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Sorry, But I’m Back !!!

March 22, 2019


Big Ump by ReneeAB9

Emoji Baseball !!! His/Her Pajamas designed by ReneeAshleyBaker for CP INDUSTRIES !!! Available Now (Click Link Below )

I’ve beenaway. So much happening.

Unbelievable !!!

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Rap Lyrics by ReneeAshleyBaker
Copyright 2019 by CP Irrevocable Trust
(chorus –begins at 24 sec)
Always counting up money
I think all of that’s funny
I’m here loading My gun-ny
Blood feuds only get runny
Easter for My white Bunny
Kevlar for his white tummy
Tin Soldiers beat em like drum-my
Ten Soldiers lick me like honey
(Verse 1-begin at 44 sec)
What’s a Thotiana ?
That’s NOT how I bought–iana
Ten Soldiers and I fought–iana
Put em up under a lot-iana
Glass House is My spot–iana
Bolo. The red dot–iana
En-croach no you NOT–iana
44. He Down; cause I SHOT-iana

*For Sony/Epic/Columbia