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Renee Ashley Baker

Re: Theory 2   (He Acted For Himself—with Aid)

While I, Renee Ashley Baker, am seeking the help of LAPD with my case here in Colorado I must say, in good conscience, what I’m about to say.

The ugly little “troll/runt” known as “Charles Manson” would not have been able to “murder an actress and her friends” if—he—Charles Manson– had been “run out of Los Angeles by LAPD”.  (The point, I believe, of the “historical drama” on Manson called “Acquarius” created by John McNamara and starring David Duchovny).

 The “drug using community” that was (in 1969) a part of “show business” ALLOWED that little “drug dealer”– named Charles Manson — to “mix in” amongst them because he WAS their “drug dealer”.  Charles Manson was a “dirty CON” who’s background of “from the jail” was supposed to have made him i.e.–Charles Manson– “persona non grata”.  Yet the “filthy midget creep” was allowed into the homes and into the lives of “the rich” and “the talented”.

  IF–the owner of Spawn Ranch had “called the police” and The Manson Family had been run off the property as “trespassing vagrants” then Charles Manson probably would have been hold up somewhere OUTSIDE California with his “band” of “social rejects”. If Doris Day’s “record producer” son—Terry Melcher—had “called the police” about a “show business stalker” Charles Manson would have “left show business” “left Sunset Boulevard” and “left Los Angeles.” Or — if Beach Boy Dennis Wilson had “called the police” Charles Manson would have been incarcerated FOR STALKING AND EXTORTION—and serving another prison sentence—while Sharon Tate “gave birth” and probably left the country for Europe with Roman and her newborn baby….). 

But, such is the life of “what ifs” (or is it common sense and unwillingness to “go along to get along” ?).      Now, back to the “drug culture” the one that singer Celine Dionne has “complained about” and the one that has destroyed or taken the lives of Jan Michael Vincent, Amy Winehouse, Philip Seymour Hoffman , Heath Ledger, Whitney Houston, Julia Roberts sister, Dennis Quaid’s brother and many others. The “entertainment industry’s Drug Dealers & Dope Runners” were always the “dirty rag” the “entertainment industry” kept behind it’s “mansion doors”. Sunset Boulevard “dope runners” used to have to “wait till nightfall” before they could “deliver” to their “music industry clientele”. To hear the owner of the “Cielo Drive House” describe it’s beautiful views while the “crap” –called Charles Manson– was riding in cars up and down it’s canyons and hillsides like a toilet “bubbling up and over” the landscape– almost made me physically sick. (That song supposedly written by Charles Manson and recorded by Dennis Wilson and The Beach Boys also almost made me physically sick because it was just a lot of noisy CRAP !!!)  What I’m trying to say with all this is that the “filth” (the “show business” drug dealer/dope runner) was in 1969 given a “get out of  jail free card”.

     Now, in 2017 , the “showbusiness drug dealer/dope runner” has become better organized and more prosperous as the “drug dealer” and former boyfriend of Vanessa Williams owned a fleet of Beemers  (BMW’s) and was making $1 million dollars a week (in illegal drug sales).   It’s much WORSE as the present day  “showbusiness drug dealer/dope runner” talks about “placing screenplays” and “IPO’s through Headgefunds”.   The present day “showbusiness drug culture”(running alongside showbusiness)  is even “middle-managing” show business  and the “drug dealer/dope runner” is  getting 8% “scouting fees/finder fees” through “talent agents” that they supposedly have “business relationships” with. The present day “drug dealer/dope runner” controls what “assets” it’s clients buy, namely, artwork and jewelry, (which later become ‘booty” for collaborating “theft rings” !!!).   The 2017 “drug dealer/dope runner” has “broken and bankrupted” the entire “entertainment industry”.  The  “performer drug users” have “so little talent” nowadays that the “entertainment industry” is NO LONGER financially supported by the public.  The public refuses to “subscribe” at $9 per month to services like Tidal Music because the “luster” has gone out of “jailed” or “bankrupt” hip hop Stars.  (The public senses that these “drug culture stars” are taking up space the “truly talented” is supposed to have….)

Well, I guess all of you saw this coming and I, Renee Ashley Baker, have “no interest” in being friends with the “new Hollywood”. The new BROKE Hollywood that “borrows” instead of buys “gowns for red carpet events” and the new Hollywood that  “fakes” fan bases with bought “fan bots” instead of “fan clubs”….

P.S.   I, Renee Ashley Baker, am OUT OF SHOWBUSINESS. I, Renee Ashley Baker, am out of the entertainment industry because I don’t want my “entertainment company” to be used, bossed, owned by the Crips/the Bloods and the Mexicans aka the “drug cartels” of Sinaloa,  Medillin/Colorado, Juarez ( Jamaica or Haiti).

P.S.P.S.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, don’t want a bunch of “fat ugly non-cultured peasants” running the “cinema arts” and telling me who to “cast in a motion picture”.



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