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The Irmagard Handbag Collection 

A Sun Louie “Edition”….

Designed by Renee Ashley Baker  (Exclusively for Tiffany & Co !!!) 

My idea:  A Sun Louie Crocodile Handbag with a Sun Louie Clasp !!!




New Collection !!!   New Video !!! 

 “SUN  LOUIE !!!”



FOR CP INDUSTRIES : The Sun Louie Collection

CP Industries will be owned by CP, CP Irrevocable Trust 30% , and hopefully by The Wertheimers 70% !!!

(CP Industries “Champagne Socialite Cocktails” will be owned by CP, CP Irrevocable Trust 60% and hopefully by The Rothschild Family 40%) 

Neiman Marcus will be , hopefully , purchasing an “exclusive license” to SELL CP Industries’ :  Celtic Lion/Manly Man, Cashmere by Renee , and The Sun Louie Collection !!! 

ReneeAB9 Furnishings will be sold exclusively by Roche Bobois  of France and CP Watch Company will be sold exclusively by Rolex of Switzerland.

Above  Renee Ashley Baker’s  new collection, The Sun Louie Collection which, will be sold “exclusively” through Neiman Marcus stores and on Neiman Marcus Websites.  The “Sun Louie Collection” will include:

1.  Housewares (Dinner Plates and Crystal Wine Glasses). 

2.  Bed Linen (Satin Comforters, Bath Towels and of course sheets of Egyptian Cotton ( 400-500 Thread Count !!!). 

3.  Wall Tile for Bathroom/Bedroom.

4.  His & Her Lounge Wear (HouseRobes, HouseSlippers, Satin Pyjamas/Pajamas, and 4ply Cashmere Jogging Suits !!!).

  5.  Lastly, Luggage — 10pc Set (Trunk/Wardrobe, Rollaboard, Duffel Bag, Soft Side Train Case, Passport Case, Zippered Make Up Bag, Wallet/Wristlet, Eyeglass Case, Cellphone Case, and Keyfob).


Moore Videos  by  Renee Ashley Baker !!!




By Renee Ashley Baker….

     The Crest


Renee Ashley Baker. 

Copyright 2018 by CP Irrevocable Trust.

     It  was long ;  and  wide (as a football field).  They had decided that tonight, that they–the two of them–Counsler (The Lawyer) and her husband DG (Dagwood) would walk it; step by step.  Counsler on one side and DG on the other. They’d walk it–full length–to see if they could spot –identify–the one who left “the note”.  And then, maybe, they’d find out what it –the note–meant.  Was it — a CIA operation ?  A Russian Spy Ring ?   Or was it what Counsler knew all to well, a list of “drug cartel workers”.  A “cocaine” ring.  A “molly” ring .  A “heroine” ring.   Counsler had been a hard core “black tar heroin addict” for three years.  Her “recovery” was hard fought and hard won.  No way would she go back to using (or selling).  She  had married her “white boy” DG (a “blonde handsome” –could–a– been football star–for the Washington Redskins)  with the “promise” that she’d quit.  And she had !!!  And she had made a promise to HERSELF that she would get back what she’d lost.  Her career.  Her  coveted and prized  law practice !!!   Counsler had been an “A” student at Harvard.  Had graduated Cum Laude.  And had built a new but thriving one lawyer practice.  But now, here she was being her own “investigator” ….And she was….  after …. ‘ WHAT ?  ‘

 The “note”  she’d found–which was left specifically for her finding–had been odd; cryptic.  It read: 

Norm.  M. Flanders.  York. E. Mortimer.  Stuart. J and C.   Han Sophie.   Val. Louise.   Bourban Phillip Nola.   Rom Alex Nick.     

She had hid the note in her sock for safe keeping.  Now, she was walking (with DG) trying to find out what it all meant.


   ***This story is dedicated to Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother (Lady Irma/Erma).  It was written by Renee Ashley Baker for Walt Disney Studios with music to go to Sony Music Corporation. It is a “screenplay synopsis” for a theatrical motion picture which will star Renee Ashley Baker and one of the Hemsworth brothers or maybe Christian Bale, maybe Chris Pratt  or maybe Mel Gibson ?    It will be Executive Produced by Renee Ashley Baker.   It (this screenplay) “may” be completed (by Renee Ashley Baker ) in 12-24–32 months but   AFTER the $8 Million Dollar Personal Injury Settlement. 

P.S.  Much thanks to Michael F. , to Gene , and to “The Houses” !!!  

NO TO ANTONIO BANDERAS.  This “story” is not about Mexicans !!!  AND NO TO UNIVERSAL STUDIOS !!!


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