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 the beautiful Mrs A at a party in the Hamptons

Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother in The Hamptons

(but who’s portrait hangs inside the door ?)

Lady Irma Erma St Louis Mini Mansion.jpg

Lady Irma Erma Denver Ranch Style Home.jpg


About the “Matriarch” (aka Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother Lady Irma/Erma).  The first photo is the beautiful Lady Irma/Erma in her beautiful St. Louis mini Mansion which had gold in the wallpaper and which had been brought over piece by piece from France by a St. Louis Jewish millionaire who was also a St. Louis “Judge”.  In addition to “gold wallpaper” Lady Irma/Erma’s mini mansion had “fireplaces in every room”  and the heavy led fireplace covers had “Cherubs and Chariots” emblazoned on them.  Lady Irma/Erma’s St. Louis mini Mansion had 4 bedrooms, an attic, a basement large enough to roller skate round and round in, a front stairs, a back stairs, a servants quarters, a walk-in pantry,  and a four car garage behind the swimming pool that was in Lady Irma/Erma’s  back yard).   The second photo is the beautiful Lady Irma/Erma in The Hamptons (New York) at a “summer party” given by my brother James. (Lady Irma/Erma is the tall lady wearing all “Gold”).  Lady Irma/Erma, Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother, was a “dressing woman” who always looked like she’d just stepped out of the pages of Vogue magazine (even though it was I, Renee Ashley Baker, and not my Mother who read “Vogue Magazine”).  Even before I, Renee Ashley Baker, was born my Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) had a mink stroller, a mink stole and a genuine leopard skin coat just like the “faux one” owned by first lady Jackie Kennedy.

In the second group of photos what you see is the Denver House and on the living room coffee table are “pink roses” freshly picked from Lady Irma/Erma’s rose bushes, which, surrounded the front of the Denver house (a house which was two blocks off of  Monaco Parkway).  These “pink rose bushes” that always “got compliments” from “strangers driving by” were  called “beautiful” by Cherry Creek furrier “Mark – Lloyd” the day he came to pick up Lady Irma/Erma’s mink stole and take it with him for annual summer “storage”.  In Denver, Lady Irma/Erma’s stores were Denver Dry and Neusteders. (But, the department stores Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus were where all of Lady Irma/Erma’s “Mother’s Day” gifts came from).   In St. Louis in the 1950’s my Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) only shopped at department stores (Famous & Barr and Stix Baer & Fuller). The re-upholstered green velvet “Queen Anne” chair in the bottom photo had been white when it was first purchased.

BACK STORY:  This Queen Anne chair was first purchased in St. Louis Missouri from Stix Baer Fuller in early 1960’s because Lady Irma/Erma (and my father Mr. Ashley) had been planning to move to the bourgoisie St. Louis suburb of Kinloch (where several of my father Mr. Ashley’s brothers were already living).  The floor model TV seen in one of the bottom photos (and atop which sits Renee Ashley Baker’s black & white portrait) was purchased for Kinloch also back in 1960. This TV, like my beautiful Mother Lady Irma/Erma, was “new style” and “modern”. (This TV cost $1700 because of its huge screen and its “push button remote” channel changer). 

  In one of the three bottom photos you’ll see on Lady Irma/Erma’s white table cloth “red roses”  “a doll wearing a hat”  and   “a castle”  (that had been assembled by the “genius” CP….).

***Lady Irma/Erma gave birth to and raised “four” children.  James and Miss M were U.S. Air Force connected;  Gale, the youngest, is the Mother of “rap star Lendell Ashley”  and the middle child, myself (aka Renee Ashley Baker), is  a menswear designer (hopefully “exclusively” for Neiman Marcus), a housewares designer (“ReneeAB9 For Roche Bobois” hopefully) and a champagne designer (“Champagne Socialite Cocktails” hopefully with the Rothschilds).

NOTICE, if you will, the “White House Gold”  “custom made” draperies in both the St. Louis mini-mansion and the Denver House off Monaco Parkway. (Obviously my Mother Lady Irma/Erma had a “Goldfinger”.



A Fictional Crime Thriller


Renee Ashley Baker

Copyright 2017 by Renee Ashley Baker

   THE SEA HAG who’s eyes were cold and gray and squinty, floated, high, and at a slightly left angle, to the USMC Marine who stood shoulder to shoulder next to her.  The USMC Marine was wearing full dress navy and white regalia and was saluting (and inviting) with the words “join” and “corps” in big white letters.  Daniel had been seeing these two every day for three months now and suspected that the billboard company would soon be “exchanging” the “odd pair” for a new pairing at a cost of–what did Patima tell him–$50,000 per billboard ?  And for what ?  For maybe a three month run?  Patima, his long time fiancee, had wanted him to advertise his practice.  Patima, a “high ranking female ad exec on Madison avenue” had told him that generations X,Y, and Millennial would respond positively and bring business to the newly opened psychiatric practice. A newly opened practice of “young turks” who’d rented “swanky” chrome and glass offices on Manhattan’s “trust fund ladened” Upper West Side.  Daniel approached the door of the Starbucks and pulled, allowing the smiling bifocaled woman to exit, then, he entered taking note.  By 10am the morning crowd had waned and he took a seat at his usual table, dropping his folded New York Times while simultaneously pulling out his smartphone  (he dialed using just his right thumb).  James had asked him to “look into” something because he was having a problem with one of his cases. You see, James worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (the F.B.I.) and he would often seek “his” thoughts on this thing or that thing or anything that “involved abhorrent behavior”.   James and he had been contemporaries, and buddies (and playmates since they were little boys). You see James was his first cousin, the son of his Mother’s eldest sister.  And there was a “third” member of their “tightly-knit” relative only “blood-group”.  A third cousin named “Jalal”.  (The “D’Artagnan” of the group if you will).  Daniel waited while it rang on the other end.  Daniel  focused his eyes on the story about New York’s still notorious and uncaught killer. A killer that had every young man in New York city on “alert”.   A killer that had been ridiculously named “Smiley”.   Lilly-the-Barrista placed his $4 “carmel macchiato” in front of him, then took the $10 bill from the table and smiled. He smiled back(gentlemanly, not sexily) then went back to reading about that “terrifying” New York monster “curiously” (and ridiculously) named “The Smiley Face Killer”.  

                                            (The Beginning)

True Crime - New York City_


**This is a “screenplay” NOT A NOVEL….

The Walt Disney Corporation


   I, Renee Ashley Baker, will –will–DEFINITELY, include the above “project” (“Sons” by Renee Ashley Baker) as a part of my “proposed” $50 million dollar per year deal (aka the Renee Ashley Baker  “exclusive contract”) with The Walt Disney Corporation (in 2025).

  I, Renee Ashley Baker, have filed a “criminal complaint” with the Justice Department naming CBS Network, Universal, and 7 other entertainment companies. Therefore I, Renee Ashley Baker, cannot work for nor with CBS /Paramount, nor for NBC/Universal Studios.


Renee Ashley Baker resides in New York City (at 50 United Nations Plaza) in one 3 bedroom $10 million dollar CONDO co-owned by Dr. CP. 

Renee Ashley Baker hopes to write a column for the New York Times titled, “Living and Loving in New York City”.






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