MEN: Products for Self-Defense (plus other Murderers, Robbers, and Rapists. plus surviving Terrorist Attacks. plus House Protection !!!)

Renee Ashley Baker Dec 25 1963



OJ Simpson



(an article)


Renee Ashley Baker

 O J Simpson mugshot

  The MEN who run the “Entertainment Industry” did a “GREAT AND HONORABLE” thing when they turned their backs(when they blacklisted and blackballed)the “acquitted” O.J. Simpson. The “Butcher of Rottingham” (as I have named O.J. Simpson) has “no business” getting out on “parole” because he has not really paid his “debt” for ruthlessly and relentlessly coaxing/tricking “three Black friends” into participating in a “strong arm robbery” (a robbery “directed” by O.J. Simpson and “filmed” on dozens of hotel “casino cameras”. . .  .LOL).

   I have never met O.J. Simpson although I’m sure I must have passed (quite literally “walked by”) Nicole Simpson going in or coming out of The Beverly Center (on Beverly Blvd) or the Neiman Marcus store on Wilshire Blvd. (Albeit Nicole Simpson probably had “5” Neiman Marcus shopping bags to my “1” Neiman Marcus shopping bag as I would buy “Hard Candy” nail polish on a regular basis and the only place it was sold, at that time, was the Neiman Marcus Stores). But, back to the “trail” (from which I’ve strayed) O.J. Simpson simply needs to spend maybe 10-20 more years behind bars. Although, this 10-20 years “could” be “shortened” if—IF O.J. were to “come up with” some of the $33 million dollar judgement he was ordered to pay to the Brown Family and the Goldman Family.  Really !!!  That way, O.J. can lay claim to being a “model prisoner” and to actually “paying” some of the money he owes to The Browns and to The Goldmans who one a “civil suit” accusing O.J. of causing the death of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. (Ron Goldman was from St. Louis Missouri). 

  To bring this thing to a close, Tinsel Town’s Tarnished “Golden Boy” needs to “stay put” for a few more years. Why? Because he –O.J.- thought he could get away with a “robbery” too (!!!)

   P.S. To the “new” presently on the “outs” Golden Boy (Tiger Woods): Please don’t do anything “rash”.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, have relatives who “belong to country clubs” and who are “avid golfers” and, these relatives would love to have you (Tiger) appear on the TV Special “FAMILY REUNION: NO DREAM DEFERRED“. The Christmas Family TV Special would be most appropriate, right Tiger. (Thank you ABC Network, AT&T/Hughes Direct TV, or Get TV or Bounce TV….)

Tiger Woods 2




   If O.J. gets out Michael Skakel certainly deserves to be “out”. Michael Skakel never should have been put on trial and sent to jail in the first place. What a stupid case !  Another “Kennedy” targeted (meaning “murdered” or “accused”).  What scapegoats the Kennedys have been in the history of this country.  Anyway, I, Renee Ashley Baker, a layperson, believe in the “doctrine of reasonable doubt”.  So, wouldn’t “other suspects” (not to mention 1001 “conspiracies”) have halted the initial prosecution of Michael Skakel? (A “reasonable person” would think so). So here is my list of suspects (in the murder of Martha Moxley):

  1. The “baby sitter” Littleton.
  2. The Black “out of towner” T. Bryant.
  3. The Connecticut River Killer (he killed teenage girls in late 1960’s and early 1970’s).
  4. Ted Bundy (he began killing teenage girls in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s).
  5. Lee and Otis (they took credit for killing 300 people from the early 1970’s until they were caught in the early 1990’s).

Shout Out: Let Michael Skakel go !!!



   Mothers who have “Sons” need to sit down and give that “good long talk” to your “adult sons” about “not talking to strangers” and about “staying out” of stranger’s homes, condos and apartments. The United States is “butt naked” poor now (almost third world poor) and people—MEN—are “desperate for money”.  Meaning, the phrase, “catch a sucker, bump his head” is coming into play more frequently now than ever.  Young “unsuspecting” MEN are being “targeted” for “use” in all types of “criminal schemes”. From white collar swindles to Mexican cartel drug trafficking “crooks” are busier than ever.  Believe me, these “schemes” to make “quick money” are never never “right” and never never “LEGAL” and young MEN need to learn how to spot them.  Mothers, tell your Sons to “vet” their chums, their buddies, their friends “carefully”. (Predators “aka Crooks aka Schemers” now, will rob you and kill you at the “drop of a hat” because of the smallest and most “petty” of things).  Mothers tell your Son to keep his “personal business” and his “financial business” to himself.  Tell your Son never to “flash money” nor “credit cards” and to never carry more than $25 in cash. (A pay app like VisaPay and MastercardPay are “high tech” pay methods that can prevent (your Son)from being driven to an “ATM” and “forced” to withdraw money on a “debit card” or on an “ATM card”).  Tell your Son to get a LODOC (a GPS tracker) for his car, for his laptop, and for himself (if he feels it necessary).  Tell your Son to be “wary” of entering “convenience stores”, “liquor stores” and “ATM machines bodegas” late night or after dark. Tell your Son not to “hitchhike” (and NOT to pick up hitchhikers!!!). And finally, Mothers, tell your Sons, that while “meeting women” may be “normal” there are “women” out there who like to “set Men up” (especially successful “rich” Men). Make sure your Son does “background checks” using a “private detective” or a service like “Been Verified” before becoming too involved. Do remind your Sons to never forget that “I Will Not Be Ignored” line delivered by a “crazy nut case” who had become “obsessed” and “mentally deranged” over a Man (who didn’t want anything more to do with her !!!). 



Terrorist Attack London

   Terrorist Attacks have become a serious problem in the World. There are things you can do to “fight terrorists” such as downloading the app “See Something Say Something” and installing “security cameras” inside and outside your business or work place. (In the event of a “terrorist attack” police (SWAT) can “access” your “security cameras” (if “IP”) and use them to “take down” the “terrorist attacker”.  And while “I” (Renee Ashley Baker) am no “terrorism expert”, there are two experts I recommend every person in America (and around the WORLD) read. They are: Gavin De Becker and Paxton Quigley.




    If you don’t want to take “martial arts” (aka “self-defense”) classes, why not take “fire arms” classes and learn “marksmanship” and “gun safety”.  Also, it would be a good idea to “carry” on your key ring a portable “pepper spray” (“Sabre” for Day and “Bling Sting” for Night). A “Stun Gun” (like the Guard Dog) or a “Stun Flashlight” (like the Delta Force Cheetah) are good to have at home.

(In fact a “stun gun”/“stun flashlight” or “pepper spray gun”/”pepper spray flashlight” should be kept in every room of the house. (Remember, you have to “fight” to SURVIVE !!!)



U S Marshalls Most Wanted



Elderlly Mom 2

 (The “Elderly” Mom/Pop Scam)

   A voice on the phone says He/She is a relative who is stranded and needs “money wired” to get home. This scam has been committed by “email” and by “phone”.  If your Elderly Mom or Pop gets such a call, this is how I would answer:

   “Hello Relative/Friend: I’m going to have my son send you the money, just a minute I’ll put him on, he works for the Police Department”. . . .



Ring Floodlight Cam and Doorbell Cam

  Real Criminals are nothing to “play with” so make sure you know what to do if a “criminal” targets you or your HOUSEHOLD. Be Ready. Be Prepared. Know What To Do. Have A Plan !!! 




 (Used by Criminologists and Law Enforcement to SOLVE CRIMES !!!)

 Databases Used To Find:

  1. A Person: “FACES IN THE NATION”
  2. A Detail (Face, Name, Address, License Plate Number, Relative, Friend, Associate): “NCIC”
  3. A DNA match: “CODIS”
  4. A Fingerprint match: “AFIS”
  5. A Ballistic or Fire Arm match: “IBIS”
  6. A Wanted Felon: F.B.I. Most Wanted or Crime Stoppers
  7. A True Author (of a note, letter, or document): ALIAS Software.
  8. An Investigator (of “cold cases”): “THE DOE NETWORK”
  9. A Portal (Online) To Document/Register “Acts of Violence” by a boyfriend or husband: THE _____WEBSITE. (This is an “unofficial” web portal to document evidence of criminal activity by boyfriends or husband and it was created by the sister of Stacy Peterson who is missing but presumed murdered by “wife killer” and “former police officer” Drew Peterson).



Are they Victim or Perp?  You Decide. . . .



To end this “article” I, Renee Ashley Baker, must tell you (My Readers) that “all” of my relatives are “distinguished” and “prominent”.  My Father and My Uncles were all “Masons” and “U.S. Army Men”.  My Brother (James) served 28 years in the U.S. Air Force (and HE, James, did “secret work” for the U.S. Secret Service).  My Brother-In-Law served 28 years as a “U.S. Air Force Master Sargent”.  Another of my Relatives (who I cannot name) had his office in the J Edgar Hoover Building in Washington D.C. and HE received a “commendation” from a former F.B.I. Director (who I have decided NOT to name). “CP” (with the Blue) is a “Doctor” and “CP” has a “friend” who is a “Judge”. I, Renee Ashley Baker, have “beaucoup” Relatives who “enlisted” in and served “tours of duty” in the U.S. Military so, I am “bent” towards “Duty, Country, Honor”.  And last, but not least, I, Renee Ashley Baker, had a “Deputy Sheriff” in my family. (Yes, one of my male Relatives actually  wore a badge—a silver star—that said “Deputy Sherriff” !!!).

 Sheriff Star



Below, 12 products Dr.CP (and every MAN worldwide) should OWN: 

 above, Spy Tec Auto GPS Tracker, Stun Gun Guard Dog for key ring, Stun Gun flashlight by Delta Force, Cobra Pepper Spray can, Mace Pepper Spray can, V.Alrt, Guard LLama, Tactical Backpack and required reading by security experts Gavin De Becker and Paxton Quigley.



“Ted Bundy murdered 23 women before getting caught”.

                              –The Coroner

 P.A.D. (Home Security and Safety)


Renee Ashley Baker

 P: Perimeter (Secure Against Intruders).

A: Alert (Yourself and Police of the Emergency).

D: Defense (Lethal and/or Non-Lethal to SURVIVE !).

 “HOME INVADERS” (Rapists, Murderers, Burglars) usually enter a “premises” through an “open window”, an “open  balcony” (sliding patio door), or an “open front” or “open back” door !!!  Remember, when you walk through your front door and head directly into the kitchen or into the bathroom, that “a few seconds” is all the time a “serial killer” or “serial rapist” needs to “try the front door or back door and come in !!!”.  Why not get a door lock that locks behind you but is one that you can re-open with a “code or a fingerprint”?  Every house should have “TWO LOCKS” on all it’s “exterior” (perimeter) doors. 

FIRST “THE PERIMETER”: Your Doors and Windows.

  1. Your Front Door “First Lock” (Top Lock) should be a “dead bolt” that uses a key.  Your Front Door “Second Lock” (Bottom Lock) should be a “code or fingerprint lock” that you can open when it LOCKS (quickly) behind you. This way, your family members, friends, boyfriends, and co-workers can’t leave your house and FORGET to “lock the door behind them”.  This way, you are not left unknowingly “vulnerable” inside your own home with an UNLOCKED DOOR !!!

There are “super doors” that are “steel enforced”. There are devices that can “jam” a door (“Door Jam Armour”) and prevent it from being kicked in. But best, is probably to “install” a strong “door lock” and they come in variety from “bio” to “bluetooth”.


  1. Schlage: Century Satin Nickel Electronic Entry Door “Deadbolt” with Touchscreen Key Pad.
  2. Schlage: Built-In Alarm and Motion Sensor Camelot Touchscreen “Deadbolt”.
  3. Schlage: “Biometric Lock” with “Deadbolt”.
  4. “The Ultimate” Deadbolt Lock

  Bluetooth Smart & Biometric Fingerprint Locks.

Ultra LOQ Bluetooth Smartlock w/app (can be operated with “code or fingerprint”).

Schlage Biometric Fingerprint Deadbolt Lock.

ITouchless Biomatic Fingerprint Lock.

  1. You want your “place of residence” to have “secure windows” like “STORM SHUTTERS” or “secure windows” with “BURGLAR BARS”.  These types of “windows” help fight “prying” burglar tools like screwdrivers and crowbars.  You don’t have to reside in a “storm area” to install “storm shutters” on your windows and “burglar bars” now come with “release latches” so that exiting the house in the event of a “fire” is EASY.
  2. Rolloden Shutters (a very good brand).

       b.Window Gates (aka “burglar bars”).

  1. You also want your “place of residence” to have “good lighting”.  You should have “light” at your Front Door and “all around the outside” of your house.  This “lighting” should be “BRIGHT” and should be “LARGE” and should be “ALL NIGHT continuous” or “ALL NIGHT motion detecting”.

       Motion Detect Lighting (with camera).

  1. Ring Floodlight.

       Motion Detect Lighting (without camera)

  1. Sharper Image Motion (battery operated)
  2. GT Lite Motion Detect Lights.
  3. Philips SpotOn Motion Detect LED Lights.

       Indoor Lighting (“smart bulbs”).

  1. Kasa Bluetooth Programmable Bulb.
  2. Philips Hue Smart Bulb.
  3. LifeLyte Bulb (for “power outages”).

         SECOND IS “ALERT”:  You must “alert yourself” and then “alert police” of the “emergency” when your “Perimeter” is breached.

  1. BURGLAR ALARM is the best way to do this as burglar alarms have 24/7 “live monitoring”.  This “live” 24/7 monitoring will first ALERT YOU of an “inside intruder” or “outside prowler”. And, second this “live monitoring” will “CALL POLICE”. (Sometimes a “burglar alarm system” will “interact” with THE PERP saying things like, “Intruder, exit the premises immediately! Police are ON THE WAY !).

Burglar Alarm Companies

1.AT&T Digital Life (w/live monitor).

2.ADT (w/live monitor).

3.Simpli Safe (DIY install w/live monitor).

      Driveway Alarm (without security camera).

       1.Swann Driveway Alarm.

      Front Door or Front Porch Alarm (with camera).

  1. Ring Doorbell Cam w/app.
  2. Toucan Doorbell Cam w/app.
  3. VTech Hardline Doorbell Cam Phone.
  4. MOTION DETECTORS/MOTION SENSORS. There is “motion detector Grass” “motion detector Glass” and “motion detector MATS” (for “inside front door”, “inside back door” and for one or more “stairs” that lead to upstairs bedrooms and downstairs basements).
  5. CAMERAS. Security cameras (with “CCTV Monitors” or “Cellphone/Tablet Apps” ) are an important form of intruder “alert”. Security cameras are now “VERY INEXPENSIVE” and come wireless, non-wireless, HD, night vision, weatherproof, and 360 pan/tilt.


  1. Mace Outdoor Security Mini-Camera System.
  2. Amcrest Security System Weatherproof/Outdoor.
  3. Imogen Studios Outdoor Camera.
  4. Amcrest Outdoor Camera.
  5. FDT Outdoor Camera.
  6. Bunkerhill 2 Camera w/Color Monitor (perfect    for Mom and Dad who have not yet learned to use an “app” on a cellphone or a tablet).


  1. Swann Security Camera System.
  2. D-Link Security Camera System.
  3. Night Owl Security Camera System.
  4. Q-Comm Security Camera System.

      Apartments, Condos or Offices

  1. Kodak 360 Pan/Tilt w/app.
  2. ULO 360 w/app.
  3. Izon w/app.
  4. Amcrest Pro HD w/app.
  5. SunCoast Peephole Camera.

(Do “register” your “outdoor security camera” with your local police department so that it can be “used” in event of a “police emergency”).

4.PERSONAL “PANIC BUTTONS”. Personal Panic Buttons ALERT “24/7 live monitors” that there is an “emergency” and that you need “immediate help”. These “buttons”  can be installed on a wall (in a bedroom or bathroom) or these “buttons” can be “WORN” around the neck or around the wrist. These “buttons” can have “limited live monitoring” or “nationwide live monitoring”. These “buttons” are for those who are “important corporate executives”, “wealthy couples” or “seniors with medical problems”.

Panic Buttons:

    With Live Monitor

  1. Mobile Help Now (nationwide monitors).
  2. Life Alert (limited in-state live monitors).

    With Non-Live “Notifying System”

  1. Guard Llama w/GPS Tracking.
  2. V-LRT w/GPS Tracking.
  3. MyBuddy (for children) w/GPS Tracking.

LAST IS DEFENSE: I’d advise that each household purchase a “lethal weapon” (a firearm) and that you go to the “firing range” and take “marksman and gun safety” courses. A crazy Intruder wielding a “knife or a gun” will seriously beat a “victim with an airpot”. But, I’ll let you decide which is best for yourself and your household. If you have kids you’ll need a “gun safe” if you don’t have kids a “Fanny Pack Kit” to hang in your bedroom closet or on your bedpost will do fine. So, these are the choices:

  1. Non-Lethal:
  2. Cobra Pepper Spray/Cobra Pepper Spray Flashlight.
  3. Delta Force “Stun” Flashlight or Vipertek Stun Gun or TS2 Stun Gun.
  4. Taser International Taser Gun.
  5. LETHAL:
  7. The Fanny Pack Kit:

Get a “fanny pack” (like the one pictured below) and put, inside:

  1. Firearm w/Laser Light. (loaded and chambered).
  2. 1-2 Extra “Magazines”. (1-2 extra loaded clips).
  3. Cellphone with active service. (The “Jitterbug Flip” is a good choice because it has big numbers and it comes with LIVE “5 Star” monitoring).

HOW TO USE KIT: At the first “sound” or “alert’ of an Intruder you grab your “Fanny Pack Kit” and PUT IT ON, meaning, you strap it around your waist. You seek “cover” in locked bedroom or locked bathroom. Once inside your “Panic Room” you can “dial 911” and with “firearm ready” talk to 911 dispatcher.  Do run “practice drills” with your entire family so everybody in the “household or apartment” knows what to do WHEN THE TIME COMES !!!

AUTO SAFETY TIPS: DO get a “dash cam” for your car if you don’t have one already. (“Poloroid Dash Cam” and “Dash Cam Pro” are both good brands). DO keep at least “one” pepper spray in your glove compartment (“Cobra Pepper Spray” and “Sabre Pepper Spray” are both good). DO also keep in your auto glove compartment one good flashlight (“Cobra Pepper Spray Flashlight” or “Delta Force Stun Flashlight” or “Smith & Wesson Tactical” or “Bell & Howell Tactical” are all good “flashlight” choices). DO get an “AVALANCHE BEACON” in case you need to “walk away from your car”. Your “cell phone” has a GPS locator but cell phone batteries can run down. (Herrington Catalog sells an excellent “beacon”). In fact, DO consider getting a “GPS tracker” (a LO DOC) for your car. (If—IF–you are ever “lost or kidnapped” the police will be able to find you !!!). And finally, one last “security/safety” item you need in your glove compartment is that special tool (“LIFE HAMMER”) that will both “cut your seatbelt” and “bust your car window” to allow you (and your Family) to “escape your car” IF YOU NEED TO !!!

THE EXPERTS: I hope this “article” has been helpful.  If so, please SHARE IT with your family and friends and co-workers. If you want to read more on Personal and Home Safety I recommend two “security” experts: Gavin De Becker and Paxton Quigley. 




Cote d Azur

above, The New York Times, where Renee Ashley Baker hopes to write a column, “Living and Loving in New York City”). ALSO above Renee Ashley Baker’s New York  City residence (50 United Nations Plaza) and below “Chateau Renee” (the house that Chanel and a 50 year Rothschild Bank mortgage bought !!!).

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