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I will not–NOT–pass money to those  a HOBO Flop House in Colorado is trying to “coerce me” to pay.  No to Christie Brinkley, No to Iman, ( No to Iman’s house in Mustique, No to Iman’s Recording Studio). No to that “dirty copper pot”,(Eric Theiss) and No to PepsiCo.  No movie “Soundtracks”. NO TO RON HOWARD, NO TO RON MEYER, AND NO TO UNIVERSAL STUDIOS.

The F.B.I. need to arrest some Colorado Criminals.  (Otherwise I’ll have to “hire” bodyguards from #PiruBloods #Parkhill….) 

There will be no contracts signed by Renee Ashley Baker, with any Studio, until 45 Colorado Criminals have been “arrested” from an Archdiocese of Denver (Sex Offender Priest) Apartment Building .

*I, Renee Ashley Baker, DO plan to “hire” those musicians I want to hire (including the ASAP Mob and Playboi Carti…..)  

Piss on Christie Brinkley, and Piss on Iman too. And No to “Ugly” CardiB.  No to Charlize Theron, No to Julia Roberts, No to Demi Moore. No to Kim Basinger. No to Madonna.