Photography by Renee Ashley Baker


Re:  FOR  FRANCIS (not for Carl Franklin “too”….)

  This is a “very interesting movie” but very hard to understand (very hard to decipher).  An interesting storyline with even more interesting symbols :  “leopard coats” “blonde wigs” “blonde cat boots” “a gold wedding band” and “snow globes”;  not to mention “astounding and haunting music” (by Brit K.D. Lang).  Ashley (Judd) is perfect as a “50’s fur coat”  wearing “Black Widow” who is rogue from some Secret Federal Government Project for “wayward women”. “Controller” on this secret  project is the appropriately arrogant Genvieve Bujold. The talented Scotsman Ewan McGregor portrays an “obsessed and dutiful” GUARDIAN ANGEL who “guards his watch”

. . . . even at the end of the world. . . .) 

Photograph by Renee Ashley Baker EOTB 1


Photograph by Renee Ashley Baker EOTB 2


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