A Motion Picture Remake ?

 Anyway, if–I decide to work then I work on my terms.  My contract is with Walt Disney Corp -exclusively– with my Office —my “Bungalow”  being located on the Walt Disney lot (not–not–in Colorado/Century City).   If–I decide to work for Walt Disney Corp I get $50 million a year for 20 years and Disney gets everything that I, Renee Ashley Baker do/make/create.  Such as a “remake” of  “Hotel”.  (Either Disney/ABC or ATT has the “movie remake rights”.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “seek to hire” Mel Gibson as Writer/Director.)  This “Motion Picture Remake”  would be my “first” political movie project if I don’t count the “political assassination thriller” that I had for Tom Cruise (back in 2013).   

So, Presenting by Renee Ashley Baker

A Remake of  “Hotel”….

(my casting “choices” short list  for  “leading men” is on my Facebook….)

hotel 5

hotel 3

hotel 6


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So many of this young mans songs are “movie score worthy”.   

Introducing  Playboy Carti !!!