Completed !!! Family Photos !!! Plus: Gearing Up For “Living and Loving (Dating) and Partying” in New York City. (plus Universal Studios, Sharon Stone, Celebrity News, New York Times).

Renee Ashley Bakers Mother 1925-1985

Lady Irma/Erma above and below the home of Miss M .   Miss M,  Renee Ashley Baker’s Big Sis,  aka  “Adidas and Jenn Air” !!!  (I, Renee Ashley Baker, have opted for Thermador Kitchen Appliances !!!)

Home of Renee Ashley Baker's Sister Miss M.jpg

above more “family photos” (aka relatives of  Renee Ashley Baker) taken in the beautiful home of Miss M.   But notice the “beautiful bouffant ” hair on my Mother  Lady Irma/Erma ?   The women in my family are “big on hair” !!!  ( P.S.  I can’t give my Canon Pixma “scanner” a good review !!!)

Renee Ashley Baker portrait

I, Renee Ashley Baker am  “gearing up” for Living and Loving (Dating) and Partying in New York City.   Life,  as they say, is “just too short”.   So, I , Renee Ashley Baker, plan to give dinner parties and cocktail parties to meet 300,000 New York millionaires and 78 New York billionaires.  (Hopefully, at events for The Erma Foundation at 50 United Nations Plaza).

 Because, I, Renee Ashley Baker, am tired of “fighting” Denver/Aurora/Englewood’s “Strawman Entertainment Company”   I, Renee Ashley Baker , will be doing the following:

I, Renee Ashley Baker, will sign an “agreement” with the U.S. Justice Department stating that I, Renee Ashley Baker, will NOT accept nor initiate “business dealings” with Comcast Universal and their subsidiaries; nor with ICM Talent Agencies and their subsidiaries; nor with Viacom/Paramount/CBS and their subsidiaries.  The “Entertainment industry (via Colorado) has made me SICK !!! “

I’ll still “support and back” my TALENTED relatives who hopefully will sign with companies better than the ones named above.

P.S.   Re: Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone a “marginally talented” actress at most is not—NOT—going to “direct” anything for Renee Ashley Baker.  When did Sharon Stone become a Movie Director ?  Let’s See: Sharon Stone made two movies that the public can name. She made that movie with Michael Douglas where the character was a “half-gay murderess” (Michael Douglas son Cameron was a “drug dealer” at the time but had not yet been sent to prison). Sharon Stone also made that movie with Robert DeNiro called “Casino”. (Englewood Colorado City Employees actually “threatened me to do business with Robert DeNiro and they threatened me to “do business with Universal Studios”.….I, Renee Ashley Baker, went directly to the FBI. Englewood Colorado acts like it’s in business with Robert DeNiro—a quasi member of the Italian Mob aka the Columbo Crime Family. By the way, these Englewood Colorado employees never mentioned “Robert DeNiro”  “the actor” only Robert DeNiro the “mobster”.

      Colorado’s Criminals have destroyed everything I was going to do. (Meaning Colorado’s “hidden”—“dormant”—crime ring of “blue collar trash” “Mexican drug dealers” and Crip/Blood gang bangers). No, No, No. Colorado will not have a “Strawman” “Universal Studios” entertainment company through Renee Ashley Baker. I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “tear everything up” that Colorado Crooks have been trying to do.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “crap on it all”.  Colorado always was and is a “Cowtown” of “Soapy Smith” and “Silver Mine Brothels”.   Colorado has “destroyed” the movie business for me. And yes, I went to the movie theatre, PAID MONEY, and saw “Taxi Driver” “Raging Bull” “Heat” (and “Casino”).

One of the “hobo creeps of Denver” actually told me that they weren’t going to let me, Renee Ashley Baker, have my career (in the entertainment industry)so–I’d have to “be with that bulldagger’s career”. (Yes this “hobo” did use the “BD” word. And yes, Sharon Stone did make a movie with “gay rapper” Latifah). I, Renee Ashley Baker, know that I’m supposed to be with “Leading Men” (ONLY !!!)

P.S. P.S. MEN rule Hollywood. MEN rule the movie industry. (Not women –not gay women –and not strait women !!!)

FYI: No to Forest Whitaker, No to Anton Fuqua and No to Idris Elba (Idris Elba should NOT be James Bond !!!).


Renee Ashley Baker

Janis Spindel


Renee Ashley Baker plans to “get serious” and use Janis Spindel’s Serious Matchmaking Service. Prospects have to be male, 60-80 years of age, and Caucasian/Jewish (not Black….).


Above, The New York Times, 50 United Nations Plaza, and  below Renee Ashley Baker’s France House (The House Chanel and a 50 year Rothschild Bank Mortgage is buying).

Cote d Azur


Renee Ashley Baker will reside at 50 United Nations Plaza in a $10 million dollar condo (owned by CP Real Estate Trust).  Renee Ashley Baker hopes to write a column for The New York Times called, “Living and Loving in New York City”.  Renee Ashley Baker plans to settle her “civil case” through the U.S. Justice Department for an “out of court monetary settlement” in the amount of $90 million -$110 million dollars.

Renee Ashley Baker plans to “launch” two companies in France, hopefully with The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds.  Renee Ashley Baker plans to launch CP Industries. Which is: Erma French Perfume and Design and Manly Man/Celtic Lion Menswear (hopefully for Neiman Marcus exclusively); ReneeAB9 Housewares (hopefully for Roche Bobois exclusively); Champagne Socialite Cocktails (hopefully for Rothschild liquor ventures exclusively).

(Renee Ashley Baker will attend Parsons School of Fashion Design Online.  Renee Ashley Baker will not—NOT—do Broadway Theatre in New York City)…..

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