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  Now, below “CP Watch Company”  whose watch “designs” will be embellished with “real diamonds” and with “real 24-48 karat gold !!!   CP Watch Company will be owned by CP Industries.  The  CP Watch Company “designs” will be “exclusively licensed” to Tiffany & Co, or Rolex or some Switzerland based watch manufacturer aka “a real Swiss Watch Maker”.


Fashion Week 2017 Chanel 3

Fashion Week 2017 Chanel 5


Fashion Week Chanel for Men


 (Chanel Rogue Elegance  meets Chanel  LBD !!! )  



“Street  Style” !!!

Fashion Week 2017 WP

Is the new “street style”  headed towards “Road Warrior” (Australia) meets ABFAB (Paris France)  ?  You have to be a certain “type” to wear that style but the “model” above seems to be carrying it off….

Now, For  The “Mommies”….

Baby Luxe

Baby Luxe !!!  

Yes, fashion meets that “well-to-do” crowd (of little people !!!)  

And of  course, below….

There is always,  Jimmy !

 (as in “Jimmy meets the Storm” !!!)

Fashion Week 2017 JC


There Are Two Different Corporations:


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