About Helena Fourment by Ruben. Plus Nicky Hilton Rothschild and A Jeans Preview w/Shopping Link !!! Fashion Week 2018 is Here !!! Plus The Hot Celebrity News. (NO to Sean P Diddy Combs regarding Helen Fourment !!!)


   I, Renee Ashley Baker, would love to meet with Ascena (in Connecticut) about my proposed “collection” Helene Fourment by Ruben (to be designed by Renee Ashley Baker !!!)  Ascena will “own”  Helene Fourment by Ruben and Renee Ashley Baker will be named Head Designer and be paid a “design fee” and a “royalty” !!!


Yes, I, Renee Ashley Baker, design a Menswear Line (Celtic Lion/Manly Man) and a Champagne Line (Champagne Socialite Cocktails).  I, Renee Ashley Baker, however have decided to  add a clothing line for WOMEN–a “Plus Size Collection”– that I, Renee Ashley Baker, will design for one store chain–for a Fee.  In other words  a “collection of clothing” different than the “Brands” that belong to CP INDUSTRIES–which are — Celtic Lion/Manly Man , Cashmere by Renee, Digital Wallpaper Housewares (Eye See U, Modern Orbit, Sun Louie, and ILNY); The Irmagard Handbags exclusively for Tiffany and Co, ReneeAB9 Furniture for Roche Bobois and Champagne Socialite Cocktails  for Rothschild Distributors. 

I, Renee Ashley Baker, am doing this so as not to TRY to compete with “Chanel Corp” in the women’s wear business ….Nobody but Nobody beats Coco Gabrielle Chanel ….even if I, Renee Ashley Baker, am No 5 (the Fifth Element !!! lol !!!).    I, Renee Ashley Baker, will move to Connecticut then I, Renee Ashley Baker will “move to France” (and become a citizen of France and live –reside –permanetly on the French Riviera….!!!) 

CP INDUSTRIES is owned by  CP, CP Irrevocable Trust (30%) and by The Wertheimers (70%) hopefully !!!

I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be “shutting down” (discontinuing) the following: 

(1) The ReneeAB9 Online Store and (2) The Digital WallPaper Clothing Line. 

Re: HELENE FOURMENT BY RUBEN (to be designed by Renee Ashley Baker).

Again, Helene Fourment by Ruben is a plus size “Collection” and not a Clothing Line !!!  By the way it is my Godmother “M” who wore and purchased everything “top of the line”….which included all of her dresses which came from Lane Bryant stores — in St. Louis — exclusively !!!


(Paired with the Roger Vivier  Fall/Winter Mule !!!)


above, Leo by Chanel, Sun Louie by Renee Ashley Baker, Medusa by Versace and The Lion  2 by Michael Kors !!!   



Above  Renee Ashley Baker’s  new collection, The Sun Louie Collection which, will be sold “exclusively” through Neiman Marcus stores and on Neiman Marcus Websites.  The “Sun Louie Collection” will include:

1.  Housewares (Dinner Plates and Crystal Wine Glasses). 

2.  Bed Linen (Satin Comforters, Bath Towels and of course sheets of Egyptian Cotton ( 400-500 Thread Count !!!). 

3.  Wall Tile for Bathroom/Bedroom.

4.  His & Her Lounge Wear (HouseRobes, HouseSlippers, Satin Pyjamas/Pajamas, and 4ply Cashmere Jogging Suits !!!).

5.  Lastly, Luggage — 10pc Set (Trunk/Wardrobe, Rollaboard, Duffel Bag, Soft Side Train Case, Passport Case, Zippered Make Up Bag, Wallet/Wristlet, Eyeglass Case, Cellphone Case, and Keyfob). 



Sneakers For Fall / Winter 2018 !!!


above, Nicky Hilton Rothschild wearing jeans and a RTA Blaire Blaser 

(Cost: $595).  The Roger Vivier Lace Shoe ?   Priceless !!!

Now A Jeans Preview !!!

above Addie Loose Fit Jean in Parrin (Cost: $325) High Rise Slim Jean Abercrombie & Fitch (Cost: $88) Navy Turtle Neck by Kotn (Cost: $40) ReneeAB9 Portrait “Snowflakes” Sweatshirt (Cost: $40  ) ReneeAB9 USAF -Air Force- Tote (Cost: $147). Swedish Clog by Loeffler Randall (Cost: $395) and Margaux Leopard Loafer (Cost: $245 !!!). 

SHOPPING LINK TO RENEEAB9 STORE  (at bottom of page !!!)


Stella Jean

above Fashion Designer Stella Jean !!!

(Click Link Below for Details on the “New Black Designers “!!! )


NOW….QUEEN SIZE !!!  (aka Plus Size !!!!)


above  Emme Aronson fashion model since the 1990’s !!!

above Liris Crosse founder of #TheModelDiversityProject, CeCe Olisa and Chastity Garner founders of TheCURVYCON,  and lastly actress Joy Nash star of AMC’s    “Dietland” !!!  And, yes it was me, Renee Ashley Baker, who made those “anti-fat remarks” about “fat” being ugly and UNHEALTHY (aka heart problems and diabetes !!!)  However, I, Renee Ashley Baker, have since changed my mind.  All Sizes can be Beautiful.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, did write, in my beauty book, that I, Renee Ashley Baker, too had been “fat” and I enclosed in my book, an original diet that “made the pounds fall off”  (within 8 months of beginning a diet that I, myself, created, I, Renee Ashley Baker, went from over 250 pounds to wearing a “U S Flag bikini top and stone washed jeans” while strutting down the 16th Street Mall !!!)

For “Fashion Week 2018” I, Renee Ashley Baker, have decided to add (post) some items and images “influenced by” Oprah Winfrey and “O Magazine”.  However, this does NOT mean that I, Renee Ashley Baker, will now “seek Oprah Winfrey’s money”.  I WILL NOT !!!  Renee Ashley Baker’s  answer is Still NO to OWN Network as I, Renee Ashley Baker, may –MAY– still want my “non-Oprah Winfrey” deal once the “entertainment industry” has Cleaned Itself Up !!!  The entertainment industry has gotten “too” ( “too dirty” !!! ).  However, I, Renee Ashley Baker, would “set up” exclusively at Walt Disney Corporation aka Walt Disney Studios.  (Of Course this would be after, I, Renee Ashley Baker, have “set up” CP INDUSTRIES in France with The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds !!!)  …. I, Renee Ashley Baker, was born in St. Louis Missouri at the rich Jewish “Barnes” Hospital.  My Mother (Lady Irma/Erma ) was an Eastern Star married to a Mason (my Father Mr. Ashley) .  My Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) was an Air Force Mother and an Army wife as My Father, Mr. Ashley, was also a U S Army Man.  My Mother (Lady/Irma’s) first husband had what  they called a “Defense Job”  meaning he worked for one of the California Skunk Works industrial military complex corporations.  My Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) paid for my “classical ballet lessons” (in St. Louis Missouri) and I, Renee Ashley Baker, danced “en pointe” at the age of 9.  I , Renee Ashley Baker, have discovered that “poor white trash” (“poor blue collar trash”) are trying to “get money” using Black people.  ( WHAT !!!) Yes.  And I, Renee Ashley Baker ( from the lounge chair by my Mother Lady Irma/Erma’s backyard swimming pool in my Mother Lady Irma/Erma’s St. Louis Missouri mini-mansion) will continue, continue to FIGHT THIS.  Black people have never been “blue collar”. Black people way back in the 50’s took the high road through “higher learning” and became Physicians, Doctors (PHDs), Lawyers, School Teachers, Politicians, Bankers,  Authors, Photographers, Tennis Players (like Arthur Ashe and Althea Gibson ) and of course, like Renee Ashley Baker’s Father Mr. Ashley (U S Army) brother James (U S Air Force) and many , many of Renee Ashley Baker’s cousins (MILITARY MEN !!!)  Black People became “the elite” and “the bourjoisie” (unlike the poor Mexicans in this Country trying to “get by” using an illegal “underground economy” that includes the “Mexican Drug Cartels” !!! )  As long as “poor blue collar trash” and HOBOS continue to “use” the entertainment industry   I, Renee Ashley Baker, will continue to say NO to the Entertainment Industry. 


Harvard University

above HARVARD UNIVERSITY !!!  With that said…..SCROLL  DOWN  !!!

Celebrity Gossip and News



Stand Up To Cancer 2018 !!!

(Click Link Below for Details)

Stand Up To Cancer to Return on Friday, September 7 for Sixth Star-Studded Roadblock Telecast


  Celebrity Er  “Royal”  Pairings

HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry

Corey Gamble and Kris Jenner

Celebrity Happy News !!!

(A Wedding !!!)

Nick and Priyanka

  Celebrity Bit The Dust News

(A Divorce !!!)



Chef Gordon Ramsay

above Renee Ashley Baker’s favorite chef, Chef Gordon Ramsay who made $62 million dollars in 2017 !!! 

Lizzie Rovsek broke

above Renee Ashley Baker’s favorite county –The OC– is now BROKE and full of HOBOS !!!  RHOC Lizzie Rovsek , (wearing real , genuine Chinchilla) owes $100,000 in back taxes to the IRS !!!)


Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa 2018.jpg

 above Kate Hudson and father to be Danny Fujikawa.

So Little Goldie is about to deliver a “Little Girl” ; any day now !!!  And, as with Oprah, I, Renee Ashley Baker, refuse to “take money from” Kate Hudson,  or Gwenneth Paltrow  (and No to Lulamon, No to Tommy Hilfiger, No to rapper Drake, No to Venus and Serena Williams, No to Iman’s QVC/HSN, and No to Alibaba Online Store).   I, Renee Ashley Baker may, may place my Digital WallPaper athletic wear “collection” with Kristen Hildebrande’s WONE company of Paris France. or with some other Paris France based couture athleticwear manufacturer. 

However–most likely– I, Renee Ashley Baker will DISCONTINUE the Digital WallPaper Athletic Wear Brand !!!  (There will be NO “Digital WallPaper” Jeans   Line !!!  and the Sneakers (designed by Renee Ashley Baker above) will NOT be marketed by Digital WallPaper (nor by ReneeAB9 !!!)

CP INDUSTRIES owns the Trademark and The Copyright to the Digital WallPaper brand.  And I, Renee Ashley Baker will “continue” CP’s Digital WallPaper Brand as a “Houseware Collection” ONLY (and exclusively for Neiman Marcus Stores !!!)



“Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood”

(Click Link Below for Details)


Steven King’s Son (Joe Hill) Solves The 44 year old “Lady of The Dunes” Murder !

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Renee Ashley Baker Solves The Secret of “The Crest”

By Renee Ashley Baker….

    The Crest


Renee Ashley Baker. 

Copyright 2018 by CP Irrevocable Trust.

     It  was long ;  and  wide (as a football field).  They had decided that tonight, that they–the two of them–Counsler (The Lawyer) and her husband DG (Dagwood) would walk it; step by step.  Counsler on one side and DG on the other. They’d walk it–full length–to see if they could spot –identify–the one who left “the note”.  And then, maybe, they’d find out what it –the note–meant.  Was it — a CIA operation ?  A Russian Spy Ring ?   Or was it what Counsler knew all to well, a list of “drug cartel workers”.  A “cocaine” ring.  A “molly” ring .  A “heroine” ring.   Counsler had been a hard core “black tar heroin addict” for three years.  Her “recovery” was hard fought and hard won.  No way would she go back to using (or selling).  She  had married her “white boy” DG (a “blonde handsome” –could–a– been football star–for the Washington Redskins)  with the “promise” that she’d quit.  And she had !!!  And she had made a promise to HERSELF that she would get back what she’d lost.  Her career.  Her  coveted and prized  law practice !!!   Counsler had been an “A” student at Harvard.  Had graduated Cum Laude.  And had built a new but thriving one lawyer practice.  But now, here she was being her own “investigator” ….And she was….  after …. ‘ WHAT ?  ‘

 The “note”  she’d found–which was left specifically for her finding–had been odd; cryptic.  It read: 

Norm.  M. Flanders.  York. E. Mortimer.  Stuart. J and C.   Han Sophie.   Val. Louise.   Bourban Phillip Nola.   Rom Alex Nick.     

She had hid the note in her sock for safe keeping.  Now, she was walking (with DG) trying to find out what it all meant.


   “The Crest”  is a “screenplay synopsis” for a theatrical motion picture which will star Renee Ashley Baker and one of the Hemsworth brothers or maybe Christian Bale, maybe Chris Pratt  or maybe Mel Gibson ?    It will be Executive Produced by Renee Ashley Baker.

This story is dedicated to Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother (Lady Irma/Erma).  It was written by Renee Ashley Baker for Walt Disney Studios with music to go to Sony Music Corporation.

 It (this screenplay) “may” be completed (by Renee Ashley Baker ) in 12-24–32 months but   AFTER the $8 Million Dollar Personal Injury Settlement. 

P.S.  Much thanks to Michael F. , to Gene , and to “The Houses” !!!  

NO TO ANTONIO BANDERAS.  This “story” is not about Mexicans !!!  AND NO TO UNIVERSAL STUDIOS !!!


Renee Ashley Baker Blogger

Yes to Walt Disney Corporation !!!  Yes To Sony  and Get TV (No  ABC TV). No to Dreamworks, No to Universal. No to NBC.



Helene Fourment for Ruben Tee ( in 3x !!!)

Helene Fourment for Rubenand US Air Force Tote by Renee Ashley Baker


Click Links Below !!!

Tee:  https://www.zazzle.com/helena_fourment_for_ruben_tee_3x-235534571052611415

Tote: https://www.zazzle.com/american_you_cam_usaf_by_reneeab9_tote-256477720292329354

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A Connecticut Yankee At Home !!!


Announcement 5

 What became My “Harassers” are now in the “news” being “excoriated” and unfortunately “exculpated” (ref. Kevin Spacey, Steven Seagal, and Anthony Anderson).   
Below is what became “Harassment” and “Duress” from 2003 -2018 !!!
1.  Marchesa Dress Designs .  Marchesa –by Georgina Chapman –is what I, Renee Ashley Baker , want to “do over”.  Why ?  Because she designs the most “beautiful dresses”.          (ref. Harvey Weinstein Sex Offender scandal).
  2.  Uma Thurman and Mira Sorvino. 
(ref. Harvey Weinstein Sex Offender scandal). 
  3. Halle Berry’s  Manager
 (ref. Vincent Cirrincione Sex Offender scandal).
  4.  Netflix 
 (ref. Kevin Spacey Sex Offender scandal).
  5.  CBS Network 
(ref. Charlie Rose/Leslie Moonves Sex Offender scandal).
  6.  Penninsula Hotel 
(for “Meetings” where the “don’t want to be seen except by the industry” take meetings. ref. Harvey Weinstein Scandal ).  
   7.  And Others:
  Football (The NFL ) 
  Geffen’s (meaning Geffen Island Records with GaGa but not Geffen Dreamworks and certainly NOT the “Jewish David Geffen” !!!)
   Tommy Hilfiger (A “boxer” who Criminals keep “extorting” for. Is there a “Sex Scandal” brewing here ? ).
 Universal/NBC/UMG/DECCA/  (Organized Crime still at Universal Studios ?  No to Ron Howard, No to Melanie Griffith–she’s garbage– and No to “Shopping with Hoda Kotb” !!!)
 SUMMARY:  I still, to this day, don’t know who was (is) behind “the harassment” of the Renee Ashley Baker Entertainment Company.  iCM ?, The Crips?  The Italian Mob? (or The Mexican Cartel that is trying to get back money owed to them by The Crips !!!).  It’s all “so ridiculous” but I, Renee Ashley Baker have SHUT DOWN Renee Ashley Baker Entertainment Company so that “NO One” can get money out of –or with– Renee Ashley Baker !!!  (My Mother–Lady Irma/Erma–used to always say –around her St. Louis mini -mansion “Oh NO, You can’t use ME !!!”….) Because of Lady Irma/Erma I, Renee Ashley Baker, say “Piss on the Entertainment Industry”….!!!  Because of Lady Irma/Erma It will be at least 7-15 years before the “entertainment industry” has been cleaned up “enough”!!!  So,  Renee Ashley Baker will be leaving California for Connecticut to take classes at Parsons School of Design (online) !!! 
***I, Renee Ashley Baker have a “Personal Injury Case”that will “cost me”                 $8 Million Dollars over the next 12 Months.  Therefore Renee Ashley Baker will be “moving to Connecticut”….!!!


Note the Santa Ana Public Library is “Mexican Territory”  (not America !!!)  In 1959 it was built by Gallegos Construction and in 2018 it is full of “Mexican Nationals”  (or Medillin Cartel as someone said to me who was inside the Santa Ana Public Library !!!)