Candles and Creams and GPS Jewelry !!! plus Hollywood: The #Sex Scandals behind the #Bankruptcy of Movie Theatre Chains United Artists Loews, General Cinema, Regal (& AMC ?). Who– can “Save Hollywood” ?

Renee Ashley Baker’s Favorites: 

Diana candle by Slatkin & Co

The “Diana” candle (by Slatkin & Co) !!!  And for those who “worry” about “candles”  there’s that fabulous Fabreze !!!  I  Renee Ashley Baker, love Fabreze !!! (I hate the smell of “Renuzit and Glade”….)  Shout Out To P & G: I, Renee Ashley Baker, need sponsors !!!!

Fabreze One

Shout Out To “The Physicist” ….

Renee Ashley Baker CDLM 3 (2)


GPS Jewelry


GPS Jewelry designed by the Deepa Sood creative director  Restoration Hardware . This GPS “Locator” Jewelry comes with a “cellphone APP”  !!!   Click Link Below For More Details !!!

Tactical life Fanny Pack Gun Carry

above, House Protection “Kit”….

MORE  “PERSONAL  SAFETY ”  (click link below)



    I’m glad that the “#SexScandals  of  Hollywood” have  finally been “revealed”. 

      I guess the Entertainment Industry thought they were insulting  “Renee Ashley Baker”   but , well, well, oh well.   With all of the Black “inadequacies” and all the Caucasian “ain’t selling /movie bankruptcies”  occuring ,  I, Renee Ashley Baker,  became “happy” that I, Renee Ashley Baker, wasn’t working in  “#ShowBusiness”. 

Broke Junk !!!  (Being done by “NO-Talent Sex Workers” !!! )

Anyway, I “knew” something was wrong (how dare Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer “judge”  someone who is “more talented than them” ????).  If, the Entertainment Industry wants to stop the #sextrade  (Lupita giving shoulder massages) and  get so it can once again “hold it’s head up”  (and be an “artform” of moving pictures)   I , Renee Ashley Baker, may “may” consider “working in the movie industry, in the TV industry, in the entertainment industry”. 

  Renee Ashley Baker’s “Public” has voted:  Thumbs Down !!!

(And I Renee Ashley Baker “thank” the Public !!!)



STORY 3 of 5

STORY 4 of 5  (My favorite singer, after Barbra).

STORY 5 of 5


Renee Ashley Baker NYC Life

About “The Renee Ashley Baker Show”….

I, Renee Ashley Baker, am willing to “go out to Los Angeles to sign with  H.L. Productions (who I’m selecting to produce my “Reality TV Show” for me at ATT/Hughes/Direct TV and for Facebook).  However, One condition–H.L. Productions covers my “traveling expenses” and puts me up at the Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Wilshire. (I refuse to stay at the Penninsula Hotel).

P.S. I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not “set up” The Andromeda Strain nor any other motion picture at Universal Studios.  I also cannot (will not) work for CBS Network. (nor for ICM ). 

  P.S.P.S.  My Producers are ALL fine Men…..






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