Martin Luther King Day 2018 !!! January 15, 2018. Who Killed Dr. Martin Luther King ? Theories by Renee Ashley Baker (New York Times, Washington Post)


mlk --the-lorraine-hotel-in-memphis-tennessee-where-martin-luther-king-assassinated-F7DYP9

Bessie Brewer Bording House

The Witnesses:

Brewer Boarding House

Bessie and Frank Brewer

Charles Stephens and wife Grace Stephens ( also spelled Charles Stevens )

William Anschutz (of the Firestone Rubber Company) 

D.L. Reeves 

and Ray/Willard (in Room 5B) 


The  Fire House (across the street)

Barney G. Wright (Memphis Police Officer)

Officer Douglas (Memphis Police Officer)

Vernon Dollahite   (Memphis Police Officer ?)

The Evidence:

Fingerprints of “Suspicious Guest” Staying at the William Len Hotel in Memphis

mlk-fingerprint4-FBI lab

Evidence: Witness I.D. Composit (But Which Man, is the Police Artist ?)

mlk--artist composit--Perp

Unsolved Mysteries (Dennis Farina Story) about the Martin Luther King Assassination shows one of the “witnesses” (staying at the Brewer Boarding House) as looking like the man below.   Maybe he’s one of the “Shape Shifters” Shelly keeps talking about ?






By the way:  “I’m Not Crazy” !!!


mlk--white mustang of JER

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“Another”   by Renee Ashley Baker

       If, Turtle, Barrens and The Clown were being “discussed” then that meant that “it” was already there.  So, then “another” had to be on the way;   had to be “en route”.   “Another” with the same big eyes, red nose and Clown face–only “stronger” and far more POWERFUL…. 

Att: VK and SS, KC, OS

President John F Kennedy Halloween








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