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DEMOS Sung by Renee Ashley Baker !!! : “Lies” “911” and “The Musket Man”!!! plus Lendell Ashley ( “Tracks: The Movie” by Renee Ashley Baker ) and DailyNews Gazette !!!

January 31, 2018

Aren’t “Butterflies” charming ?  So, I, Renee Ashley Baker had to try to write a  song about a butterfly (a butterfly “that lies can’t hurt”).  I’m not in good voice,  I have a bad cold. Anyway,  I did this fast, I like this “beat composer” and wanted him on the page.  What do you think ?


Lyrics by Renee Ashley Baker. Copyright by CP Irrevocable Trust. Music By Makaih Beats. Copyright by #Makaih Beats.


I just hold on and I beat their lies (begin at  14 sec)

I just hold on and I reach the skies

I just hold on and I realize,

I just hold on then I get to FLY !

I just hold on and I beat their lies

I just hold on and I reach the skies.

I just hold on and I realize.

I just hold on then I get to FLY !

(Verse 1)

When things go wrong, and the people say,

She can’t go on, that She’s lost her way.

The moon is blue and the sun is high,

You set stars free they go dancing by.

I don’t let go when I’m feeling down,

A Carousel, and I’m spinning round.

I see your face when I close my eyes.

My soul flies free, like a Butterfly.


I just hold on, and I beat their lies.

I just hold on, and I reach the skies.

I just hold on, and I realize,

I just hold on, then I get to fly.

I just hold on, and I beat their lies.

I just hold on, and I reach the skies.

I just hold on, and I realize,

That if I just Hold on, then I get to FLY !!!


music notes by tws3d

The “crazy vet” the “military psycho shooter” is not a new theme in movies.  One of my favorite “psycho sniper” music videos is by the Insane Clown Posse (about sniper “Charles”, crazy, in the Texas Clock Tower).  But most recently my favorite is the video by the talented  A$AP Ferg  called “Let It Bang”.  (A video which should probably be  “developed” as a “motion picture” at Columbia Pictures).  Anyway, since A$AP Ferg has already done his “version” I’ve decided to “hire” (if I can) MC Skeelo to write the rap verses for my “insane vet sniper” (character theme song).   I found music–a rap beat–but I’ll want the “composer” to sell me “all rights” (including motion picture rights  to be used for my proposed Disney motion picture “Tracks’).  So, enjoy my new songs “911” and  “The Musket Man”. 



rap lyrics

by Renee Ashley Baker

Copyright 2016 by CP Irrevocable Trust

(Verse 1)

911, what is your emergency? (begins at 21 sec)

Man with a gun, tell em it’s an urgency

Stay on the line, I dont think he’s gonna play

Mack with a 9, that is what he came to say

911, what is your emergency?

Man with a gun, tell em it’s an urgency

Hang on the line, I dont think he’s gonna play

Mack with a 9, that is what he came to say.

(Verse 2)

 911 what is your emergency? (begin at 1:11 sec)

Man with a gun, crazy as he wanna be

Plays like a spoof, trying to rehearse his lines

Man on the roof, saying that he lost his mind

(repeat last verse)

Poor Charlie END–O

Doesn’t have a friend so

Plotting a new trend yo

Sighting through a window

Living was so last year

Charlie wants to smell fear

Now its coming all clear

Aiming at a TALL Deer

(repeat chorus)

The End

 “The Musket Man”

Chorus by Renee Ashley Baker. Copyright by CP Irrevocable Trust. Music by VeysigZ.  Rap Verses hopefully to be written by SkeeLo /Sony Red !!!


Here Comes The Musket Man (begins at 1:40/Sung not rapped)

M40  In His Hand 

Brave Hero In His Land

He’ll Fight For Me

(Repeat Chorus at 2:33/Sung not rapped)

From one of 4 on the Red Team (1 of 4 “friends” of the Main Character)

DEMO:  “Hacking Mathilde”  Sung and Written by Renee Ashley Baker for the Disney motion picture “Tracks”.

(Music: “I get Around” /TupacShakur /Lost Souls Beatz)

“Hacking Mathilda”
Rap Lyrics by Renee Ashley Baker
Copyright 2018 by CP Irrevocable Trust
Ya Yatdat Da Datta  (begins  10 sec)
Ya Yatdat Da Datta
Ya Yatdat Da Datta
Ya Yatdat Da Datta
Ya Yatdat Da Datta
Ya Yatdat Da Datta
Like Tupac (begins at 30 sec/rapped)
I’m only here to say that
Did a “Jailbreak” and bought Myself a MayBach
I’m a “YG”. Did I really say that ?
OTR this VPN’s a lay back.
Everybody have a good year, (40 sec/Sung not rapped)
Pour another round, Have another cheer
20 carat diamond hanging in My ear.
It’s Hacking Mathilde , Baby I’m Here.

DEMO :  I’m  In” ….Chorus Sung and Written by Renee  Ashley Baker for the ‘Disney’ motion picture “Tracks”….(Music “Rose”/N-Soul Beatz )

I, Renee Ashley Baker, have written the “chorus” for a “new song”.  The song, is about the “love and dedication” between a Man and a Woman.  Most  specifically two characters, a man, a woman (a couple) deeply devoted to one another; so much so that, they eat together, sleep together, make love together and “HACK” together.  (They are in fact “friends” and “employees” of the main character in “TRACKS”  a Screenplay by Renee Ashley Baker. 

“I’m In”


Renee Ashley Baker 

Lyrics  (chorus) by Renee Ashley Baker Copyright by CP Irrevocable Trust.  Lyrics (rap verses)  hopefully to be written by Lendell Ashley Copyright by CP Irrevocable Trust.  Music by N-Soul Beatz; Copyright by N- Soul Beatz.

Rap Verses (begin at 27 sec)

CHORUS (sung, begin at 1:21 sec) 

I’m in. I’m in. I’m in. I’m in.

Until the rain begins.

Your “keys” unlock the doors right to the heart of Me.

I’m in. I’m in. I’m in. I  win.

Until the rain begins.

Creator of the “code” that clicks to “start” for Me.

(repeat chorus at  2:42  sec)

     As I, Renee Ashley Baker am not–not –a “rapper” I will hire rappers to write “rap verses” for the Renee Ashley Baker “movie scores”.  Another song, I want for the “Tracks”  movie score (End Titles) is “I’m A Monster”.  (Music/Beat by C12 Omnotronics.  Lyrics hopefully to be written by Lendell Ashley) .  This rap music “beat maker” is talented “check it out”…..



(Lendell Ashley is Renee Ashley Baker’s younger sister Gale’s  talented Son….)




Renee Ashley Baker NYC Life

Renee Ashley Baker, will, be “Starring In” a Reality TV Show for ATT Hughes Direct TV .  There will be 26 shows produced by H L Productions the first being “Renee Ashley Baker & The Men: In London !!! (Renee Ashley Baker will be paid a “fee” of $1 Million Dollars per show for 26 shows !!!.  Below Renee Ashley Baker’s “home in France”  Chateau Renee !!!  Paid for with monies from a Rothschild Bank Mortgage and CP Industries (to be owned by CP Irrevocable Trust, by The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds….”Champagne Socialite Cocktails !!!) 

























Cote d Azur

Renee Ashley Baker CH 1a


P.S. There will be “No Contract Signed” by Renee Ashley Baker with Walt Disney Corp nor with any other “movie studio” nor with any actors, screenwriters, directors, nor rappers until–UNTIL– 45 “criminals” have been “arrested” in Colorado….Colorado “Strawman” keeps trying to “put it’s hand in the pocket” of talented entertainers. 




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Martin Luther King Month….TV Movies on Bounce TV….Medgar Evers….Political, True Story, History !!!

January 28, 2018


Dr. Martin Luther King

MLK TV Movie



Medgar Evers….

Bounce TV



GP images



I will not–NOT–pass money to those  a HOBO Flop House in Colorado is trying to “coerce me” to pay.  No to Christie Brinkley, No to Iman, ( No to Iman’s house in Mustique, No to Iman’s Recording Studio). No to that “dirty copper pot”,(Eric Theiss) and No to PepsiCo.  No movie “Soundtracks”. NO TO RON HOWARD, NO TO RON MEYER, AND NO TO UNIVERSAL STUDIOS.

The F.B.I. need to arrest some Colorado Criminals.  (Otherwise I’ll have to “hire” bodyguards from #PiruBloods #Parkhill….) 

There will be no contracts signed by Renee Ashley Baker, with any Studio, until 45 Colorado Criminals have been “arrested” from an Archdiocese of Denver (Sex Offender Priest) Apartment Building .

*I, Renee Ashley Baker, DO plan to “hire” those musicians I want to hire (including the ASAP Mob and Playboi Carti…..)  

Piss on Christie Brinkley, and Piss on Iman too. And No to “Ugly” CardiB.  No to Charlize Theron, No to Julia Roberts, No to Demi Moore. No to Kim Basinger. No to Madonna.

A Motion Picture Remake ?

January 21, 2018

 Anyway, if–I decide to work then I work on my terms.  My contract is with Walt Disney Corp -exclusively– with my Office —my “Bungalow”  being located on the Walt Disney lot (not–not–in Colorado/Century City).   If–I decide to work for Walt Disney Corp I get $50 million a year for 20 years and Disney gets everything that I, Renee Ashley Baker do/make/create.  Such as a “remake” of  “Hotel”.  (Either Disney/ABC or ATT has the “movie remake rights”.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “seek to hire” Mel Gibson as Writer/Director.)  This “Motion Picture Remake”  would be my “first” political movie project if I don’t count the “political assassination thriller” that I had for Tom Cruise (back in 2013).   

So, Presenting by Renee Ashley Baker

A Remake of  “Hotel”….

(my casting “choices” short list  for  “leading men” is on my Facebook….)

hotel 5

hotel 3

hotel 6


Videos by Renee Ashley Baker



So many of this young mans songs are “movie score worthy”.   

Introducing  Playboy Carti !!!










Martin Luther King Day 2018 !!! January 15, 2018. Who Killed Dr. Martin Luther King ? Theories by Renee Ashley Baker (New York Times, Washington Post)

January 15, 2018


mlk --the-lorraine-hotel-in-memphis-tennessee-where-martin-luther-king-assassinated-F7DYP9

Bessie Brewer Bording House

The Witnesses:

Brewer Boarding House

Bessie and Frank Brewer

Charles Stephens and wife Grace Stephens ( also spelled Charles Stevens )

William Anschutz (of the Firestone Rubber Company) 

D.L. Reeves 

and Ray/Willard (in Room 5B) 


The  Fire House (across the street)

Barney G. Wright (Memphis Police Officer)

Officer Douglas (Memphis Police Officer)

Vernon Dollahite   (Memphis Police Officer ?)

The Evidence:

Fingerprints of “Suspicious Guest” Staying at the William Len Hotel in Memphis

mlk-fingerprint4-FBI lab

Evidence: Witness I.D. Composit (But Which Man, is the Police Artist ?)

mlk--artist composit--Perp

Unsolved Mysteries (Dennis Farina Story) about the Martin Luther King Assassination shows one of the “witnesses” (staying at the Brewer Boarding House) as looking like the man below.   Maybe he’s one of the “Shape Shifters” Shelly keeps talking about ?






By the way:  “I’m Not Crazy” !!!


mlk--white mustang of JER

(Click Link Below)


“Another”   by Renee Ashley Baker

       If, Turtle, Barrens and The Clown were being “discussed” then that meant that “it” was already there.  So, then “another” had to be on the way;   had to be “en route”.   “Another” with the same big eyes, red nose and Clown face–only “stronger” and far more POWERFUL…. 

Att: VK and SS, KC, OS

President John F Kennedy Halloween








Renee Ashley Baker will be “Starring In” a RealityTV Show called, “The Renee Ashley Baker Show”  to be telecast on ATT Hughes Direct TV (and to be produced by H.L. Productions).  Renee Ashley Baker plans to move permanently to France (and become a “citizen of France”). 





above New York City Condo at 50 United Nations Plaza (a $10 Million Dollar Condo belonging to CP Irrevocable Trust) and below Chateau Renee (a France Chateau owned by Renee Ashley Baker and The Wertheimers to be paid for with a 50 Year Mortgage provided by The Rothschild Bank).  CP Industries will be “launched” in France (hopefully with The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds !!!)

Cote d Azur



YES TO MEN ONLY (no to females. no to “squaw village”)

Yes to Ford Modeling Agency  (Piss on Wilhemina Agency).

Yes To Creme de la Mer and Yes To Chanel Cosmetics (Piss on Revlon and No to “Shampoo Commercials)”.

   YES to New York Blue Book Society (Yes to New York City “Blue Book Society Parties”  for The Erma Foundation). 

No to OWN Network (No to Oprah Winfrey) . No to CBS. No to Universal/No to NBC, No To Decca. No to Meryl Streep (and No to Meryl Streep’s Houses).  Piss on every Dog named “Demi” Piss on Demi Moore.  Piss on Kim Basinger, Piss on Charlize Theron.  Piss on Halle Berry.  Piss on Angela Bassett’s ugly skin cream company.

No to the Shit of Showbusiness and No to the Shit that has become Showbusiness.  (No to Tinsel Town) and NO to ICM. No to Dana Sims.

NO TO THE COWTOWN THAT IS DENVER COLORADO. ( No to Elway’s Mexican Hashhouse Restaurant). No to Football.  No to the NFL.  No to “all” of Denver Colorado’s “Strawman Entertainment Company Projects”….

announcement in white

To “The Friends of Renee Ashley Baker” and To My Producer:  The Sooner I , Renee Ashley Baker, get to Los Angeles to sign with H.L  Productions the better. 

Because I’m still “under siege” by Extortionists in Denver Colorado Renee Ashley Baker’s answer is “Still NO”  to all those on “The NO List” (see “partial no list” above.



HAPPY NEW YEAR AND A BONNE MARIAGE TO U !!! ( #HRH Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Prince Ranier and Grace Kelly, President John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy….and….)

January 4, 2018


  I Love Facebook

To Visit Renee On Facebook, Click Link Here:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


President John F. Kennedy and Jackie Bouvier

President John F Kennedy and Jackie Wedding

Prince Ranier and Grace Kelly 


Shout Out To HL Productions and ATT Hughes Direct TV:

       Wouldn’t it be great if I, Renee Ashley Baker, could “be in London” during “wedding month” ?  Yes, and have a “Wedding Watch Party” (at Churchill’s Claridges Hotel) with a bunch of English People that I’ve never even met !!!   

Below “Winston” and The Historic Claridges….

The Churchill

Claridges London

P.S. Shout Out To My TMZ  Family:  I’m fine but I will be better when I’m out in Los Angeles with all of you !!!   (Remember the “Quote” at the end of the  #MeekMill/A$AP “Trap and a Dream” music video….)

Re: The Renee Ashley Baker #RealityTV Show

I, Renee Ashley Baker, hope I have (in War)  remained gracious  (Grace-cious) enough to appreciate the  help of “sponsors and others” … Such as: SubZero and Wolf,  Neiman Marcus, Mercedes Benz and/or Astin Martin , Ring Doorbell, Arlo Security Cameras, Bang & Olufsen, Fabreze, Creme de la Mer, Louis Vutton and so on and so on and so on….





The Second Biggest “Engagement” of the Year ? 

Socialite Heiress Paris Hilton

Well, read for yourself !!!   (Click Link Below !!!)

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