“Happy Halloween” !!! Plus….The Men: A Video Renee Ashley Baker (John F. Kennedy Files via President Donald Trump) plus #Alpha Bikes & #Bikeszene !!!



“Happy Hoodie Halloween” from Renee Ashley Baker

  NOW…ON…. TO….

” Breaking News from Chet Brinkler ” 

#Monday Arrests !!!
Several hours ago, at approx 12:00 am EST, on Monday October 30 2017,  Fetty–ral Agenz raided the #WH just as 🐜 ti–ci–pated in 👂 (ear-ly) “er” reports. According to “onlookers” and “hangers on” #Trmp  “WH”  staffers 😧 were noticibly unhappy. Some flew 📴the Richtor scale 💹 ( !!! ) while others were #flabby–gasted (!!!)
🌚 Black staffers were no where to be found (?#$&?) but Whites broke for the door in a #stampede 🐂 (!!!) Many, thumb dialing for an 🚗
#Uber as they ran (!!!) The rolling 🎢 #goodtimes (think #JJ ) are ALL OVER. The Dog and 🎠 show is finally #Fini. Somebody sing “Turn out the Lights”(!!!) 🎉 as #Horror 🎃 has finally set in for this #FrightNight, of a #Halloween 🎃 ending swoosh 🎿
down the Ivana/ Marla elbow-roni mountain side 🏔….
What a 🏓–ling !!! Who’d a #thunk
“#it” 🃏 would come to a 🌊✂
🔚 this soon !!! The “designer swag”
👚 ### (#hashtagging ) and free trips on TPA (Tax Payer Airlines) ✈ are, alas no more 🤑. The “spoiled”  “rich” “Baby Snukums” 🚼(aka #Trmp kids) are finally       #ix-nay  #ou-tay  the   ite-Whay  ouse-Hay !!! 🐷.
#Trump ! ♣
& Snake Eyes !
Now “Roll The Video Tape” !!!

  “Breaking News from Chet  Brinkler”

    written by

   Renee Ashley Baker

  Copyright 2017 by Renee Ashley Baker. 

 All  Rights  Reserved….

NOW….Renee Ashley  Baker’s  JFK !!!

President John F Kennedy

“Thank you Mr. Sherlock ”  from Renee Ashley Baker

Below 1956 Secret Service Car (in President John F. Kennedy’s  motorcade).

1956 Secret Service Car

Below President John F. Kennedy with Lincoln….

JFK Lincoln 1

JFK Lincoln 2

Read Washington Post Story:

President Donald Trump and President John F Kennedy

Release of the “X Files”  !!!



New Music Video Collages by Renee Ashley Baker !!! 

Mr. White, Mr. Black, The Leader and Beyond….





Happy Halloween (from ReneeAB9 on Zazzle  !!!)




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Renee Ashley Baker and the 1953 Buick

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And not last and never least ….my favorite “rapping” relative …..

Check out #LendellAshley and #RicoHenderson

 Performing an awesome “Drake” ReMix !!!

(Hopefully Lendell Ashley will be signed by Epic, RCA, or Sony/Orchard….)





        above Renee Ashley Baker’s New York Residence (50 United Nations Plaza).  Hopefully, Renee Ashley Baker will Host a “Podcast” ,  a “TV Show for Facebook”, a column for The New York Times, a “satellite radio show” for XM Sirius , and will sign with Disney exclusively (in 2025 !!!).  In the meantime, Renee Ashley Baker is the ” designer”  for CP LICENSING COMPANY !!!  Below, “Chateau Renee” on the Cote d’Azur….!!!   Renee Ashley Baker was born in St. Louis Missouri !!! 

Cote d Azur

Announcement 5


I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not “comment” on the Harvey Weinstein “debacle” (aka #SNAFU). However, I must disclose that I, Renee Ashley Baker, did contact Harvey Weinstein , when he was at Miramax and when he was at The Weinstein Company.  Needless to say, I never, never  got to “meet” Mr. Weinstein (but he has, as they say, “shown everybody What Time It Is”).  I, contacted Mr. Weinstein because he specialized in “art films” which everybody knows “don’t make money” and are done just for the “love of the cinema”.  Well, with that said, there is a “lot worse” out there than Harvey Weinstein’s  “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” productions.  There is Colorado with it’s “criminal enterprise” (Straw Man Entertainment Company) that “made me sick” and made it so that I, Renee Ashley Baker, cannot work in the “entertainment industry” . I have elected to become a “menswear designer”  (The Wertheimers /Neiman Marcus) and a “champagne designer” (Rothschild Investments). P.S. Colorado’s “hobos/ dope runners” keep trying to “coerce money” out of Judge Judy’s pocket book (aka handbag).  I, Renee Ashley Baker, do NOT want any money from Judge Judy nor from Judge Judy’s  “production company”.

I, Renee Ashley Baker, am Not-For-Hire !!!