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Completed !!! Family Photos !!! Plus: Gearing Up For “Living and Loving (Dating) and Partying” in New York City. (plus Universal Studios, Sharon Stone, Celebrity News, New York Times).

April 24, 2017

Renee Ashley Bakers Mother 1925-1985

Lady Irma/Erma above and below the home of Miss M .   Miss M,  Renee Ashley Baker’s Big Sis,  aka  “Adidas and Jenn Air” !!!  (I, Renee Ashley Baker, have opted for Thermador Kitchen Appliances !!!)

Home of Renee Ashley Baker's Sister Miss M.jpg

above more “family photos” (aka relatives of  Renee Ashley Baker) taken in the beautiful home of Miss M.   But notice the “beautiful bouffant ” hair on my Mother  Lady Irma/Erma ?   The women in my family are “big on hair” !!!  ( P.S.  I can’t give my Canon Pixma “scanner” a good review !!!)

Renee Ashley Baker portrait

I, Renee Ashley Baker am  “gearing up” for Living and Loving (Dating) and Partying in New York City.   Life,  as they say, is “just too short”.   So, I , Renee Ashley Baker, plan to give dinner parties and cocktail parties to meet 300,000 New York millionaires and 78 New York billionaires.  (Hopefully, at events for The Erma Foundation at 50 United Nations Plaza).

 Because, I, Renee Ashley Baker, am tired of “fighting” Denver/Aurora/Englewood’s “Strawman Entertainment Company”   I, Renee Ashley Baker , will be doing the following:

I, Renee Ashley Baker, will sign an “agreement” with the U.S. Justice Department stating that I, Renee Ashley Baker, will NOT accept nor initiate “business dealings” with Comcast Universal and their subsidiaries; nor with ICM Talent Agencies and their subsidiaries; nor with Viacom/Paramount/CBS and their subsidiaries.  The “Entertainment industry (via Colorado) has made me SICK !!! “

I’ll still “support and back” my TALENTED relatives who hopefully will sign with companies better than the ones named above.

P.S.   Re: Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone a “marginally talented” actress at most is not—NOT—going to “direct” anything for Renee Ashley Baker.  When did Sharon Stone become a Movie Director ?  Let’s See: Sharon Stone made two movies that the public can name. She made that movie with Michael Douglas where the character was a “half-gay murderess” (Michael Douglas son Cameron was a “drug dealer” at the time but had not yet been sent to prison). Sharon Stone also made that movie with Robert DeNiro called “Casino”. (Englewood Colorado City Employees actually “threatened me to do business with Robert DeNiro and they threatened me to “do business with Universal Studios”.….I, Renee Ashley Baker, went directly to the FBI. Englewood Colorado acts like it’s in business with Robert DeNiro—a quasi member of the Italian Mob aka the Columbo Crime Family. By the way, these Englewood Colorado employees never mentioned “Robert DeNiro”  “the actor” only Robert DeNiro the “mobster”.

      Colorado’s Criminals have destroyed everything I was going to do. (Meaning Colorado’s “hidden”—“dormant”—crime ring of “blue collar trash” “Mexican drug dealers” and Crip/Blood gang bangers). No, No, No. Colorado will not have a “Strawman” “Universal Studios” entertainment company through Renee Ashley Baker. I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “tear everything up” that Colorado Crooks have been trying to do.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “crap on it all”.  Colorado always was and is a “Cowtown” of “Soapy Smith” and “Silver Mine Brothels”.   Colorado has “destroyed” the movie business for me. And yes, I went to the movie theatre, PAID MONEY, and saw “Taxi Driver” “Raging Bull” “Heat” (and “Casino”).

One of the “hobo creeps of Denver” actually told me that they weren’t going to let me, Renee Ashley Baker, have my career (in the entertainment industry)so–I’d have to “be with that bulldagger’s career”. (Yes this “hobo” did use the “BD” word. And yes, Sharon Stone did make a movie with “gay rapper” Latifah). I, Renee Ashley Baker, know that I’m supposed to be with “Leading Men” (ONLY !!!)

P.S. P.S. MEN rule Hollywood. MEN rule the movie industry. (Not women –not gay women –and not strait women !!!)

FYI: No to Forest Whitaker, No to Anton Fuqua and No to Idris Elba (Idris Elba should NOT be James Bond !!!).


Renee Ashley Baker

Janis Spindel


Renee Ashley Baker plans to “get serious” and use Janis Spindel’s Serious Matchmaking Service. Prospects have to be male, 60-80 years of age, and Caucasian/Jewish (not Black….).


Above, The New York Times, 50 United Nations Plaza, and  below Renee Ashley Baker’s France House (The House Chanel and a 50 year Rothschild Bank Mortgage is buying).

Cote d Azur


Renee Ashley Baker will reside at 50 United Nations Plaza in a $10 million dollar condo (owned by CP Real Estate Trust).  Renee Ashley Baker hopes to write a column for The New York Times called, “Living and Loving in New York City”.  Renee Ashley Baker plans to settle her “civil case” through the U.S. Justice Department for an “out of court monetary settlement” in the amount of $90 million -$110 million dollars.

Renee Ashley Baker plans to “launch” two companies in France, hopefully with The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds.  Renee Ashley Baker plans to launch CP Industries. Which is: Erma French Perfume and Design and Manly Man/Celtic Lion Menswear (hopefully for Neiman Marcus exclusively); ReneeAB9 Housewares (hopefully for Roche Bobois exclusively); Champagne Socialite Cocktails (hopefully for Rothschild liquor ventures exclusively).

(Renee Ashley Baker will attend Parsons School of Fashion Design Online.  Renee Ashley Baker will not—NOT—do Broadway Theatre in New York City)…..

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High Tech Living : Home Security for Indoor/Outdoor, Security Cams, Bio Door Locks, Burglar Alarm Systems. plus Renee’s Dinner Parties ?

April 17, 2017


All Plates Above by Christofle….

Above beautiful dinnerware for Renee Ashley Baker’s New York “Dinner Parties”….Renee Ashley Baker will reside at 50 United Nations Plaza and will hopefully write a column for The New York Times.  Below Renee Ashley Baker’s France House (the House Chanel and a 50 year Rothschild Bank Mortgage bought).

Cote d Azur




Sobro coffee table frig

For The Home (Coffee Table/Refrigerator)

Welle Home Device Remote Control

(compatible with Nest, Honeywell, Logitech and Others)

Flick Switchless Light Switch

FUHU 65 Inch Tablet ($4500)




A “Tea Maker” with App

A “Coffee Maker” with App

For Travel — High Tech Luggage

(The Space Case Smart Suitcase)


SECURITY CAMS (Outdoor and Indoor)


EZViz Mini 360 Degree Cam




Ultraloq Smart Lock (Fingerprint Reader)

Schlage Smart Deadbolt Lock


BlueKey Lock


ATT Home Security System and ADT Home Security System

ATT Digital Life home security

ADT security system


Videos made by Renee Ashley Baker  with “Movie Edit Touch” software  and RCA Tablet and a Nextbook Tablet….

“Renee Ashley Baker” starring in “Night Sessions with Buddha”

Video by Renee Ashley Baker



Happy Easter/Passover !!! Recipes !!! plus Summer Vacation Planning 2017. Luxury Travel 2017. High Tech Luggage. New York. Boston. San Francisco. Philadelphia. Los Angeles and St. Louis !!!

April 10, 2017


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Re: New Talent

I, Renee Ashley Baker, like “the next new thing”. So, I made a video featuring a very talented singer. (I hope the “new talent” and “new products” featured in this video are successful as well.  All the “video clips” used in this video were “free” !!!).

P.S. I made this video while watching Steven Segal in “Shadow Man”.

Jillian Hervey


Where Does James Bond (007) Vacation ?

Fleming Villa on GoldenEye Island

GoldenEye Island

  Why GoldenEye (of course).  It’s the private island of James Bond creator Ian Fleming.  (Top photo “Fleming Villa” Jamaica).

Daniel Craig James Bond

Prefer another Island ? 

Tri Sri Lanka Hotel 2

Tri Sri Lanka Hotel

Try “Tri” the Sri Lanka hotel overlooking Koggala Lake. 

Prefer A “Summer Camp” Atmosphere ? 

SoHo Farmhouse England

Soho Farmhouse England 2

Leave it to Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire Town (England).  It’s part wellness retreat and part on-site foodie lovers “culinary garden”. 

Prefer A Stateside Retreat? 

Ranch Malibu

Ranch Malibu 2

There is Ranch Malibu the wellness camp that combines mountain hikes and a foodie lovers “vegetarian”  cuisine. 

Live on the East Coast? 

canyon-ranch-spa lenox massachusettes

Canyon Ranch Spa Lenox Massachusettes 2

There’s the famous Canyon Ranch Spa in Lenox Massachusettes.


A Camera….

Nikon 1 J5 compact fast shooting camera 500

Nikon’s 1 J6  Fast Shooting and Compact   Cost: $500


Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 119

Fujifilm’s  Instax Mini 70      Cost:  $119 


Space Case Luggage

Space Case (The World’s Most Advanced Luggage)

Modobag Luggage


Modo Luggage (The World’s Only Motorized Smart Luggage) 

Raden A22 luggage

Raden Luggage A22.  You can Track and Weigh this bag via phone app !!!

(and it can charge your “cell and other gadgets” while at the hotel )



2017 Chanel (city or resort) Collection



2017 McLaren 570GT & the 2017 Breitling Exospace B55 Connected


Easter Sunday 2017

Easter Sunday (On The Table !)

The Appetizer

  1. Deviled Eggs with Crawfish and Petrossian Caviar
    Crawfish Remoulade Deviled Eggs with Petrossian Caviar
  2. Recipe:

The Entrees:

1. Virginia Ham Stuffed Beef Tenderloin

Virginia Ham Stuffed Beef Tenderloin


2. Bagel & Lox Skillet Strata


3. Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Artichokes, Lemon and Goat Cheese


4. Lamb With Carrot Slaw


5.  Sweet and Savory Greens Quiche  


6.  Carmelized Pear and Blue Cheese Quiche



Wine Of Course !  

Rothschild Wine

Above A 2008 Lafite Rothschild      Cost: $780

View at:


Elite Traveler Magazine

Renee Ashley Baker is of “English and Welsh” descent.  (Meaning my Father Mr. Ashley’s mother was of Welsh descent and my Mother Mrs. Ashley’s mother was of English descent)….


Renee Ashley Baker will reside at 50 United Nations Plaza in a $10 million dollar condominium.  Hopefully Renee Ashley Baker will write a column for The New York Times called, “Living and Loving in New York City”.  Renee Ashley Baker will become a “citizen of France”. The France House, below, is the house Chanel (and a 50 year Rothschild Bank mortgage bought….)

Cote d Azur

Renee Ashley Baker will launch (in France) Erma French Perfume and Design. This includes Celtic Lion/Manly Man Menswear (hopefully with The Wertheimers exclusively for Neiman Marcus); ReneeAB9 Housewares (hopefully exclusively for Roche Bobois); and Champagne Socialite Cocktails (hopefully with The Rothschilds).

The ReneeAB9 on Zazzle will close January 2018.

The No List: 

No to Antoine Fuqua and No to Idris Elba.

No to Latifah (Latifah will “go to prison a year and a day”)

No to Pitbull (Pitbull will “go to prison a year and a day too”).

NO to all others that Renee Ashley Baker has previously said “NO” to.

Now….Visit Renee Ashley Baker’s You Tube Channel

you tube logo

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Sunday Story !!! “Sons” by Renee Ashley Baker (#truecrime #crime #new York #newyorktimes #Disney )

April 4, 2017

 the beautiful Mrs A at a party in the Hamptons

Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother in The Hamptons

(but who’s portrait hangs inside the door ?)

Lady Irma Erma St Louis Mini Mansion.jpg

Lady Irma Erma Denver Ranch Style Home.jpg


About the “Matriarch” (aka Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother Lady Irma/Erma).  The first photo is the beautiful Lady Irma/Erma in her beautiful St. Louis mini Mansion which had gold in the wallpaper and which had been brought over piece by piece from France by a St. Louis Jewish millionaire who was also a St. Louis “Judge”.  In addition to “gold wallpaper” Lady Irma/Erma’s mini mansion had “fireplaces in every room”  and the heavy led fireplace covers had “Cherubs and Chariots” emblazoned on them.  Lady Irma/Erma’s St. Louis mini Mansion had 4 bedrooms, an attic, a basement large enough to roller skate round and round in, a front stairs, a back stairs, a servants quarters, a walk-in pantry,  and a four car garage behind the swimming pool that was in Lady Irma/Erma’s  back yard).   The second photo is the beautiful Lady Irma/Erma in The Hamptons (New York) at a “summer party” given by my brother James. (Lady Irma/Erma is the tall lady wearing all “Gold”).  Lady Irma/Erma, Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother, was a “dressing woman” who always looked like she’d just stepped out of the pages of Vogue magazine (even though it was I, Renee Ashley Baker, and not my Mother who read “Vogue Magazine”).  Even before I, Renee Ashley Baker, was born my Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) had a mink stroller, a mink stole and a genuine leopard skin coat just like the “faux one” owned by first lady Jackie Kennedy.

In the second group of photos what you see is the Denver House and on the living room coffee table are “pink roses” freshly picked from Lady Irma/Erma’s rose bushes, which, surrounded the front of the Denver house (a house which was two blocks off of  Monaco Parkway).  These “pink rose bushes” that always “got compliments” from “strangers driving by” were  called “beautiful” by Cherry Creek furrier “Mark – Lloyd” the day he came to pick up Lady Irma/Erma’s mink stole and take it with him for annual summer “storage”.  In Denver, Lady Irma/Erma’s stores were Denver Dry and Neusteders. (But, the department stores Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus were where all of Lady Irma/Erma’s “Mother’s Day” gifts came from).   In St. Louis in the 1950’s my Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) only shopped at department stores (Famous & Barr and Stix Baer & Fuller). The re-upholstered green velvet “Queen Anne” chair in the bottom photo had been white when it was first purchased.

BACK STORY:  This Queen Anne chair was first purchased in St. Louis Missouri from Stix Baer Fuller in early 1960’s because Lady Irma/Erma (and my father Mr. Ashley) had been planning to move to the bourgoisie St. Louis suburb of Kinloch (where several of my father Mr. Ashley’s brothers were already living).  The floor model TV seen in one of the bottom photos (and atop which sits Renee Ashley Baker’s black & white portrait) was purchased for Kinloch also back in 1960. This TV, like my beautiful Mother Lady Irma/Erma, was “new style” and “modern”. (This TV cost $1700 because of its huge screen and its “push button remote” channel changer). 

  In one of the three bottom photos you’ll see on Lady Irma/Erma’s white table cloth “red roses”  “a doll wearing a hat”  and   “a castle”  (that had been assembled by the “genius” CP….).

***Lady Irma/Erma gave birth to and raised “four” children.  James and Miss M were U.S. Air Force connected;  Gale, the youngest, is the Mother of “rap star Lendell Ashley”  and the middle child, myself (aka Renee Ashley Baker), is  a menswear designer (hopefully “exclusively” for Neiman Marcus), a housewares designer (“ReneeAB9 For Roche Bobois” hopefully) and a champagne designer (“Champagne Socialite Cocktails” hopefully with the Rothschilds).

NOTICE, if you will, the “White House Gold”  “custom made” draperies in both the St. Louis mini-mansion and the Denver House off Monaco Parkway. (Obviously my Mother Lady Irma/Erma had a “Goldfinger”.



A Fictional Crime Thriller


Renee Ashley Baker

Copyright 2017 by Renee Ashley Baker

   THE SEA HAG who’s eyes were cold and gray and squinty, floated, high, and at a slightly left angle, to the USMC Marine who stood shoulder to shoulder next to her.  The USMC Marine was wearing full dress navy and white regalia and was saluting (and inviting) with the words “join” and “corps” in big white letters.  Daniel had been seeing these two every day for three months now and suspected that the billboard company would soon be “exchanging” the “odd pair” for a new pairing at a cost of–what did Patima tell him–$50,000 per billboard ?  And for what ?  For maybe a three month run?  Patima, his long time fiancee, had wanted him to advertise his practice.  Patima, a “high ranking female ad exec on Madison avenue” had told him that generations X,Y, and Millennial would respond positively and bring business to the newly opened psychiatric practice. A newly opened practice of “young turks” who’d rented “swanky” chrome and glass offices on Manhattan’s “trust fund ladened” Upper West Side.  Daniel approached the door of the Starbucks and pulled, allowing the smiling bifocaled woman to exit, then, he entered taking note.  By 10am the morning crowd had waned and he took a seat at his usual table, dropping his folded New York Times while simultaneously pulling out his smartphone  (he dialed using just his right thumb).  James had asked him to “look into” something because he was having a problem with one of his cases. You see, James worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (the F.B.I.) and he would often seek “his” thoughts on this thing or that thing or anything that “involved abhorrent behavior”.   James and he had been contemporaries, and buddies (and playmates since they were little boys). You see James was his first cousin, the son of his Mother’s eldest sister.  And there was a “third” member of their “tightly-knit” relative only “blood-group”.  A third cousin named “Jalal”.  (The “D’Artagnan” of the group if you will).  Daniel waited while it rang on the other end.  Daniel  focused his eyes on the story about New York’s still notorious and uncaught killer. A killer that had every young man in New York city on “alert”.   A killer that had been ridiculously named “Smiley”.   Lilly-the-Barrista placed his $4 “carmel macchiato” in front of him, then took the $10 bill from the table and smiled. He smiled back(gentlemanly, not sexily) then went back to reading about that “terrifying” New York monster “curiously” (and ridiculously) named “The Smiley Face Killer”.  

                                            (The Beginning)

True Crime - New York City_


**This is a “screenplay” NOT A NOVEL….

The Walt Disney Corporation


   I, Renee Ashley Baker, will –will–DEFINITELY, include the above “project” (“Sons” by Renee Ashley Baker) as a part of my “proposed” $50 million dollar per year deal (aka the Renee Ashley Baker  “exclusive contract”) with The Walt Disney Corporation (in 2025).

  I, Renee Ashley Baker, have filed a “criminal complaint” with the Justice Department naming CBS Network, Universal, and 7 other entertainment companies. Therefore I, Renee Ashley Baker, cannot work for nor with CBS /Paramount, nor for NBC/Universal Studios.


Renee Ashley Baker resides in New York City (at 50 United Nations Plaza) in one 3 bedroom $10 million dollar CONDO co-owned by Dr. CP. 

Renee Ashley Baker hopes to write a column for the New York Times titled, “Living and Loving in New York City”.