Cyber Monday !!! Happy Thanksgiving 2016 !!! President John F Kennedy, Christmas Shopping, New York….



above, Renee Ashley Baker and Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother (Lady Irma/Erma).  Did I tell you –my 2,900,000-6,000,000 “viewers”– that my Mother (pictured above) owned a mini-mansion in St. Louis Missouri that had “gold leaf” in the wall paper ?    My Mother’s house was a “mini-mansion” that had been brought over piece by piece from France (by a Jewish St. Louis court Judge !!!)





    Did you know that during President Kennedy’s Presidency Jackie (aka FLOTUS) wore all “faux” ?   The story goes that Jack (aka The President) balked at buying “designer couture” so Jackie wore every “copy”.  (The leopard coat Jackie Kennedy wore was a copy of the real (genuine) one owned by my Mother Lady Irma/Erma).  The pink suit Jackie wore on “that” day was a copy a “knock off” of a Chanel original…Below President Kennedy’s cars (the 1961 Lincoln Limousine and his Secret Service Car –a 1956 Cadillac).





FUR by  Gorski !!!

 (Neiman Marcus Fur Salon)




(above Gorski Coat and Gorski Voyager Cape !!!)

Holiday Shoe Wear ?

  Jimmy Choo !!!



Designed by Renee Ashley Baker

(Below Santa Christmas Plate, Wine Caddy, Graphic Mug, Christmas Hoodie Dress, and Renee Ashley Baker Sweatshirt)


reneeab9_christmas_plate_porcelain reneeab9_christmas_wine_tote reneeab9_digital_wallpaper_collection_frosted_glass_coffee_mug-2




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(“Yes, There Will Be White Rappers”)


DEMO “911” (Chase Scene) written by Renee Ashley Baker

«911 Chase Scene» by Renee Ashley Baker
©2016 by CP Irrevocable Trust
note: Lyrics won’t be in this foot chase scene–middle eastern instrumental music only!!!
911, what is your emergency?
Man with a gun, tell em it’s an urgency
Stay on the line, I dont think he’s gonna play
Mack with a 9, that is what he came to say
911, what is your emergency?
Man with a gun, tell em it’s an urgency
Hang on the line, I dont think he’s gonna play
Mack with a 9, that is what he came to say
911 what is your emergency?
Man with a gun, crazy as he wanna be
Plays like a spoof, trying to rehearse his lines
Man on the roof, saying that he lost his mind
Poor Charlie END–O
Doesn’t have a friend so
Plotting a new trend yo
Sighting through a window
Living was so last year
Charlie wants to smell fear
Now its coming all clear
Aiming at a TALL Deer
“TRACKS” (Theme Song)
lyrics and melody by Renee Ashley Baker
copyright 2016 by CP Irrevocable Trust
(in a slow jazzy style)
V.O. (Operator)
“911 What is your emergency?”
SOUND (Ambulance siren–the European kind)
 (verse 1)
Gold into wine
They’ll never break me
Blood from the vine
They didn’t «MAKE» me
Starting at One
Then count to zero
Man with a gun
Testing a HERO
I’m not here, I’m on the SUN
I’m not leaving, GOT to run
(verse 2)
Me adding you
Right calculation
Heart beating too
Right palpitation
Smell of her hair
I’ll only wonder
If she’s aware
I’m coming like thunder
I’m not here, I’m on the SUN
I’m not leaving, GOT to run
(music interlude–bridge–instrumental)
(verse 3)
Wave of my hand
Just like Houdini
Swimming through sand
Blink like a Genie
World spinning round
They’d like to STOP it
All Crashing Down
I’m not here, I’m on the SUN
I’m not leaving, GOT to run
If produced “Tracks” will hopefully star  Renee Ashley Baker, and Mel Gibson.  Mel Gibson, hopefully will Direct.  Renee Ashley Baker will “Executive Produce” and Disney will release under the banner: “Walt Disney Presents: A Renee Ashley Baker Production, Directed by Mel Gibson…..”
 All songs for the movie “TRACKS” will be co-owned by  CP Irrevocable Trust, Chet Hanks and Sony/Columbia Music.



Renee Ashley Baker

(copyright 1973, 2003)

        So, there they sat, ‘staring’ at one another.  “J” red headed and math smart and worked as a ‘teller’ down at the bank, was sitting in the Ford and in the other truck ‘Lilly’ who counted on her fingers and on her toes sat  in the GM but was ‘smart’ only at ‘locking and loading’.  I glared at one then the other as I stood squeezed between the four headlights on the two 4 x 4 pick ups (that now faced each other).  I had signed off shift at exactly 12 midnight and was all of two blocks from my house when a call came over the ‘CB’ :  Somebody had seen “J” turning up the drive toward Lilly’s house……( “All Great, Small, Hell and DamnATION !”)……  As I looked around, I figured that “J” had come to move the rest of  Vinton’s stuff out of the house and had ‘backed’ into the driveway instead of  ‘pulling in head first’.   Lilly must have been making time ‘SPEEDING’  back from her Mother’s house –which– was at least an hour’s drive away; speeding just so she could block ‘J’s  truck’  off in the driveway and do “what?”.    I looked at one; then the other.  At  blonde ‘Lilly’ then back at red headed  “J.    “J”  probably knew that Vinton had taken the ‘shotgun’ out of the house; but what “J” probably DIDN’T  know was that ‘Lilly’ kept a loaded 38 caliber snub nose Smith & Wesson –a police special–taped under the dashboard of her truck.  And me ( standing in the middle, while it ‘dripped’ rain) I, hadn’t  UN-holstered my service weapon.  I don’t know what had transpired during the time, the 20 minutes, that it took me to drive up the mountain–in the pouring rain; but there they sat,  “J” the ‘green eyed’ monster;  and Lilly with the blue eyes (who could ‘lock and load’)….

     I, looked at one; then the other.  The badge pinned on my ‘black’ Stetson faced “J” , then ‘Lilly’.  The ‘silver star’ shined at one, then the other.  At “J” , then at “Lilly”.  It shined from the “glare”  of both their eyes…..  


                            (9 words, spoken at a whisper)

             Please don’t take him just because you can…

                                       FADE OUT   (THE  END)

BACKSTORY:  When I, Renee Ashley Baker,  first wrote this “music video” (back in 1973) of course, I cast myself in the role of “Jolene”.  (Funny how at that time I was even using the “product named Jolene” to color (to bleach) my eyebrows “chestnut red” to match my “chestnut red” hair weave….) However, in these past years, I’ve “changed”  and “grown” and decided that one day I’d like to “direct” and began casting myself in “secondary” even supporting roles…(like the “sheriff” maybe) so that I, Renee Ashley Baker, could in fact, “direct”.

sheriff star on hat

Dolly Parton

BELOW….Renee Ashley Baker’s New York Residence (50 United Nations Plaza) and Renee Ashley Baker’s France House (The House Chanel and a Rothschild Mortgage Bought) and Renee Ashley Baker’s Employer (The New York Times).


50 United Nations Plaza

Cote d Azur

Renee Ashley Baker will be “launching” two companies in France.  They are:  Erma French Perfume and Design, Digital Wallpaper, Celtic Lion/Manly Man, and ReneeAB9 Housewares and Furnishings (all the above hopefully launched with The Wertheimers and with The Rothschilds co-ownership and with Neiman Marcus and Roche Bobois).  Also to be “launched” is Champagne Socialite Cocktails (which hopefully will be launched with The Rothschilds).





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