Best Actor Gary Oldman for “Darkest Hour !” Academy Awards 2018 !!! (Hollywood Reporter, Variety, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Movies, Cinema)….

   Best Actor Winston Churchill…. 


   Best Actor Gary Oldman  for “Darkest Hour !”

 Gary Oldman Winner for Darkest Hour

      Best Actress  Frances McDormand for “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri” !!!


The Walt Disney Corporation   

The first “motion picture” that I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “Star In” (if I ever got a deal) would be for Disney  Studios but it will not be a “comedy”.    I, Renee Ashley Baker, have 20 motion pictures on my “proposed” Disney slate and 18 would “Star” Me, Renee Ashley Baker in the “Leading Lady” role….

Academy Awards 90

Oscar Winners 2018 (The Complete List) :

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Disney Studios

      As a woman, who has been coming in and out of Los Angeles (since I was 17 1/2 years old) some (in the movie industry) “know” that I, Renee Ashley Baker, “know better” ….However….it happened anyway.  “Sideways Disaster”.   Not only to Me (in the Siberia  aka “Crip Town/Juarez” Denver / Aurora/ Englewood Colorado)  but to “actresses” getting “caught up in” Harvey Weinstein’s “smelly bathrobe” !!!  (Actresses who I, Renee Ashley Baker, wouldn’t need because I, Renee Ashley Baker, will always the “Leading Lady” in all of The Renee Ashley Baker Motion Pictures).  So, I, Renee Ashley Baker, am “out” and I, Renee Ashley Baker, plan to “stay out” until I, Renee Ashley Baker, have signed a “Big Deal” with say Walt Disney Corporation, for 20 motion pictures. It would have to be at $50 Million Dollars per year, and I’d have to have a “production  office”  ON THE DISNEY LOT !!!  Anyway, I, Renee Ashley Baker, plan to be in London and Paris taping 26 Reality TV Shows for ATT Hughes Direct TV (to be produced by H L Productions).  I, Renee Ashley Baker, am looking forward to seeing parts “outside the U.S.”  like China (who now owns the American film industry), and  see India who now owns the American film industry   (and owns Dreamworks Studios as well ). 

         I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be “living and loving” in Europe because I , Renee Ashley Baker, am “tired” of a poor  “Crip” and a poor “Mexican” trying to tell me (Renee Ashley Baker) what to do  !!!    It is these “Crips” and “Mexicans” who have made me “hate” Universal Studios, hate ICM, hate Dennis Quaid , hate Nicholas Cage , Charlize Theron, and several others (that I shouldn’t be “hating”)  !!! 

        I , Renee Ashley Baker, am hoping to be in Los Angeles shortly to meet with HL (and sign with ATT Hughes Direct TV in El Segundo).  It’s going to cost me $815 (not $535) per night to stay at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire Hotel !!!

Oscar Nite  Festivities

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What was Renee Ashley Baker’s choice for “Best Picture ? “

“Dunkirk” because it’s about the Men of War (like my Father Mr. Ashley a U.S. Army Man and like my Brother, James, who served 28 years in the U.S. Air Force !!!)


A Fictional Crime Thriller

written by

Renee Ashley Baker

Copyright 2017 by Renee Ashley Baker

THE SEA HAG who’s eyes were cold and gray and squinty, floated, high, and at a slightly left angle, to the USMC Marine who stood shoulder to shoulder next to her.  The USMC Marine was wearing full dress navy and white regalia and was saluting (and inviting) with the words “join” and “corps” in big white letters.  Daniel had been seeing these two every day for three months now and suspected that the billboard company would soon be “exchanging” the “odd pair” for a new pairing at a cost of–what did Patima tell him–$50,000 per billboard ?  And for what ?  For maybe a three month run?  Patima, his long time fiancee, had wanted him to advertise his practice.  Patima, a “high ranking female ad exec on Madison Avenue had told him that generations X,Y, and Millennial would respond positively and bring business to the newly opened psychiatric practice. A newly opened practice of “young turks” who’d rented “swanky” chrome and glass offices on Manhattan’s “trust fund ladened” Upper West Side.  Daniel approached the door of the Starbucks and pulled, allowing the smiling bifocaled woman to exit, then, he entered taking note.  By 10am the morning crowd had waned and he took a seat at his usual table, dropping his folded New York Times while simultaneously pulling out his smartphone  (he dialed using just his right thumb).  James had asked him to “look into” something because he was having a problem with one of his cases. You see, James worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (the F.B.I.) and he would often seek “his” thoughts on this thing or that thing or anything that “involved abhorrent behavior”.

James and he had been contemporaries, and buddies (and playmates since they were little boys). You see James was his first cousin, the son of his Mother’s eldest sister.  And there was a “third” member of their “tightly-knit” relative only “blood-group”.  A third cousin named “Jalal”.  (The “D’Artagnan” of the group if you will).  Daniel waited while it rang on the other end.  Daniel  focused his eyes on the story about New York’s still notorious and uncaught killer. A killer that had every young man in New York city on “alert”.   A killer that had been ridiculously named “Smiley”.   Lilly-the-Barrista placed his $4 “carmel macchiato” in front of him, then took the $10 bill from the table and smiled. He smiled back(gentlemanly, not sexily) then went back to reading about that “terrifying” New York monster “curiously” (and ridiculously) named “The Smiley Face Killer”….

***”Sons” is dedicated to my Mother, the Great Matriarch, Lady Irma/Erma… (Will Smith will not be cast in this motion picture….)


Renee Ashley Baker & The Men : In London !!!

The Churchill


  Renee Ashley Baker  Below !!!




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