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I, Renee Ashley Baker, lived (resided) in California for 20 years.  (Meaning I, Renee Ashley Baker, resided in California over four decades from 1974-2003). In the 1970’s I “learned the ropes as they say”.  Everybody and their Mother would “shake their finger in my face” and tell me what to do and what not to do.  Back then I saw Rolls Royces everywhere as there were No Mexicans and No Poor !.

(I, Renee Ashley Baker, will skip the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s for a later post and for those in California who “KNOW ME”.  Meaning Californians who “KNOW” me as “not  Mexican” and “not Black”.  And more on “THAT” later too).   Anyway, over a 20 year period, I, Renee Ashley Baker lived in—resided in– Los Angeles and in Orange County (aka “the OC”).  I, Renee Ashley Baker, would go clubbing, disco-ing in Los Angeles (every Saturday night) at a “weekend club” that was for “jet setters” (if you can believe Los Angeles actually had such a place). Or every Saturday night I’d sit in Beverly Hills at a bar (Hard Rock Café) and wait for “white guys”  to come in and buy me a “second drink” a “white wine spritzer” or a “KAMAKAZE”.  (Back then you didn’t worry  about getting “ruffied” and there were “No Mexicans” at the Disco nor at the Hard Rock).  My favorite places to “shop” in Los Angeles were the Beverly Center (in Beverly Hills) and in the “OC” Orange Coast Plaza (where I, think I saw the wife of the developer —Renee Segerstrom one time.  She–Renee Segerstrom– was wearing a Chanel suit and she had just come into the restroom—the ladies room– in Crystal Court. Opulent, opulent, opulent !!! ).  My favorite stores in Los Angeles were Nordstrom and Robinsons (and once a month the Neiman Marcus on Wilshire Boulevard).   

 BACK STORY ON THE BACKSTORY: I’m telling all of this so that Mexicans “can’t tell their “Big Mexican Lies” ( as though white Americans don’t know any better).  The “poor Mexican” and the HOBO (aka poor white trash) have begun “working together” to “try to beat the rich white man” (and to beat the “rich Jew”). But I, Renee Ashley Baker, want the White Man to piss on Squaw Village because it is “dirty” like Mexicans. I mean it’s “like Dirty Mexicans”.

(By the way, Denver is always telling me something, like: That the Crips are broke, that Beyonce and Jay-Z are broke and they told me the reason the MEN in the Middle East are fighting for “Sharia Law”.   Somebody told me, Renee Ashley Baker, that:  the “Pro-Women” “Girls Only”  “Women’s Ghetto taking over” talk  (that Colorado Creeps do) is the reason the Men in the Middle East are “At War”.   That the MEN in the Middle East don’t want this “sick Squaw village” (that is “creeping and crawling around”)  to be in charge of them.  What MAN would?  I want 49 of the 50 states to know that the “talk” in Colorado is “sick” (they refer to “C words” and “P words” instead of saying the words “females” and  “women”). This is why I was “surprised” to find out that they—these Colorado Creeps—are now “running” the Los Angeles’s Movie Industry.  These “Colorado Creeps” are walking around (actually telling me) that they “have” Los Angeles and that they “have”  the  “movie industry”.  This, is why, I, Renee Ashley Baker, have thrown the “entertainment industry” in the “toilet”.

  By the way, on this subject: I watched Megen Kelly on Sunday night and thought it was “damn ridiculous”.  Megen’s  interviews with “stupid Squaw Village”.  Who is going to accept an invitation to an Executive’s “love nest” (hideaway apartment or hotel room) not expecting HIM to make “his move” on “the couch”.  Are “women” really that stupid ?  I, Renee Ashley Baker, can “write business proposals” (in fact I, Renee Ashley Baker, can write a “stock offering prospectus.”   I actually, wrote an I.P.O. “offering prospectus” and took it to the Denver offices of Meyer Blinder (before Meyer Blinder got found out and was SENT TO JAIL). …LOL… Anyway these Executives who “made passes” should NOT have resigned.  Stupid women cannot prevail nor “rule” with this new blatant “stupidity”(!!!).  I, Renee Ashley Baker, learned years ago, “NO Collateral—NO Loan—NO Business Enterprise”.  So, why didn’t any of the “stupid Squaws” interviewed by Megen Kelly “put their Mom’s and Dad’s house up as collateral on a bank loan”( so they could get their “dreams” funded ? )  Isn’t that what MEN going into business had to do to “build America’s great Fortune 500’s companies”?????   MEN went to the bank and “begged” for a Bank Loan ! (Remember the look of “trauma” on George Bailey’s face in “It’s A Wonderful Life ?).

But, Back To The Story:


I, Renee Ashley Baker, have had three pregnancies–by “white/caucasian” MEN.  (Blacks, Mexicans, and “the poor” have never, never liked Renee Ashley Baker and Renee Ashley Baker has never liked Blacks, Mexicans or “the poor”).  

I, Renee Ashley Baker, was born in St. Louis, Missouri (in Barnes Hospital–the rich Jewish Hospital).  My Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) was a U.S. Air Force Mother and a U.S. Army Wife.  My Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) raised four children (three of them became millionaires–if you include my “out of court” civil settlement). My Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) paid for my “classical ballet lessons” (in St. Louis Missouri I, Renee Ashley Baker, danced “en pointe” at the age of 9).  After Mother “relocated” (moved) from St. Louis Missouri to Denver Colorado I, Renee Ashley Baker, attended George Washington High School with “rich Jews” in Crestmoor Park and then I, Renee Ashley Baker, attended the University of Denver (the  “rich ski bum’s college”).   My next stop was “California”.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, remember when I’d “step over” HOBOS laying face down in the grass (in Santa Monica near the Gale Hayman boutique) but now–the HOBOS OF DENVER are “running” the Los Angeles “entertainment industry”.  Denver’s garbage (Hobos, Crips, Juarez Drug Cartels) are running “the movie business”.  (Some “black Hobo” on the bus told me,  that “they” had Universal Studios for me (?).  This Black person had “hobo eyes” just like the “white Hobo” who told me they had a “sable coat” for me —if –IF–I worked for Universal Studios.  Universal Studios is still “the MOB” and this—this–Colorado Criminal “shake down” is why.   To hell with Universal Studios .

….I don’t know who has Warner Bros or if they’re still “trafficking drugs” through “entertainers luggage”.  But I, Renee Ashley Baker, had to “leave Warner Bros” alone too.

California’s “entertainment industry” “AIN’T SELLING” either.  The “entertainment industry” has lost it’s “great creative minds” (that worked in the  50’s, 60’s, 70’s).  The “entertainment industry” (Novels, TV Shows, Movies) are trying to “rehash news”.  Their “non-sensical” TV  shows have “no impact” on the “viewer” because they “rush through” situations too fast.  There will be no TV Show “directors” going to movies anytime soon  or maybe I should say they “will” be going to TV quickly because all of the movie releases STINK !!!. Did “Ben Hur” make any money at the Box Office ?  ( It’s movie trailer jumped through faster than a “video game”….).  

I, Renee Ashley Baker, “refuse” to do TV.   I, Renee Ashley Baker, will NOT become a “TV Star”.   The “movie studios”, however, are all “BROKE”;  they’re all out of money (except for Walt Disney Corp and maybe News Corp).  So–I, Renee Ashley Baker, can’t figure out why Colorado keeps trying to “shake down” a “broke” industry.  I guess “dumb Denver” doesn’t realize that LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) already “fought with The Crips”.  And,  I, Renee Ashley Baker, can’t see LAPD allowing The Crips to “run the movie studios” from Denver !!!  

 I, Renee Ashley Baker, am Not-For-Hire.  In 2025 I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not be hiring Robert DeNiro, nor will I be hiring Jack Nicholson.

(F.U. Heidi Fleiss !!!).  In fact,  I, Renee Ashley Baker, am tired of Denver Colorado telling me “who” is going to “hire me” when I, Renee Ashley Baker, continuously state that I am “not-for-hire”.  This makes me think Colorado Criminals are trying to “set up” (and own) a “STRAWMAN COMPANY”.  

I, Renee Ashley Baker, also refuse to “work in Black Hollywood”.  It is “bereft” of talent and is also “BROKE”.  Black Hollywood–the Black Entertainment Industry–is renting, instead of buying houses; is staying one-step ahead of the REPO–MAN; and they can’t pay an $80 Denny’s tab.  Not to mention “fighting in Beverly Hills A-List restaurants. (Yes, I am referring to Jamie Foxx who can’t open a movie.  Neither can Lupita, Neither can Idris Elba. And by the way, I am sick of Denver Colorado trying to make me/force me/ coerce me to hire  Lupita,  Idris, Tyrese, and Forrest Whitaker who, is a “character actor”.  The “Black Entertainment Industry” is “inadequate” and still can’t “break the box office sealing of $30 million” (because Blacks don’t go to movies !!!).

Yes, I, Renee  Ashley Baker, do think I’m better than “Black Hollywood”.  Better than “the Black actors” in the “Black Entertainment Industry”.  (By the way, White Men who run the “entertainment industry” know Renee Ashley Baker is “better” than the “Black Entertainment Industry”….)

And, yes, I, Renee Ashley Baker, “know” that I have cost the “Los Angeles based entertainment industry” approximately  $1 Billion Dollars a year.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, “cannot forgive” Los Angeles (the Studios and Century City) for “allowing” Colorado Criminals to “harass me and make me sick”.  For “allowing” ugly, fat, poor, Mexicans to “cast motion pictures” and “poor dark skinned blacks” to cast motion pictures.  (!!!)  (Meaning Black entertainers are “bleaching their skin” to “whiten up” !!! ???).

 Because Colorado Criminals “made  Renee Ashley Baker” sick Renee Ashley Baker is OUT.  Renee Ashley Baker is “refusing to work in the entertainment industry”.  Piss on Sean P . Diddy Combs. Piss on Jay-Z.  Piss on Tyrese.  Piss on Latifah’s Mother too. (Denver is “middle-managing” Latifah).  All of Denver Colorado is “still” talking about their “Movie Pick Ups”.   So “Piss on Pick Ups (with Movies)”,   Piss on Elways  (Piss on Elways Resataurant).  And “Piss On” Stock Offerings (Meaning Piss On that “I.P.O.).

 I, Renee Ashley Baker, still “can’t stand” a Mexican.

Colorado is saying that the “entertainment industry” is in Florida.  Florida ?  

My answer to that is: “F_ck” that “gay man’s chorus” in Florida !!! 



Alice Cooper

(aka Vincent “Damion” Furnier)

  “Alice Cooper”  has always been one of my “favorite rock acts”.   Vincent is “invited” to one of Renee Ashley Baker’s sit down dinners in my New York condominium at 50 United Nations Plaza (for The Erma Foundation).

ANDY  didn’t leave one out…He did them all…. !!!

fourelectricchairs by andy warhol



 Because Colorado Criminals “made Renee Ashley Baker sick”,   I Renee Ashley Baker will be “doing as follows”:


Cote d Azur 

above Renee Ashley Baker’s $10 million dollar New York Condo (at 50 United Nations Plaza ) …. also above Chateau Renee (the house Chanel and a 50 year Rothschild Bank mortgage bought).

     I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be settling my lawsuit (out of court) for $130 million dollars.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will attend Parsons School of Design in New York (online). I, Renee Ashley Baker, will, hopefully write a column for The New York Times called, “Living and Loving in New York City”.    I, Renee Ashley Baker, plan to “give up citizenship of the United States”.   I, Renee Ashley Baker, plan to become a “citizen” of France.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be launching CP Industries hopefully with The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds.  CP Industries subsidiaries are: Erma French Perfume and Design , Celtic Lion/Manly Man (exclusively for Neiman Marcus),  Irmigard Handbags (exclusively for Tiffany & Co), ReneeAB9 Housewares (exclusively for Roche Bobois),  and “Champagne Socialite Cocktails” (exclusively for Rothschild Distributors. (Meaning Not for Sean P Diddy(his mother is a Dog.  And No to Drake; Drake and the ugly “Williams Sisters” will not get ReneeAB9 shoe designs).  Colorado will keep it’s “hand off” of Renee Ashley Baker’s companies.  The Renee Ashley Baker companies will be owned by France. (Owned by The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds).

Neiman Marcus 2015







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