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Candles and Creams and GPS Jewelry !!! plus Hollywood: The #Sex Scandals behind the #Bankruptcy of Movie Theatre Chains United Artists Loews, General Cinema, Regal (& AMC ?). Who– can “Save Hollywood” ?

November 30, 2017

Renee Ashley Baker’s Favorites: 

Diana candle by Slatkin & Co

The “Diana” candle (by Slatkin & Co) !!!  And for those who “worry” about “candles”  there’s that fabulous Fabreze !!!  I  Renee Ashley Baker, love Fabreze !!! (I hate the smell of “Renuzit and Glade”….)  Shout Out To P & G: I, Renee Ashley Baker, need sponsors !!!!

Fabreze One

Shout Out To “The Physicist” ….

Renee Ashley Baker CDLM 3 (2)


GPS Jewelry


GPS Jewelry designed by the Deepa Sood creative director  Restoration Hardware . This GPS “Locator” Jewelry comes with a “cellphone APP”  !!!   Click Link Below For More Details !!!

Tactical life Fanny Pack Gun Carry

above, House Protection “Kit”….

MORE  “PERSONAL  SAFETY ”  (click link below)



    I’m glad that the “#SexScandals  of  Hollywood” have  finally been “revealed”. 

      I guess the Entertainment Industry thought they were insulting  “Renee Ashley Baker”   but , well, well, oh well.   With all of the Black “inadequacies” and all the Caucasian “ain’t selling /movie bankruptcies”  occuring ,  I, Renee Ashley Baker,  became “happy” that I, Renee Ashley Baker, wasn’t working in  “#ShowBusiness”. 

Broke Junk !!!  (Being done by “NO-Talent Sex Workers” !!! )

Anyway, I “knew” something was wrong (how dare Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer “judge”  someone who is “more talented than them” ????).  If, the Entertainment Industry wants to stop the #sextrade  (Lupita giving shoulder massages) and  get so it can once again “hold it’s head up”  (and be an “artform” of moving pictures)   I , Renee Ashley Baker, may “may” consider “working in the movie industry, in the TV industry, in the entertainment industry”. 

  Renee Ashley Baker’s “Public” has voted:  Thumbs Down !!!

(And I Renee Ashley Baker “thank” the Public !!!)



STORY 3 of 5

STORY 4 of 5  (My favorite singer, after Barbra).

STORY 5 of 5


Renee Ashley Baker NYC Life

About “The Renee Ashley Baker Show”….

I, Renee Ashley Baker, am willing to “go out to Los Angeles to sign with  H.L. Productions (who I’m selecting to produce my “Reality TV Show” for me at ATT/Hughes/Direct TV and for Facebook).  However, One condition–H.L. Productions covers my “traveling expenses” and puts me up at the Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Wilshire. (I refuse to stay at the Penninsula Hotel).

P.S. I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not “set up” The Andromeda Strain nor any other motion picture at Universal Studios.  I also cannot (will not) work for CBS Network. (nor for ICM ). 

  P.S.P.S.  My Producers are ALL fine Men…..






COMPLETED !!! Cyber Monday !!! Luxury Shopping by Renee Ashley Baker !!! For Socialites, For The JetSet, For Mason’s Wives !!! Plus Christmas Art by Renee Ashley Baker !!! #Parfum by Chanel at Neiman Marcus. Hoodies and Baby Wear by ReneeAB9 !!! (New York, French Riviera)

November 26, 2017

Cyber Monday (Non-Stop Luxury !!!) 

  Perfume !!! 

Chanel !  (Cost: $10,000)

perfume chanel-shoulder-bag-black-gold-17291797-0-1

My Burberry Black  !   (Cost:  $2,800)

 perfume my burberry shopping (4)

Joy !   (Cost:  $1,800) 

perfume Joy

Creed Silver !  (Cost: $395 )

perfume Creed Silver shopping (1)

Maison  Francis !  (Cost : $300)   

perfume Maison Francis shopping (3)

Cartier (Cost: $107)

perfume Cartier shopping (2)

And…..The House of Sillage !  (Cost:  1,500)

Now ….

The  House  of  Worth !!!



   I, Renee Ashley Baker, have told you, my 3,000,000-6,000,000 “Viewers” that My Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) had on her “vanity table” in St. Louis Missouri (in 1963) the “beloved and coveted” French Perfume “Je Reviens” by the House of Worth.  My Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) was given the Perfume (Je Reviens) by my Brother James which, he had brought back, from Europe (from Paris France) when he was stationed overseas with the USAF.      The House of Worth has a “very interesting” history that involves many      “important people”    ( the Royal Empress Eugenie, the actress Sarah Barnhardt and the opera diva Nellie Melba among others !!!)  Above is the “1963” advertisement for “Je Reviens Angel” !!!     

    Now read below the story of the House of Worth and the fragrance “Je Reviens” (translated as “I Shall Return !!!”….)

Wikipedia :

All Fragrances Above Available at Neiman Marcus !!! 


Now  Enjoy  Myrtle !!!

Shop For Antique Perfume Bottles !   Online !!!

perfume-bottle antique

perfume bottle antique-pair-of-cut-glass-and-sterling-silver-scent-bottles-victorian-william-comyns-sons

perfume bottle victorian-silver-gilt-mounted-scent-bottle-vinaigrette-turquoise-pearl-abraham-brownett-london

Visit  “Online Galleries” (Click Link Below):

And There Are Even “More” Fragrances:  “Lady Primrose” !!!

(Their Royal Extract Bath Gel is Fabulous !!!)

Lady Primrose Royal Bathing and Skin Luxuries

Now….About Renee Ashley Baker :

“Date Night New York City” !!!


Shout Out To Matchmaker Janis Spindel : 

“Help !!!    (in 2018)    !!!”

Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking



About “The Renee Ashley Baker Show” !!!

Renee Ashley Baker Blogger


 Hopefully, my new “Reality Show” will be broadcast on On Hughes –er ATT–Direct TV !!!  This “reality show” will cover the “life of Renee Ashley Baker in the Big City aka the “Big Apple” !!!  Meaning, Fashion Design School, Foodie 101 School, Shopping 101 School (Can I Hire Nicky Hilton ?) and over all “I Love New York” School, which,  by the way is “license pending”….(Below: “Hoodie Dress” designed by Renee Ashley Baker !!!)  



Plus !!! 

#Cyber Monday at #ReneeAB9 (on Zazzle !!!)

Renee Ashley Baker Gift Bag 2

Buy Christmas Art, Watches, Hoodies, Leggings, Baby Wear and More !!!

ReneeAB9 Toddler Back To School 2

To Visit ReneeAB9  Store (Click Link Below)




50 United Nations Plaza

50 United Nations Plaza 1

Renee Ashley Baker is buying a $10 million dollar Condo at 50 United Nations Plaza.  Hopefully, in addition to doing a “reality show” (for Hughes Direct TV) Renee Ashley Baker will write a column for the New York Times called, “Living and Loving in New York City”.  Also, Renee Ashley Baker will set up, in France, CP Industries, hopefully,  with The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds.  Below….Chateau Renee !!!

(Renee Ashley Baker’s “house” in France !!!)

Cote d Azur

Check Out Some of that Great ATT “Audience” Programing

It’s Great !!!


Also About Renee Ashley Baker : 

President John F Kennedy

Scroll Down for “100 Years:  President  John F. Kennedy Anniversary !!!”

Happy Thanksgiving 2017 !!! plus President John F. Kennedy 100 Anniversary, plus new book “Castles to Constellations” by Renee Ashley Baker ! plus “Irma’s House of Numbers” by Renee Ashley Baker! plus Black Friday & Cyber Monday #Shopping !!!

November 23, 2017


President Donald Trump at Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 !!!

 President Donald Trump & Family at the Whitehouse ….



above Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother Lady Irma/Erma.  Lady Irma/Erma was a “bourgie” Masons’ wife and U.S. Air Force Mother but she always taught us (her 4 children) to “be thankful” for what we had and it was plenty !!! (by the way Lady Irma/Erma had $250,000 in her bank account !!!).

Now….#Throwback Thursday Thanksgiving !!!

(being held at the home of Big Sis Miss M !!!)

My Mother Lady Irma Erma and My Sister Gale and two other relatives at Christmas 1980's

turkey on a platter


Back Story:  In addition to Lord Baltimore Calvert did I tell you, my readers, that through my Father’s family (Mr. Ashley’s family) I , Renee Ashley Baker, have “ancestors” who married the first settlers to come over to America ?  Yes, these “first settlers” were called Pilgrims and they came over from England on the Mayflower !!! 

Thanksgiving The First

Now….On To Renee Ashley Baker’s New Picture Book:

Constellation Eagle Orion 1

“Castles To Constellations” (100 Years: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy). 

You can view (read) a FREE COPY of my “Picture Book” at link below.

Click Here:

President Donald Trump and President John F Kennedy

  Plus, On Sale Now at Lulu:

  “Irma’s House of Numbers” (Counting The Kennedy Conspiracy) by Renee Ashley Baker !!!

(Click Here To View):

Plus ReneeAB9 Daily News

(The New Gazette published by Renee Ashley Baker !!!)

Click Here:


Plus Christmas Art by Renee Ashley Baker

For #BlackFriday & #CyberMonday Shopping visit the ReneeAB9 Store on Zazzle !!!


Click Link Below To Visit Store:


announcement in white

This is Thanksgiving and I am “thankful” that there is someone who wants to “work with me” in “light” of all that has “come into view”.  I will do 26 TV Shows per year for two years. A total of 52 shows. The shows must be “taped” in New York City (at my New York City Condo at 50 United Nations Plaza).   The shows must be broadcast on Facebook and/or on Hughes Direct TV.  The “Production Company” will “own” the TV Shows but Renee Ashley Baker will be granted a percentage (%) of “syndication revenues”.  Thank you Mr. H. L. !!!

Renee Ashley Baker and the 1953 Buick

Note: CP LICENSING COMPANY will hopefully be sold (48%) to Walt Disney Corporation and CP Industries will be set up in France (hopefully with The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds.) 


Veterans Day 2017 ! Help For Veterans, Security Cameras for Home or Office, and Emergency Preparedness! Veterans’ Charities plus Music Videos ! and Celebrity News , and The New York Times too !

November 11, 2017

Facebook logo 4

Note: I, Renee Ashley Baker, have been trying to “Monetize” this blog and my movie projects since 2003 (and since 2007 when I first put this WordPress Blog  on).  However, I, Renee Ashley Baker, have been in a “constant” fight with Colorado’s “Straw Man Entertainment Company” which, is trying to set up movie and music and TV projects, with ICM, Universal, NBC, and CBS  even though I’ve gone to the U.S. Justice Department and filed complaints !!!  My motion pictures are for me, Renee Ashley Baker, (not #HalleBerry too !!!). 

See Ya in the year 2025, if and when, the “entertainment industry” gets to where it can “hold it’s head up” !!! 

Until 2025 it’s MEN ONLY (Menswear and Champagne Socialite Cocktails !!!)


 Renee Ashley Baker's Brother James in USAF Barracks 1960 (Zeke Filter)

     This is James, Renee Ashley Baker’s brother.  James served 28 years in the U.S. Air Force.  James also did “secret work” for the U.S. Secret Service….James, who resided on the “swanky” Fifth Avenue in New York City (in the 1960’s) would often recount how he would see Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy walking to and from her “job” at Doubleday/Viking.   James , counted amongst his friends a “real Dupont” and “Chris” the “first cousin” of  U.S. Senator Julian Bond.  James, after his retirement from the U S Air Force became an “Executive” for the City of New York….James, was “raised” in St. Louis Missouri by his Mother–by our Mother  (Lady Erma/Erma) who, in addition to being an “Air Force Mother”  was also a U.S. Army Wife (and also an Eastern Star “a Mason’s Wife” as Mr. Ashley, Renee Ashley Baker’s father was a “Mason”).

Renee_Ashley_Bakers_mother_wearing_diamond_pendant_and_gold_ringsMother Rose Kennedy 2

Above Lady Irma/Erma, along side another famous American Mother….Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, Mother of President John F. Kennedy !!!  Below Arlington National Cemetary as First Lady Jackie Kennedy neals at the grave of President JFK ….aka The “Eternal Flame”….

Wreathes Across America Arlington Cemetery

First Lady Jackie Kennedy at President Kennedy  Arlington Grave Site

President John F Kennedy

Now, on to “Moore” Veteran’s Day 2017 ….

Wreaths Across America 2017

above, future honors, National Wreaths Across America Day (December 16, 2017) and below, past honors, The Military Cemetary at Normandy France….circa WWII

Normandy Military Cemetary 1

Normandy Miitary Cemetary

A Military Life (Be Prepared !!!)

Below….Security Cameras (for the Home ) and 72 Hour Bags (For Emergency /Disaster Preparedness….) 

Arlo ! 

They make security cameras for the U.S. Military, Mace Security Cameras, Nest Cams, Locks for Kids away at College,  and the best  and most luxurious “Evacuation Bags” ever ….(aka Grab Bags and Ready Bags).

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera

Security Cameras for Home

Bio Locks and Spy Cams

Evacuation Bags

NOW….the Great St. Louis !!!

Below…. “Instagram Star !!!”

(Courtesy of St. Louis Missouri !!!)

Instagram Star St Louis Mo

Below….Renee Ashley Baker’s Wedding Dress ?


Renee Ashley Baker is the most “eligible bachelorette in New York City” !!!   Renee Ashley Baker is looking for a “husband” (through New York Matchmaker Janis Spindel !!!).  Renee Ashley Baker’s “ideal husband” must be Jewish/Caucasian, 60-80 years of age, and a millionaire or billionaire (And if he has his own yacht that would be nice too !!!  SRSLY !!!).

Wedding Gown 2017

Renee Ashley Baker st louis snow 2

above, Renee Ashley Baker starring in “The Four Seasons”. 

(Shout out to the Four Seasons Hotels: I need a sponsor for my  proposed “Facebook Show” ….) 




Cote d Azur

   above Renee Ashley Baker’s condo at 50 United Nations Plaza. Renee Ashley Baker will hopefully write a column for The New York Times (not the New York Post “too”). Renee Ashley Baker’s column will be called, “Living and Loving in New York City !!!”  Renee Ashley Baker is a “menswear and champagne designer”.  Renee Ashley Baker will launch CP Industries in France hopefully with The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds  for Champagne Socialite Cocktails !!! (and with “licensees” Neiman Marcus, Roche Bobois, Rolex, and Tiffany & Co for $9,000 “Irmigard”  handbags named after Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother Lady Irma/Erma !!! Also above is “Chateau Renee”  Renee Ashley Baker’s house on the French Riviera !!1 


(Soldier Courtesy of Soldiers Inc )





Why Renee Ashley Baker “hates” the Entertainment Industry !!!

Facebook Rant for November !!!

Facebook logo 4

Note: I’ve been trying to “Monetize” this blog and my movie projects since 2003 & 2007 (when I put this blog on).  However, I’ve been in a “constant” fight with Colorado’s “Straw Man Entertainment Company” which, is trying to set up movie and music and tv projects, with ICM, Universal, CBS even though I’ve gone to the U.S. Justice Department and filed complaints !!!  My motion pictures are for me, Renee Ashley Baker to “Star In” (not #HalleBerry too). 

See Ya in the year 2025, when and if, the entertainment industry has gotten so it can “hold it’s head up”  !!!