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Colorado, Up To Something Else ?

Re: No to JVC and No to Bose

I, Renee Ashley Baker, had to “run an errand” and while out (in Englewood Colorado) the “blue collar poor” let me in on something.  That is–that– “they” are planning to take “Pieladium” (speaker corporation) public.  Really ?  “They” are?    (I guess this is what “poor broke Colorado”  wants  with Tamara Ovitz “online” shoe company)….!!!   Anyway, If, I, Renee Ashley Baker, need to I, Renee Ashley Baker, will move –will “offer my designs” –(for wireless Bluetooth speakers) to a European “stereo” company.  Such as : Bang and Olufsen, or Sony or Ferguson Hill, or Bower & Wilkins.  Okay? 




She doesn’t even “like” men ?  What did she want his “career guidance” for ?




OKAY I’LL SAY IT:   What—What !!!–happened to Bill Cosby ?  When did Bill Cosby start “going for Butch Transgender” .    Constand “looks like a man” !!!  Can’t Bill Cosby’s lawyers point out that Constand wouldn’t–couldn’t–be Bill Cosby’s “type” ?    I guess I “missed it” (the “change over” from “heterosexual female” to “homesexual, lesbian and transgender”) and I guess this is why I’ve “been fighting a war” against this “new entertainment industry” that “doesn’t want” heterosexuals.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will continue to “stay out of showbusiness”.   I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be residing in New York City (at 50 United Nations Plaza) where I’ll attend Parsons School of Design (online) and will hopefully write a column for Mr. Sulzberger  (at The New York Times).  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will also launch companies–hopefully– with The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds (read more below).


 Yes, there will be such.  So leave Renee Ashley Baker ALONE !  You (Blue Collar America aka “The Working Poor”) now have someone to “be in business with” and it is not–NOT–Renee Ashley Baker….



Meaning still “No” to Oprah Winfrey (NO to Oprah Winfrey’s “OWN Network” and No to Oprah Winfrey’s “Red Bottom Shoe”).  No to Colorado’s Chris Botti “rehearsal” (No to Chris Botti until 2025 when I, Renee Ashley Baker “may” hire Chris Botti as a “movie score composer”.    I, Renee Ashley Baker am NOT a “singer” and I, Renee Ashley Baker do NOT want to be a “singer” and I, Renee Ashley Baker will NOT do “concerts”; therefore Chris Botti cannot hire Renee Ashley Baker). No to Colorado’s Tamara Mellon Shoe Company. Colorado’s “blue collar” and “hobo poor” are trying to “have” Tamara Mellon’s –Tamara Ovitz’–Shoe Company (but Colorado’s “Blue Collar” and “Hobos” will never get London’s Jimmy Choo  Shoe Company; as I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “see to that” !!!).  

No to Universal, No to Decca, No to NBC. No to CBS, No to Paramount. No to ICM/No to Dana Sims.

“Jimmy Choo City” a new video Starring Renee Ashley Baker….


Bill Cosby 3

Bill Cosby 2

(Watch Out job Seekers….)



By Renee Ashley Baker

 I never “met” Bill Cosby but one time I ALMOST met Bill Cosby.  One night at about 7pm I drove myself out to the “Turn of the Century” a southeast Denver nightclub owned by Bobby Rifkin (which was located at Monaco Parkway and Hampden Avenue).  I went out there to “arrange an interview” with an “entertainer” who was due in that next week.  I actually TALKED with Bobby Rifkin who told me that Bill Cosby was actually there at the club. 

 I can’t remember whether or not Bobby Rifkin asked me that night if I wanted to “meet Bill Cosby”. The “truth” is that I left the “Turn of the Century” (ALONE) about 8pm that night.  I did NOT “meet” Bill Cosby as I  considered myself a “freelance writer” and It would have been “unprofessional”. (Besides, even though I was in “Cowtown Denver” I, as they say, “knew what time it was” (!!!)

 That next week I returned to Turn of the Century nightclub and DID my “interview” with the “entertainer”.  And, I believe I sold the “interview” to a local–free— “community” newspaper….!!!

FYI: Bobby Rifkin now owns “The Diamond Cabaret” (strip joint) and Bill Cosby is about to “go on trial” for using THE CASTING COUCH.

(By the way, like I’ve previously stated (on this blog) I don’t “feel bad” about what happened to the Women who are “suing” Bill Cosby.  Why ?  Because they thought they were going to “take advantage of” and “USE” good nice kind Dr. Huxtable. But, what they got instead, was “ruffied” and shoved out the front door (WITHOUT ANY CLOTHES ON !!!)


I, Renee Ashley Baker, have always “hung around rich people at rich people places”. I, Renee Ashley Baker, was “born” at the rich Jewish hospital in St. Louis Missouri. For two years I, Renee Ashley Baker, spent every Saturday night at the “Vertigo” disco in downtown Los Angeles and I, Renee Ashley Baker, spent every other Saturday night at The Hard Rock Café in Beverly Hills.  However, I, Renee Ashley Baker, have never been in a helicopter; I, Renee Ashley Baker, have never “gone with” (never even dated) a Congressman and I, Renee Ashley Baker, have never been to Mexico.

 The Net


I don’t know, but , remember “The Sex Pistols” ?  (Watch Out Kathy…)


#JimmyChoo !!! 

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(Watched Out )






            Renee Ashley Baker

(For Single Women, Single Men, and For Families)

Whether you live in the suburbs or in a “city apartment”, below, are “9 Things” you can do now to protect yourself from “intruders” (who wish to DO YOU HARM !!!).

  1. Install a “Burglar Alarm System” !

Burglar Alarm systems are inexpensive now and can cost as little as $30 a month for monitoring. Some like GE SimpliSafe are easy DIY install. My recommendations are:

  1. AT&T DigiLife
  2. ADT
  3. Westec
  4. GE SimpliSafe
  5. Install “Motion Detection Devices” !

Motion Detection devices are also “inexpensive” now and are well worth the money. They will alert you and other members of the household when unwelcomed “bodies” are moving around inside or outside your residence. My suggestions are:

  1. Ring Video Cam Doorbell and Ring Video Cam Floodlight; they both come with downloadable app for your cellphone or your tablet. 
  2. Motion Detector Mats.
  3. GT Lite Motion Detection Lights. 

3 Install “Video Security Cameras” !

Video Security Cameras are “inexpensive” ($100-$300) and very easy to install. Some are “wireless” some are not so decide which kind you want.  My favorites are:

  1. Kodak 360 w/app.
  2. Canary w/app.
  3. Izon w/app.
  4. Amcrest Pro HD w/app.

4  Install “Door Locks” (Bedroom and Bathroom !)

 I, frankly, feel safer sleeping with the “bedroom door locked”.  That way, an Intruder cannot just “walk right into your bedroom and stand over you while you are asleep” !!!  Put secure locks on your children’s bedrooms and on guest bedrooms as well.  The best “deadbolt lock makers” are:

  1. Schlage
  2. Brickhouse
  3. Install or Wear Panic Buttons (with Monitoring)

For the “very rich” or the “very old” a “personal panic button” is the best.  When you push the button a LIVE “security company monitor answers” (immediately) and can get you HELP !!! 

  1. Life Alert (A red button to be installed in your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen).
  2. Mobile Help Now (A button you can wear in the next block or the next state as the LIVE “security company monitor will answer” NATIONWIDE !!! 
  3. Get Noise Makers (no Monitoring)

“Noise Makers” won’t give you immediate response from a LIVE “security monitor” but they will “alert” via a “loud shrill noise” nearby neighbors or bystanders “should” (“may” ) COME RUNNING TO HELP YOU. !!!

  1. Herrington Catalog’s “Distress Beacon”.
  2. Your “car key” panic button.
  3. An “air pot” (which you can take with you into a locked bathroom or a locked bedroom if there is an Intruder in your home or apartment).
  4. Get Defense Weapons (Lethal and Non-Lethal)

I’d advise that each household purchase a “lethal weapon” (a firearm) and that you go to the “firing range” and take “marksman and gun safety” courses. A crazy Intruder wielding a “knife or a gun” will seriously beat a “victim with an airpot”. But, I’ll let you decide which is best for yourself and your household. If you have kids you’ll need a “gun safe” if you don’t have kids a “Fanny Pack Kit” to hang in your bedroom closet or on your bedpost will do fine. So, these are the choices:

  1. Cobra Pepper Spray
  2. Delta Force “Stun” Flashlight
  3. Firearm (Glock, Walther, Smith & Wesson).

The Fanny Pack Kit:

Get a “fanny pack” (like the one pictured below) and put, inside:

  1. Firearm w/Laser Light. (loaded and chambered).
  2. 1-2 Extra “Magazines”. (1-2 extra loaded clips).
  3. Cellphone with active service. (The “Jitterbug Flip” is a good choice because it has big numbers and it comes with LIVE “5 Star” monitoring).

HOW TO USE KIT: At the first “sound” or “alert’ of an Intruder you grab your “Fanny Pack Kit” and PUT IT ON, meaning, you strap it around your waist. You seek “cover” in locked bedroom or locked bathroom. Once inside your “Panic Room” you can “dial 911” and with “firearm ready” talk to 911 dispatcher.  Do run “practice drills” with your entire family so everybody in the “household or apartment” knows what to do WHEN THE TIME COMES.  

  1. Other Personal Safety Tips:

   Experts say that any dealings with “Strangers” (such as “online dating” and “classified ad selling”) can be “dangerous and risky”. Use caution when doing this. Experts also say that when out around town (shopping or sitting in bars) don’t FLASH wads of cash or wallets stuffed with credit cards.  The experts say when “out and about” you should carry no more than $25.00 in cash and no more than one (1) debit card (with $250-$1000 maximum). Reasonably safe is the Visa Pay, Mastercard Pay or Samsung Pay “cellphone app” if, you don’t put more than $5000 on the “pay app”. (Remember “cellphone hackers” are out there !!!).

   FYI: My preferred shopping style is to shop till you drop and if the cost comes to “more” than $500 you can have “store clerks” bag items and hold them at the store. When you get home you can call the store, give the store your credit card information and have the store “deliver” your purchases to your home !!!

  1. The Experts

   I hope this “article” has been helpful.  If so, please SHARE IT with your family and friends. If you want to read more on Personal and Home Safety I recommend two “security” experts: Gavin DeBecker and Paxton Quigley. 

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#BurglaryPrevention #HomeInvasion #Robbery #PersonalSafety #BeSafe #BurglarAlarms #VideoCameras #MotionDetectors #DoorLocks #PanicButtons #DefenseWeapons #PepperSpray #Tasers #StunGuns




Renee Ashley Baker, is buying a $10 million dollar “condo”  at 50 United Nations Plaza  (in New York City) and Renee Ashley Baker will hopefully write a column for The New York Times (called “Living and Loving in New York City”).

Below  Renee Ashley Baker’s France House  (“Chateau Renee”) the house that Chanel (and a 50 year Rothschild Bank  Mortgage bought !!!).

Renee Ashley Baker will also , hopefully, launch two companies in France: Erma French Perfume and Design (and its subsidiaries) and Champagne Socialite Cocktails .  Both companies  launched Ashley Baker, is buying a $10 million dollar “condo”  at 50 United Nations Plaza  (in New York City) and Renee Ashley Baker will hopefully write a column for The New York Times (called “Living and Loving in New York City”).

Below  Renee Ashley Baker’s France House  (“Chateau Renee”) the house that Chanel (and a 50 year Rothschild Bank  Mortgage bought !!!).

Renee Ashley Baker will also , hopefully, launch two companies in France: Erma French Perfume and Design (and its subsidiaries) and Champagne Socialite Cocktails .  Both companies  launched as CP Industries hopefully with the Wertheimers and The Rothschilds…… 

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