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    The above “music video” (and “outtake”)  was “shot” (filmed) on a “Nextbook” Ares 8 Tablet.  As I’ve stated in the past I’ve cost the “entertainment industry” (the film industry) $1 Billion Dollars a year since 2003.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, have “no plans” to work in the “entertainment industry” for the next 3-5 years.  

   I, Renee Ashley Baker, am expecting an “out of court” civil settlement of $90 million to $140 million dollars (a “settlement” handled via the U.S. Justice Department).

    So that my Friends at U.S. Justice Dept, at Wertheimer Corp, at Rothschild Corp at AT&T and at Walt Disney Corp know that I, Renee Ashley Baker, am “doing okay”.  I made (produced, directed and starred in) the video above. I made this video holding a “NextBook” tablet in one hand.  (I’m 3 different dress sizes, in this video.  Go figure !!!  (This video was made from 1pm to 3pm  on November 27, 2016 the Sunday after Thanksgiving….)  Below is Renee Ashley Baker’s New York employer (The New York Times), Renee Ashley Baker’s New York residence (50 United Nations Plaza) and Renee Ashley Baker’s French Riviera House (The House that Chanel and a Rothschild Mortgage bought….Still “NO” to Morgan Stanley….)


50 United Nations Plaza

Cote d Azur



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