The G20 Summit !!! plus President Kennedy News !!! plus Security of the Homeland and Security of the Home, the Condo and the Apartment !!!.

President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin at G20 Summit
I, Renee Ashley Baker,  want the World’s Leaders to read what I, Renee Ashley Baker, have to say.  Then, they’ll understand why, in 2020, I, Renee Ashley Baker , will become a “citizen of France” (and give up citizenship in the United States….).


Renee Ashley Baker CH 5a Artic

 Was Coco Chanel an “Allied  Spy ?”   Was there Russian Hacking into American Elections?  I guess it’s back to the “Cold War” era of  “espionage and suspense”…..

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The G20 Summit is all about “Homeland Security” (in addition to other important topics).  But,  what about “your” home security ?   Below is a #mustread  article titled, “P.A.D.”. . . 

But before that . . .

  Did you know that there is a second important museum in Texas dedicated to preserving the history of the assassination of  President John F. Kennedy ?  This “new museum” is called, “The Ruth Paine House Museum” and it’s located in Irving, Texas….

Did you know that Ruth Paine was a Quaker, that Ruth Paine’s father was “connected to the CIA”,  and that Ruth Paine’s husband’s step-father invented the Bell Helicopter ? ? ?



(that beautifully and securely protect your home )….




         “Ted Bundy murdered 23 women before getting caught”.

                              —-The Coroner


 P.A.D. (Home Security and Safety)


Renee Ashley Baker

 P: Perimeter (Secure Against Intruders).

A: Alert (Yourself and Police of the Emergency).

D: Defense (Lethal and/or Non-Lethal to SURVIVE !).

 “HOME INVADERS” (Rapists, Murderers, Burglars) usually enter a “premises” through an “open window”, an “open  balcony” (sliding patio door), or an “open front” or “open back” door !!!  Remember, when you walk through your front door and head directly into the kitchen or into the bathroom, that “a few seconds” is all the time a “serial killer” or “serial rapist” needs to “try the front door or back door and come in !!!”.  Why not get a door lock that locks behind you but is one that you can re-open with a “code or a fingerprint”?  Every house should have “TWO LOCKS” on all it’s “exterior” (perimeter) doors. 

FIRST “THE PERIMETER”: Your Doors and Windows.

  1. Your Front Door “First Lock” (Top Lock) should be a “dead bolt” that uses a key.  Your Front Door “Second Lock” (Bottom Lock) should be a “code or fingerprint lock” that you can open when it LOCKS (quickly) behind you. This way, your family members, friends, boyfriends, and co-workers can’t leave your house and FORGET to “lock the door behind them”.  This way, you are not left unknowingly “vulnerable” inside your own home with an UNLOCKED DOOR !!!

There are “super doors” that are “steel enforced”. There are devices that can “jam” a door (“Door Jam Armour”) and prevent it from being kicked in. But best, is probably to “install” a strong “door lock” and they come in variety from “bio” to “bluetooth”.

  1. Deadbolts
  2. Schlage: Century Satin Nickel Electronic Entry Door “Deadbolt” with Touchscreen Key Pad.
  3. Schlage: Built-In Alarm and Motion Sensor Camelot Touchscreen “Deadbolt”.
  4. Schlage: “Biometric Lock” with “Deadbolt”.
  5. “The Ultimate” Deadbolt Lock
  6. Bluetooth SmartLocks

Ultra LOQ Bluetooth Smartlock w/app (can be operated with “code or fingerprint”).

  1. You want your “place of residence” to have “secure windows” like “STORM SHUTTERS” or “secure windows” with “BURGLAR BARS”.  These types of “windows” help fight “prying” burglar tools like screwdrivers and crowbars.  You don’t have to reside in a “storm area” to install “storm shutters” on your windows and “burglar bars” now come with “release latches” so that exiting the house in the event of a “fire” is EASY.
  2. Rollodan Shutters (a very good brand).

       b.Window Gates (aka “burglar bars”).

  1. You also want your “place of residence” to have “good lighting”.  You should have “light” at your Front Door and “all around the outside” of your house.  This “lighting” should be “BRIGHT” and should be “LARGE” and should be “ALL NIGHT continuous” or “ALL NIGHT motion detecting”.
  2. Motion Detect Lighting (with camera).
  3. Ring Floodlight.
  4. Motion Detect Lighting (without camera)
  5. Sharper Image Motion (battery operated)
  6. GT Lite Motion Detect Lights.
  7. Philips SpotOn Motion Detect LED Lights.
  8. Indoor Lighting (“smart bulbs”).
  9. Kasa Bluetooth Programmable Bulb.
  10. Philips Hue Smart Bulb.
  11. LifeLyte Bulb (for “power outages”).


SECOND IS “ALERT”:  You must “alert yourself” and then “alert police” of the “emergency” when your “Perimeter” is breached.

  1. BURGLAR ALARM is the best way to do this as burglar alarms have 24/7 “live monitoring”.  This “live” 24/7 monitoring will first ALERT YOU of an “inside intruder” or “outside prowler”. And, second this “live monitoring” will “CALL POLICE”. (Sometimes a “burglar alarm system” will “interact” with THE PERP saying things like, “Intruder, exit the premises immediately! Police are ON THE WAY !).
  2. Burglar Alarm Companies

1.AT&T Digital Life (w/live monitor).

2.ADT (w/live monitor).

3.Simpli Safe (DIY install w/live monitor).

  1. Driveway Alarm (without security camera).

       1.Swann Driveway Alarm.

  1. Front Door or Front Porch Alarm (with camera).
  2. Ring Doorbell Cam w/app.
  3. Toucan Doorbell Cam w/app.
  4. VTech Hardline Doorbell Cam Phone.
  5. MOTION DETECTORS/MOTION SENSORS. There is “motion detector Grass” “motion detector Glass” and “motion detector MATS” (for “inside front door”, “inside back door” and for one or more “stairs” that lead to upstairs bedrooms and downstairs basements).
  6. CAMERAS. Security cameras (with “CCTV Monitors” or “Cellphone/Tablet Apps” ) are an important form of intruder “alert”. Security cameras are now “VERY INEXPENSIVE” and come wireless, non-wireless, HD, night vision, weatherproof, and 360 pan/tilt.
  7. Outdoor
  8. Amcrest Security System Weatherproof/Outdoor.
  9. Imogen Studios Outdoor Camera.
  10. Amcrest Outdoor Camera.
  11. FDT Outdoor Camera.
  12. Bunkerhill 2 Camera w/Color Monitor (perfect    for Mom and Dad who have not yet learned to use an “app” on a cellphone or a tablet).
  13. Indoor
  14. Swann Security Camera System.
  15. D-Link Security Camera System.
  16. Night Owl Security Camera System.
  17. Q-Comm Security Camera System.
  18. Apartments, Condos or Offices
  19. Kodak 360 Pan/Tilt w/app.
  20. ULO 360 w/app.
  21. Izon w/app.
  22. Amcrest Pro HD w/app.
  23. SunCoast Peephole Camera.

(Do “register” your “outdoor security camera” with your local police department so that it can be “used” in event of a “police emergency”).

4.PERSONAL “PANIC BUTTONS”. Personal Panic Buttons ALERT “24/7 live monitors” that there is an “emergency” and that you need “immediate help”. These “buttons”  can be installed on a wall (in a bedroom or bathroom) or these “buttons” can be “WORN” around the neck or around the wrist. These “buttons” can have “limited live monitoring” or “nationwide live monitoring”. These “buttons” are for those who are “important corporate executives”, “wealthy couples” or “seniors with medical problems”.

Panic Buttons:

  1. With Live Monitor
  2. Mobile Help Now (nationwide monitors).
  3. Life Alert (limited in-state live monitors).
  4. With Non-Live “Notifying System”
  5. Guard Llama w/GPS Tracking.
  6. V-LRT w/GPS Tracking.
  7. Buddy (for children) w/GPS Tracking.

LAST IS DEFENSE: I’d advise that each household purchase a “lethal weapon” (a firearm) and that you go to the “firing range” and take “marksman and gun safety” courses. A crazy Intruder wielding a “knife or a gun” will seriously beat a “victim with an airpot”. But, I’ll let you decide which is best for yourself and your household. If you have kids you’ll need a “gun safe” if you don’t have kids a “Fanny Pack Kit” to hang in your bedroom closet or on your bedpost will do fine. So, these are the choices:

  1. Non-Lethal:
  2. Cobra Pepper Spray/Cobra Pepper Spray Flashlight.
  3. Delta Force “Stun” Flashlight or Vipertek Stun Gun or TS2 Stun Gun.
  4. Taser International Taser Gun.
  5. LETHAL:
  7. The Fanny Pack Kit:

Get a “fanny pack” (like the one pictured below) and put, inside:

  1. Firearm w/Laser Light. (loaded and chambered).
  2. 1-2 Extra “Magazines”. (1-2 extra loaded clips).
  3. Cellphone with active service. (The “Jitterbug Flip” is a good choice because it has big numbers and it comes with LIVE “5 Star” monitoring).

HOW TO USE KIT: At the first “sound” or “alert’ of an Intruder you grab your “Fanny Pack Kit” and PUT IT ON, meaning, you strap it around your waist. You seek “cover” in locked bedroom or locked bathroom. Once inside your “Panic Room” you can “dial 911” and with “firearm ready” talk to 911 dispatcher.  Do run “practice drills” with your entire family so everybody in the “household or apartment” knows what to do WHEN THE TIME COMES !!!

AUTO SAFETY TIPS: DO get a “dash cam” for your car if you don’t have one already. (“Poloroid Dash Cam” and “Dash Cam Pro” are both good brands). DO keep at least “one” pepper spray in your glove compartment (“Cobra Pepper Spray” and “Sabre Pepper Spray” are both good). DO also keep in your auto glove compartment one good flashlight (“Cobra Pepper Spray Flashlight” or “Delta Force Stun Flashlight” or “Smith & Wesson Tactical” or “Bell & Howell Tactical” are all good “flashlight” choices). DO get an “AVALANCHE BEACON” in case you need to “walk away from your car”. Your “cell phone” has a GPS locator but cell phone batteries can run down. (Herrington Catalog sells an excellent “beacon”). In fact, DO consider getting a “GPS tracker” (a LO DOC) for your car. (If—IF–you are ever “lost or kidnapped” the police will be able to find you !!!). And finally, one last “security/safety” item you need in your glove compartment is that special tool (“LIFE HAMMER”) that will both “cut your seatbelt” and “bust your car window” to allow you (and your Family) to “escape your car” IF YOU NEED TO !!!

THE EXPERTS: I hope this “article” has been helpful.  If so, please SHARE IT with your family and friends and co-workers. If you want to read more on Personal and Home Safety I recommend two “security” experts: Gavin De Becker and Paxton Quigley.          


( Fingerprint Bio Locks)

above Fingerprint locks by Schlage, Itouchless and UltraLOQ 

(Deadbolt Locks)

above deadbolt locks by Schlage and Ultimate. 


above beautiful but secure “Burglar Bars” !!! 


above beautiful but secure “Hurricane Shutters” that many “burglars” consider “burglar proof !!!”.  And you don’t have to reside in a “hurricane state” to install “hurricane shutters” on your home. 


Outdoor (Front Porch/Back Porch) Security Cameras.

above the VTech Doorbell Cam Hardline Cordless Phone and Bunkerhill 2 Camera System with Color Monitor and Closed Circuit (perfect if Mom and Dad haven’t yet learned to use apps on cellphones and tablets ). 


above Cobra Pepper Spray, Mace Pepper Spray, Delta Force Stun Flashlight, Cobra Pepper Spray Flashlight, Guard LLama and  V.Alrt (two personal panic buttons/personal emergency response that are perfect for Executives), Tactical Fanny Pack (for “house protection”) and Hayneedle (for legal “conceal carry”). 


above three most important “survival/emergency” apps….



Cote d Azur

Renee Ashley Baker hopes to write a column for The New York Times called, “Living and Loving in New York City”. above Renee Ashley Baker’s residence in New York (50 United Nations Plaza) and Renee Ashley Baker’s residence in France (Chateau Renee, the house Chanel and a 50 year Rothschild Mortgage bought !!!).

no 4



Since “Colorado’s Crazy Hobos” have “got” Jack Nicholson then Jack Nicholson is just a “pimp” with Heidi Fleiss and “thug boy Rihanna”.  No to Dennis Quaid too.  No to Michael Douglas for the same reason (aka Beverly Hills Madam Heidi Fleiss). And No to Robert DeNiro because of the “Columbo Crime Family”. 

HOWEVER, I, Renee Ashley Baker will be “for” and “about” MEN who are not in the “film industry”, MEN who are not in the “music industry” and MEN who are NOT in the “entertainment industry”. (MEN who are Renee Ashley Baker’s  “relatives” are the only exception). 

SO, “CP Irrevocable Trust” will own–100% –all of Renee Ashley Baker’s copyrights (not Madonna). 

However, ALL Renee Ashley Baker “entertainment industry projects”  are “off the market” !!!*&PID=4iuj0MTYmX4qFEN5zkhXb6h4chK&SEQ=20170708120302&CNT=25&HIST=1



    This is the last time I’m going to say this :  CP is a “Doctor” and CP is to be “respected” (as an “accomplished MAN” ) OR… Renee Ashley Baker is going to “piss on everything” (which includes piss on “poor squaw village” (which includes “piss on Scarlett Johanssen and piss on Amy” and “piss on that movie industry” which is being “run/bossed” by Colorado “Creeps and Hobos”.  Meaning “piss on”  that “womens’ cinema ghetto” that MEN in the “movie industry” HATE !!!. 

 DR.  CP is not–NOT–in the movie industry. And DR. CP is not–NOT–in the music industry. (And Dr. CP will not–NOT–be forced to be in the “entertainment industry”).

 DR. CP is the “lifetime” President and Chairman of The Erma Foundation.

 DR. CP is the sole “beneficiary” of CP Irrevocable Trust (Renee Ashley Baker is also one of two  beneficiaries).

 DR. CP’s father is a Caucasian Man (who is a millionaire).

     Okay !!!.

   As I previously stated this, is my plan:

 1. Set up C P Irrevocable Trust at Rothschild Bank (with  the $90-$130 million dollar civil damages).

 2. Set up a C P Irrevocable trust ” STIPEND PAYMENT” that will pay ANNUALLY.

  (There are only two (2) “Beneficiaries” of C P Irrevocable Trust and the two “beneficiaries” are Renee Ashley Baker and CP).

 3. Purchase two real estate properties :

 (a) A $10 million dollar condo in New York City (owned by CP Irrevocable Trust).

 (b) A house in France (with a 50 year mortgage with $7 million dollars down payment).

4. Set Up C P Industries.  Meaning Set Up, in  France Erma French Perfume and Design and it’s subsidiaries: Celtic Lion /Manly Man (for Neiman Marcus),  Irmagard Handbags (for Tiffany & Co) , ReneeAB9 Housewares (for Roche Bobois).  Also to be set up in France is “Champagne Socialite Cocktails” for Rothschild Liquor Distributing).  Designs to be sold at Neiman Marcus “exclusively”.

 5. Set Up “The Erma Foundation” (in New York City) with CP to act as “President and Chairman”.


 I, Renee Ashley Baker, am NOT FOR HIRE and I, therefore, will NOT, NOT be setting up any “movie production payrolls”.

 So, Renee Ashley Baker’s answer is still “NO” to:

NO to Jack Nicholson.

 *No to Oprah Winfrey, (No to OWN Network) and No to Gayle King.  *NO to Universal Studios, no to DECCA, No to NBC (No to “The Voice”).  No to Comcast.

*No to Dish Network. No to Invesco. No to John Elway, No to The Denver Broncos Players.

*No to ICM, No to Latifah, No to Dana Sims. No to William Morris, No to UTA.

 *No to Viacom. No to CBS Network. No to Paramount Studios. 

 *No to Sharon Stone, No to Charlize Theron. No to Julia Roberts. No to Meryl Streep. No to Demi Moore. No to Taranji P Hensen. No to Lupita Nuongo. No to  Tyrese. No to Idris Elba. No to Forrest Whitaker.  No to George Clooney.  No to Brad Cooper. No to Robert DeNiro. No to Dennis Quaid. No to Nicholas Cage. “NO” to Guy Ritchie, No to Dennis Quaid and No to Richard Gere.

 *No to Madonna, No to Jennifer Lopez, No to Demi Lovato, No to Selena Gomez. No to Jennifer Garner, No to Jennifer Warren, No to Jennifer Hudson. No to Lil Kim. No to Remy Ma. No to Nicki Manaj.  No to Mathangi. No to Rihanna. No to Beyoncé.  No to Pitbull the rapper. Not to Jay-Z. No to Sean P Diddy Combs. No to Kanye West (I won’t be giving him $53 million dollars). NO TO COMMON (the rapper).

 *No to Nordic Track, No to Pepsi Corp. No to Goop, No to Tamara Ovitz shoes, (And Angela Bassett is still UGLY !!! ). 


Renee Ashley Baker CH 1a


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