Family Reunion !!! (plus Happy Mother’s Day Military Mothers ! ) in New York, Boston, and #Worldwide !!!


I Love New York


After my “civil settlements”(of $90-$150 million dollars) I, Renee Ashley Baker, am planning to “pay” $70,000 to have a 1 hr TV Special produced called, “Family Reunion” (in New York City).  I, Renee Ashley Baker, plan to have 200 of my relatives come to New York City and stay at New York’s best hotels and eat at New York’s best restaurants (New York “strip steaks”) and shop at New York City’s (and Lady Irma/Erma’s) favorite department store (Bloomingdales).  As part of “Family Reunion Week” I’ll tape the “reality-tv/documentary” to “star” the talented Lendell and Crew and the talented “Miguel” ( I, Renee Ashley Baker, will NOT appear on this show , however).

 I, Renee Ashley Baker, will then “sell” the “reality-tv/documentary” for $150,000-$170,000 to ATT/Hughes Direct TV or Get TV plus an “ancillary sale” to Amazon Prime (Jeff Bezos ?).

 Again, I’d like to “line up” sponsors like Kit Kat, Movado, Red Bull or Snapple. (No Beer because my relatives are very “bougoisie” and they don’t drink “beer”). And maybe “AirBNB” will provide the “production location” for 2 weeks.  Last year, my relatives celebrated “50 years” of annual “family reunions” !!!

(No to BET TV and No to Universal Studios/No to Universal Music).


above Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother (Lady Irma/Erma)

Other Mothers  of  Note:

Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy with John Jr and Caroline

Princess Diana with Sons William and Harry

My Mother at my 2 year old birthday party in St Louis Missouri

Below Lady Irma/Erma’s only son (James) who served 28 years in the U.S. Air Force. James also did “secret work” for the U.S. Secret Service and James also “lived on 5th avenue in New York City ” near Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy.   James also worked for (James was employed by) the city of New York.


  My Mother (Lady Irma/Erma pictured above) was “always a lady” and she was, in fact, the “only lady” in my life. My Mother (Lady Irma/Erma pictured above) was “GOLD”.

GOLD as in the “gold inlaid/gold leaf” wallpaper inside My Mother’s St. Louis mini-mansion (which in the mid-1920’s had been brought over to St. Louis, piece by piece from France, by a “Jewish” St. Louis millionaire who was also a St. Louis Court Judge).

GOLD as in the 24kt “gold rings” on My Mother’s long elegant fingers (including the “Eastern Star” Mason’s Wife ring that My Mother wore because my Father was a “Mason”).

GOLD as in the “gold crown” on My Mother’s “two front teeth”.

GOLD as in “Gold Finger” meets the “German Goddess Irmagard”.  (Did I tell you, my 3 million – 5 million readers, that every person who ever “knew” my Mother (Lady Irma/Erma pictured above) became a millionaire ?   It’s true, but more about that later—once I’m all “moved into” my new Condo at 50 United Nations Plaza.)  

My Mother (Lady Irma/Erma pictured above) wore/owned genuine “mink” and “leopard” coats and dressed as though she’d stepped out of the pages of French Vogue Magazine. My Mother (Lady Irma/Erma pictured above) was an U.S. Air Force mother and a U.S. Army wife (no “dirty hippies” nor “Italian mobsters” laying around Lady Irma/Erma’s house).  Eventually My Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) “burned the mortgage” on her “just off Monaco Parkway house” in Denver and deposited into her bank account a quarter of a million dollars.  (Meaning $260,000 from a “reverse mortgage”….)   


 The Erma Foundation (named for My Mother Lady Irma/Erma) will be set up as a 501 3c headquartered in New York City and headed up by Dr. CP who will serve as President and Chairman. The “greatness and goodness” of My Mother (Lady Irma/Erma pictured above) will be the “formula” for The Erma Foundation “Mission Statement” ; which, is  to “finance projects” that will “make the world a better place” to “live in”.


 Erma French Perfume and Design is named for Lady Irma/Erma pictured above and will be “owned” by CP Industries. Erma French Perfume and Design consists of four (4) companies which are:

1.Celtic Lion/Manly Man Menswear (hopefully for Neiman Marcus exclusively).

2.Irmagard Handbags (hopefully for Tiffany & Co exclusively).

3.ReneeAB9 Housewares (hopefully for Roche Bobois exclusively) and

4.Champagne Socialite Cocktails (hopefully for Rothschild Liquors distribution). 

Hopefully these “four companies” will be co-owned by The Wertheimers (70%) and The Rothschilds (40%).  (And hopefully Renee Ashley Baker will be given a “license” to sell the designed by Renee Ashley Baker “ILNY” products pictured below).




“Parsons Online” by Renee Ashley Baker

Renee Ashley Baker will be attending Fashion design school (Parsons Online) during the day (at least two days a week). I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “start each day” with “ice coffee and a bagel” in my own “SubZero” kitchen (at 50 United Nations Plaza). Three days a week I, Renee Ashley Baker, will do “one” post on Twitter (“Twitter Tuesday”); “one” post on Facebook on Thursday (“Biggest Spender New York”); and “one” post on Instagram on Sunday afternoon about my “weekend date” called:

“Men Only: Pillow Talk On Instagram by Renee Ashley Baker”

Renee Ashley Baker will be dating 365 “Caucasian/Jewish” MEN in New York City (no Black and No Mexican. Renee Ashley Baker will be “dating” through Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking).  Once in Europe Renee Ashley Baker will be dating Norweigen and Greek “shipping magnates” and Jewish “billionaires in Tel Aviv”.

“Living Loving in New York City” by Renee Ashley Baker and “Travels With Renee” by Renee Ashley Baker

Renee Ashley Baker will hopefully “write” a “weekly or monthly” column for The New York Times. Renee Ashley Baker will “hopefully” travel for The New York Times. (Writing columns and making “travel videos”. Visiting “historic” and “exotic places” like Myanmar/Cambodia, and Palais de Versailles/Paris France. Renee Ashley Baker, will dine at the most expensive restaurant in the world (Rene’s Restaurant in Copenhagen !!!). 

Renee Ashley Baker will be “settling” her “civil case” for a dollar amount of $90 million  to  150 million dollars. 

Renee Ashley Baker will reside in New York City in a $10 million dollar condo (at 50 United Nations Plaza).  Renee Ashley Baker will become a “citizen of France” and will reside on the French Riviera in “Chateau Renee” pictured below (the House Chanel and a Rothschild Bank Mortgage has bought….)




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Gif Above Created by Renee Ashley Baker…

Happy Mother’s Day…LOL !!!



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