Baker Head Designer for CP Industries. CP Industries will be Headquartered in France and Co-Owned (hopefully) by The Wertheimers and by The Rothschilds !!! (scroll down for more Renee Ashley Baker Wardrobe ).

“Lots Wife” and “Dead End” two Videos by Renee Ashley Baker

The “Awesome” Iggy Azalea is Back !!! She’s so Fancy but All Grown Up !!! I, Renee Ashley Baker, watched/ viewed the music video “Started” and the Big Iggy “hooks” (choruses) and verses are back. “Sophisticated Swagger” replacing “Smartass Twerking”. No pre-teens chasing her sports car down the street but she still has that “girl squad” ( at age 30?). Anyway, check out the Pink Wigs above. The pink lace front wigs above are Renee Ashley Baker’s partner (affiliate) “RockStar Wigs” and to buy just click link below !!!



Video by Renee Ashley Baker :

Hazel E. vs. City Girls ? What Do You Think ?

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