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Who is Renee Ashley Baker ?

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  “Selfies” by Renee Ashley Baker

(above, two photos of Renee Ashley Baker; top photo taken in 2011 or 2013 ;  and at bottom a “Jimmy Choo Graphic”  featuring a  photo of Renee Ashley Baker that was taken in June 2016).



Proposed by: Renee Ashley Baker  

Title:  “Family Reunion: No Dream Deferred”

Logline:  “The Dreamers: Elvis Presley (Sun Records),  Tina Turner (Capitol EMI),   Pam Grier (who was discovered by John Ashley) , U.S. Senator Julian Bond (who was related to Chris) and Lord Baltimore Calvert (who founded the city of  Baltimore — one of the original “13 Colonies”).

Synopsis:  The Ashley Family Reunion, which will take place in 2018 has been an “annual occurrence” in the United States for 50 years.

  1. On this next week long “family gathering”  a CAMERA will follow the Ashley Family around New York City at hotels, restaurants, and on shopping sprees. (New York City, the city which was founded by a Calvert, who was, an ancestor of Lord Baltimore (the founder and settler of  one  of the “thirteen colonies”).
  2. The CAMERA will focus on two members of The Ashley Family; two very talented musicians.
  3. The CAMERA will sit inside a “four bedroom” AirBNB mansion in upstate New York. (The CAMERAS will be positioned in the “reality TV style” of “House Swap” or “The Bachelor”).
  4. INSIDE  “the AirBnb mansion” will be the talented rap duo “Lendell and Rico” as they (a) interact with family members and (b) prepare for their “debut performance” (which will be a free concert in New York City’s Central Park).  As we all know, the world of “rap and hip hop” provides no easy entry; and getting that “big break” that “career launch” takes brains, guts, and a boat load of “professional savvy”.
  5. Also INSIDE  “the AirBnb mansion” will be “Miguel” the talented musician, songwriter, rapper and Grammy Nominated Sound Engineer. (In 2003 “Miguel” was nominated for Best Sound Engineer on “Lil Wayne’s” second album.  “Miguel” has since “sound engineered” for the following recording artists: Whitney Houston, Chris Brown, Lenny Kravitz, Drake, and the rock group Styx.)

“Miguel” will (a) interact with family members and (b) prepare for his “debut performance” (which will be that free concert in New York City’s Central Park).  “Miguel” has written rap songs for “motion pictures” and has performed (Miguel has played guitar) with rock star Lenny Kravitz’ band.

  1. The “Central Park Concert”:

A “30 minute” concert featuring “5 acts” (including  three “Guest Stars”). Hopefully:

  1. Lendell and Rico
  2. “Miguel”

Plus Three Other Acts:

  1. Dance Centre MyWay Dancers ?


  1. Rag N Bone Man ?


  1. Skee-Lo ?


  1. Chance The Rapper ?


  1. Chet Hanks ?


  1. Judah and The Lion
  2. Proposed Sponsors:
  3. Coca Cola/Gold Peak Tea?


  1. Snapple Tea ?  Or
  2. Nestle ?  Or
  3. Dominos Pizza ? Or
  4. Chobani Yogurt ? Or
  5. Red Bull ? Or
  6. General Motors Buick ? Or
  7. Ford Explorer ? Or
  8. Lexus ? Or
  9. Microsoft Source ? Or
  10. Movado ? Or
  11. Macy’s ?  Or
  12. AirBnB ?
  14. Proposed Broadcasters:
  15. ABC TV ?


  1. AT&T Direct TV ?


  1. Get TV


  1. Bounce TV


  1. TNT


Amazon Prime (Streaming Rights).

DISCLOSURE:  I, Renee Ashley Baker, have not—NOT—acquired “performance contracts” with Lendell and Rico nor with “Miguel” (nor with any of the “Guest Stars” mentioned above).   Hopefully, I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be able to “obtain performance contracts” with Lendell and Rico and “Miguel” and with three of the “Guest Stars named above” IF COME a “broadcaster” for this TV Special.









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