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(The “cleverist” and “most talented” are never seen !!!)

Fyre Festival


Business: (See What I Mean ?)

Ja Rule can have Paramount Pictures.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “skip” Viacom/Paramount.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not–NOT–become involved in any “scams”.  If, ATT/Direct TV or GET TV, (or ABC TV) wants to “Broadcast” a summer Central Park (NYC) concert starring my relatives then I’ll talk. 



For My Mother (I, Renee Ashley Baker, Always Tell The Truth); For My Father (I, Renee Ashley Baker, Always Fight Corruption and Organized Crime). 

 Today I, Renee Ashley Baker, had to go downtown to the U.S. Department of Justice to deliver (to the U.S. Attorney) some “Audio/Video Evidence”.   On the way downtown I experienced some “hassles” (some threats !!!).  When I , Renee Ashley Baker, get to Washington DC , I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “testify” before a “U.S. Senate Committee on Organized Crime” and I, Renee Ashley Baker, will tell exactly what was said to me by those in the “videos” below.  However, I can, at this time, tell you that this “Cowtown Called Denver” has become “ridiculous” in its “corruption” and in it’s “aim” to “shake down” (to “muscle in” on) the Los Angeles Entertainment Industry. (One of the Mexican Valet Parkers at the Marriott Hotel made a threat –he told me I would be “shot”—while another of the Marriott Valet Parkers tried to “sell me” on buying—on purchasing—an Italian sports car. You tell me, was the “white sports car” “deliberately parked there” waiting for me to come back downtown and “walk by” (on my way to DOJ ?)  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not—NOT—buy an Italian sports car but I, Renee Ashley Baker, “actually” have been “verbally” told by “some poor Denver trash” that I was expected to buy/purchase an Italian sports car. (!!!) Anyway, a lot of “poor broke Denver” seems to be “preoccupied” with where I, Renee Ashley Baker, am going to live in New York City and they also seem to be concerned with “preventing me from moving permanently  to France” (!!!).  Anyway, below is some “video footage” filmed in downtown Denver Colorado today.  A “Heads Up” for the F.B.I…!!!  (I hope  FBI Director James Comey wasn’t fired because he was a “real” FBI MAN and “Tough On Crime”…!!!)







  I, Renee Ashley Baker, plan to sign an “agreement” with the U.S. Department of Justice, whereby I, Renee Ashley Baker, will NOT seek nor accept “business deals” with the following companies:

1. No to Comcast/Universal/NBC/Decca.

2.  No to Viacom/Showtime/CBS/Paramount.

3. No to ICM (No to all of Dana Sims clients) and No to Latifah.

4. No to Pepsi Corp. 

5.  No to T-Mobile .

6.  No to Morgan Stanley Investment Bankers, No to Invesco Investment Bankers, No to John Elway.






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