Renee the French (and British) Subject ! plus Forward plus Padma’s War ! (Bottom of Page) And….Princess Diana: The Peoples Princess. (London, Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin, Sydney, New York, St. Louis….)

Below….”Far Out !” by Renee,  an “artwork”  I believe the “romantic” Princess Diana would have liked….(not loved because she reserved her “love” for her sons….Princess Diana’s boys aka Prince William and Prince Harry !!!). 

Renee Ashley Baker “is” the Girl In The Bikini !!!

Renees Art Gallery ad by Renee Ashley Baker


Princess Diana Shy Di in Royal Gingham Check

above “Shy Di” in Royal Gingham Check !!!

    I must say that the world has become a much “lesser place” since the death of Princess Di.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, watched (on TV) both the “wedding” and the “funeral” of Princess Diana.  Princess Diana was called the “people’s” Princess but Princess Diana, was,  her own woman.  (Princess Diana made Jimmy Choo the darling of the jet set although now,  America has  become so “poor”,  American women are “renting clothes” off of websites.  America can’t “afford” Jimmy Choo (aka Choos) and I’d hate to see “society and royalty’s darling”  (aka Jimmy Choo)  be  “lowered” to the shelves of Walmart or being offered as a “special” on QVC…..)

Anyway, I, Renee Ashley Baker, will in 2018 or 2019 become a “citizen of France” and France’s favorite shoe maker is “Roger Vivier” !!!


Prof Jimmy Choo with Princess Di

Jimmy Choo resort 2017

Above “Jimmy Choo” and below “Fit For A Princess” …Roger Vivier !!!

Roger Vivier’s Royal Blue Satin Pump (Cost: $1700)

Rogier Vivier Satin Pump



Three  new additions to Renee’s Art Gallery:




above  “FAR OUT !” “Colors: MC Squared” and “Snow Queen”. 

Coca Cola


(View all “three” artworks at ReneeAB9 on Zazzle !!!)



    Renee Ashley Baker will hopefully wrote a column for The New York Times called, “Living and Loving in New York City”.


above Renee Ashley Baker’s New York Residence (50 United Nations Plaza) and Chateau Renee  in France (the house Chanel and a 50 year Rothschild Bank mortgage bought !!!).

Cote d Azur




NOW, “FACEBOOK RANT” by  Renee Ashley Baker

Colorado Criminals threatened and “duressed” me (Renee Ashley Baker) to set up (#finance ) movie and TV series payrolls. These Colorado Criminals (since 2003) threatened me with #rape (and threatened me with the #murder of myself and my relatives). Colorado Criminals threatened me to “hire” (to give money to—to pass money to) certain entertainers (#ICM clients); And to “pay #Universal and #Warner Bros” although I, Renee Ashley Baker only wanted to work for Columbia/MGM (of Japan) 20th /News Corp (of Australia) and Walt Disney Corp.
A harassing Denver RTD bus driver (a Caucasian female ) told me she’d “break my arm” if I didn’t work for Universal Studios and another harassing Denver RTD bus driver (Black and female ) verbally coerced work for Black entertainer “Monique”. All that has been done to me (since 2003) in Colorado is called a “shakedown” (aka RICO statute “Racketeering and Extortion” !!!).
2. I, Renee Ashley Baker, refuse to give money to Robert DeNiro (#Columbo Crime Family) or LA’s drug dealer/Pimp Jack Nicholson.
3. I, Renee Ashley Baker am OUT (out of the “entertainment industry” ) until 2025 or 2035 and I, Renee Ashley Baker WILL be residing in New York (and working in the menswear and champagne cocktail business).

P.S. Before I Renee Ashley Baker, work in the (BROKE)”entertainment industry” Mexicans have to leave the United States and take that Juarez cartel with them. (I, Renee Ashley Baker, still “can’t stand” a Mexican….).

P.S.P.S. So that I don’t have to use U.S.A. “construction companies” I will “build The Erma Foundation House” in Tel Aviv Israel. (The Erma Foundation House was designed by Renee Ashley Baker).


Forward:  When I, Renee Ashley Baker, was a little girl in (living in my Mother’s mini-mansion in St. Louis Missouri) I always “fought” with my little sister Gale.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, refused to “share” my clothes and my toys  with Gale so my Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) always had to buy “two” of EVERYTHING !  Gale got one color and I, Renee Ashley Baker, got another color.  This, is the way it always was—and the way it stays today (and still No to Madonna, No to Jennifer Hudson, No to Jennifer Lopez and No to all those other “Jennifers”.

BELOW  . . . .

READ WHY I (Renee Ashley Baker)  “HATE CALIFORNIA” !!!






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