7 Degrees (below)….plus….”Envy….” (Video by Renee Ashley Baker) Chris Botti, New York, New York Times, France, Luxury Blogger, Champagne ! Yachts !


Envy” …. Video by Renee Ashley Baker



       7 Degrees….

         Hey, does anybody know what my “favorite music group” was  when I, Renee Ashley Baker, was growing up in St. Louis Missouri ?  (I’ve named them on this blog and it wasn’t the Beatles…)….Well, the answer is “BLOOD ,  SWEAT  & TEARS ”  (!!!)   Really !!!!

       I, Renee Ashley Baker, can’t wait to move into my (and  CP’s ) new condo at 50 United Nations Plaza and give my first “dinner party” (and my first “charity fundraising event” at the Park Avenue Armory for THE ERMA FOUNDATION…..)



Renee Ashley Baker plans to reside at 50 United Nations Plaza (in a $10 million dollar condo).  Renee Ashley Baker also hopes to “write” a “living and loving in New York City”  column for The New York Times.   Renee Ashley Baker also hopes to “launch” in France Erma French Perfume and Design, Celtic Lion/Manly Man, ReneeAB9 Housewares for Roche Bobois, and launch Champagne Socialite Cocktails (all with partners The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds…hopefully !!!) 


50 United Nations Plaza


Cote d Azur


No to Oprah Winfrey’s caterers (No to Colin Cowie).  No to Oprah’s OWN Network. No to Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg (I, Renee Ashley Baker, am “hiring” a Cordon Bleu Chef to work for me at my condo  and I, Renee Ashley Baker, don’t need Martha Stewart for anything).  If, I, Renee Ashley Baker, decide –in 2025–to “work in movies” I’ll start with Bruce Willis and/or James Bond aka Daniel Craig….

Once again, I, Renee Ashley Baker, am NOT–FOR–HIRE

No to Television. No to “episodic TV” and No to Television Specials.  No to ABC Network  No to NBC Network (“The Voice” is Crap), No to CBS Network, No to Fox 31.  No to Diana Ross (who I can’t stand) . No to Sharon Stone  (No to Sharon Stone’s “gang banger” group).   No to Charlize Theron.  No to Madonna. No to Catherine Zeta Jones, No to Michael Douglas (And No to Heidi Fleiss).  No to Latifah, No to Beyonce, No to Jay-Z (and No to Tidal).  No to Sean P. Diddy Combs,

No to Kanye West (and the Kardashian peasants).  No to DMX. No to Common.

NO to rapper  “PitBull” and No to “still dirty” Cuba. (No to the state of Florida….and No to California too…)

No to Mexicans (I can’t stand Mexicans they keep trying to make the “culture” become a “crooked burrito”….)

And…No to “Crip Dog” Ella who is the reason this “NO List” is back at the top of the page. (I’ve already REPORTED  Ella to  her “supervisors” at the Colorado Govenors’  office as trying to “coerce” for the Crips).  




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