Happy Thanksgiving 2017 !!! plus President John F. Kennedy 100 Anniversary, plus new book “Castles to Constellations” by Renee Ashley Baker ! plus “Irma’s House of Numbers” by Renee Ashley Baker! plus Black Friday & Cyber Monday #Shopping !!!


President Donald Trump at Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 !!!

 President Donald Trump & Family at the Whitehouse ….



above Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother Lady Irma/Erma.  Lady Irma/Erma was a “bourgie” Masons’ wife and U.S. Air Force Mother but she always taught us (her 4 children) to “be thankful” for what we had and it was plenty !!! (by the way Lady Irma/Erma had $250,000 in her bank account !!!).

Now….#Throwback Thursday Thanksgiving !!!

(being held at the home of Big Sis Miss M !!!)

My Mother Lady Irma Erma and My Sister Gale and two other relatives at Christmas 1980's

turkey on a platter


Back Story:  In addition to Lord Baltimore Calvert did I tell you, my readers, that through my Father’s family (Mr. Ashley’s family) I , Renee Ashley Baker, have “ancestors” who married the first settlers to come over to America ?  Yes, these “first settlers” were called Pilgrims and they came over from England on the Mayflower !!! 

Thanksgiving The First

Now….On To Renee Ashley Baker’s New Picture Book:

Constellation Eagle Orion 1

“Castles To Constellations” (100 Years: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy). 

You can view (read) a FREE COPY of my “Picture Book” at link below.

Click Here:  http://api.getsimpleprints.com/book/eaec9991-5040-4d7d-9e81-8b4c177a0949/

President Donald Trump and President John F Kennedy

  Plus, On Sale Now at Lulu:

  “Irma’s House of Numbers” (Counting The Kennedy Conspiracy) by Renee Ashley Baker !!!

(Click Here To View):  http://www.lulu.com/shop/renee-ashley-baker/irmas-house-of-numbers-counting-the-kennedy-conspiracy/hardcover/product-21466038.html

Plus ReneeAB9 Daily News

(The New Gazette published by Renee Ashley Baker !!!)

Click Here:  https://www.facebook.com/Reneeab9DailyNews/


Plus Christmas Art by Renee Ashley Baker

For #BlackFriday & #CyberMonday Shopping visit the ReneeAB9 Store on Zazzle !!!


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announcement in white

This is Thanksgiving and I am “thankful” that there is someone who wants to “work with me” in “light” of all that has “come into view”.  I will do 26 TV Shows per year for two years. A total of 52 shows. The shows must be “taped” in New York City (at my New York City Condo at 50 United Nations Plaza).   The shows must be broadcast on Facebook and/or on Hughes Direct TV.  The “Production Company” will “own” the TV Shows but Renee Ashley Baker will be granted a percentage (%) of “syndication revenues”.  Thank you Mr. H. L. !!!

Renee Ashley Baker and the 1953 Buick

Note: CP LICENSING COMPANY will hopefully be sold (48%) to Walt Disney Corporation and CP Industries will be set up in France (hopefully with The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds.) 



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