Music Videos Added ! New Faces Week ! Introducing “21 Savage” ….#Rappers #Actors #Atlanta #Hollywood #Cinema #New York Times, #French Riviera #Hollywood Reporter #Variety (and “NO” to Charlize Theron).

21 Savage

This “NewComer”  (#21 Savage) is what “Hollywood” (and “Black Hollywood”) both need. It’s been “thirty years” since I, Renee Ashley Baker, stood on the  “up escalator ”  in the Beverly Center being told by shoppers to “pick Leo D. or Josh Hartnett”.   Finally, somebody with talent has arrived.  The Movie Industry is playing games if it doesn’t get back to “cultivating talent”.  Just what “have” they been doing ?  Nothing for the “movie going public” (unless you count  casting Sam Jackson in every movie !!!). So, I’ve become proud of Atlanta.  And not just because of my talented relative (the Grammy Award nominated Miguel who has worked with Lil Wayne (too syrupy) and with Whitney Houston (who turned wine into champagne and champagne  into crack !!!).  There is Atlanta’s Tyler Perry (the genius behind The “Medea” Chronicles).  And now, “21 Savage” of Atlanta.  Why not let “him” do his version of “Mobster Chronicles” (if he wants to).  Let “Savage” (like Scorcese with “Godfather” and “Good Fellas”) produce his gangster (“gangsta”) sagas using his talented “troupe”.   And yes, I, Renee Ashley Baker, am serious about a “retelling” of “The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond” with a “Black” lead.  (And with or without “musical production numbers”.  Look what “La La Land” has started !!!).  And Hollywood Execs better not bring up this young man’s “street tough background” not with new revelations about the “dream spoilers” amongs their own group….(namely Harvey Weinstein, Roger Ailes, Lou Perlman others non-yet-identified, and those identified by both “Coreys”….!!!).

P.S. This is all I have to say for this month’s “rant”.  Oh, and the actor/comedians on “Grind TV” need to be “signed” to movie deals as well.


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        Renee Ashley Baker, will hopefully write a column for The New York Times, called, “Living and Loving in New York City”, may do a satellite radio show (for Sirius XM) and will set up (launch) with Disney CP Licensing Company and set up (launch) hopefully with The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds “CP Industries”).