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CoCo Chanel


The CP Conglomerate 

I. CP Industries

Owned by: CP & CP Irrevocable Trust (30%) and hopefully The Wertheimers (70%).

Brands: Celtic Lion/Manly Man Menswear & Cashmere by Renee Toddlers and Infants (both exclusively for Neiman Marcus). CP Watch Company  (exclusively for Rolex of Switzerland). Irmagard Handbags (exclusively for Tiffany & Co) Digital WallPaper Housewares (exclusively for Neiman Marcus). ReneeAB9 Furniture (exclusively for Roche Bobois of France) and Leather Sneakers Designed by Renee Ashley Baker ($300-$1000 a pair).

Licenses To Go To: Neiman Marcus ! (And to several France based Manufacturers who “do business” with Chanel !!!)

The “Champagne Socialite” Cocktail Brand (Owned 60% by CP & CP Irrevocable Trust and hopefully by The Rothschild Family (40%)

II.  CP Licensing Company

Owned by:  CP & CP Irrevocable Trust  (85%) and hopefully JOINT VENTURE PARTNER (15%)


(A)  Graphic Canvas Sneakers Designed by Renee Ashley Baker (cost under $100 a pair).  License To Go To: A European Sneaker Manufacturer.

(B) Helen Fourment by Ruben. A “Plus Size” Fashion and “LifeStyle Brand” Designed by Renee Ashley Baker (cost $200-$1000 per garment).   License To Go To: France based manufacturers.

(C) Leather Goods Designed by Renee Ashley Baker (cost: $130-$200 per “Commuter Laptop  Bags” and “Tote Bags” and “Backpacks”. License To Go To: France based leather good manufacturers.

(D) Holiday Collection. Halloween and Christmas Themed Products Designed by Renee Ashley Baker . License To Go To: England

(E) Electronics, Art, and Stationary. Designed by Renee Ashley Baker. License To Go To: Sony and Bang & Olufsen !!! And To : To Be Decided.


above Rose and Tatiana and Malia and Sasha !!!



In Honor of  London Fashion Week !!!  But, in case you’re not a Brit, how about a Sunday Brunch !!!

Recipes by The New York Times and Loveless Cafe

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Fashion For The Chilly !!! 

Gorski’s Chevron Chinchilla Vest

Gorski Chevron Chinchilla Fur Vest 15000

(Cost: $15,000 at Neiman Marcus)

Fashion For The Bride !!! 

The Wedding Shoe !!!

NYFW2018 Wedding Shoe.png


Dear Store Buyers and Merchandise Reps: 

September (Back To School), October (Halloween Decor) and December (Christmas Gifts ) still available !!!  (Click Link Below !!!)

Fashion For The Gadget Lover

(On Wednesday –Day 6 of London Fashion Week !!!)

Now….The “Colin” Ad ….(For Nike !!! )

Colin_Kaepernick in Nike Ad

Why Renee Ashley Baker said “NO” to Phil Knight (READ ON):

I, Renee Ashley Baker, have always believed that Jews (Jewish People) run the important industries in the World (like Banking, and Finance). So this is what I,Renee Ashley Baker, have found out (discovered) since I’ve been “stranded” here in Orange County. 

That: There is a “group of HOBOS” (White Trash) who are “professing” to be neo-Nazi and Ku Klux Klan.  And they are actually ACTUALLY trying to “syphon gas” out of Black and Jewish companies and Black and Jewish celebrities !!!  Such as (as I just found out) Phil Knight the owner of Nike Corporation.   This, is why, I, Renee Ashley Baker, am refusing to “set up production payrolls” at Universal/Comcast and at Warner Bros.  This is why I, Renee Ashley Baker, am now in the “fashion industry” (with France based companies  many having Jewish owners  like Wertheimer and Rothschild !!!)  Phil Knight, as we all know, has been a “friend to Blacks” and has made a “fortune” off of Black Athletes and have made Black Athletes fortunes;  so–I want Phil Knight and AMERICA to know exactly what “shenanigans” is GOING ON !!!  It wasn’t until this morning that I, Renee Ashley Baker, discovered why these “sick –and stupid–groups” are trying to “use” Phil Knight.   Read it for yourself below!!!  

By the way, I, Renee Ashley Baker, will always call myself a “Jew” and not just because I , Renee Ashley Baker, was born in the rich Jewish Hospital in St. Louis Missouri (Barnes Jewish Hospital ) !!!  And I, Renee Ashley Baker, was born there because My Father Mr. Ashley (A U.S. Army Man and Mason who drank Manischewitz Wine ) loved and respected Jewish People.   

Below the “pathetic” story of these “poor little Nazi wanna-bes” who have become delusional and who are having a 360 degree BREAKDOWN !!!

READ STORY (click link below) :

Talented — Yes ?

Second to the death of XXXTenTacion  the “attempted destruction” of the Talented Performer known as #CardiB is the worst “showbusiness mess” I’ve ever heard  of !!! (Not including the mess that happened to Renee Ashley Baker !!!)…


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