No to Valentino, No to David Geffen and No to Charlize Theron….Two Videos Added Below ! plus Debate 2016 ! Tonight: Oct 19th ! Hillary Clinton ! Donald Trump ! plus Halloween Decor GIFS ! New York !

“Secret Affair:  Fierce and Fragile” (A Video by Renee Ashley Baker)


 GIF A GO GO (starring  Renee Ashley Baker)





When: Tonight (9pm EST)

 Where: Fox 31, ABC, PBS  

Who:  Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump


above Renee Ashley Baker’s residence (50 United Nations Plaza New York City);

below…. Designed by Renee Ashley Baker

The “ReneeAB9” Store (on Zazzle !!!)

(For Halloween Party Supplies for Halloween Party Decor)…


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YOU Will Vote !


I Will Vote

YOU Will Not Open Your Door ….

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Ring Door Bell w/app (Is Still Great Too !!!)

Ring Doorbell Cam

YOU  Will Gift (and GIF !)

 Free !   Free !   Free !  

“Halloween Screensavers” and “GIFS”  

ScreenSavers  (featuring Renee Ashley Baker)


“HOG !”



GIFS  (created by Renee Ashley Baker)

 “Over My Head ?  Well, We’ll Just See About That !!! “



  “Lost In Space:  Where Are You Will Robinson ?”



“So What–I’m Set In My Ways !!!”


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Cote d Azur

above Renee Ashley Baker’s “French Riviera” House (The house Chanel and a Rothschild Mortgage bought)….



Renee Ashley Baker is a “Fashion and Champagne” Designer ( who was born in St. Louis Missouri, who “dance en pointe” at the age of nine, and who is of English and Welsh descent):

  1. Erma French Perfume and Design, Digital Wallpaper, Celtic Lion/Manly Man, and ReneeAB9 will be hopefuly owned (70%) by The Wertheimers (and 30% owned by CP Industries and CP Irrevocable Trust).
  2. All “fashions” designed by Renee Ashley Baker will hopefully sold at the Neiman Marcus stores ( By the way, to all Colorado’s  “poor” it is “Neiman Marcus” and not “Neiman’s”….)
  3.  The “Champagne Socialite” Cocktails will be hopefully owned (40%) by The Rothschilds (and 60% by CP Industries and CP Irrevocable Trust).
  4.   The Erma Foundation (TEF) named for Renee Ashley Baker’s beautiful Mother will be a New York 501 3c and “CP” will act as both Chairman and President.  (A CEO/COO will be hired).  


The “NO” List Below

1.  No to Madonna. ( I am not Gwynneth Paltrow).

2. No to Gale Hurd, No to Gayle King, No to Gail Katz.  

3. No to Oprah Winfrey (No to OWN Network). 

4. No to ICM, No to William Morris , No to UTA, No to Universal, No to Decca, No to CBS, No to Paramount as I, Renee Ashley Baker have filed a complaint with the U.S. Justice Department that names “CBS Network”, Universal Studios, ICM, and 5 other “entertainment companies”….

 (NO TO A TELEVISION SHOW !!! –No to Keifer Sutherland, No to McGyver)

 5.  No to Donald Trump, No to George Clooney, No to Brad Cooper, No to Sylvester Stallone, No to Robert Redford,  (I won’t be “passing money” to either of them). No to Versace and No to Prada (because Colorado is “running” Los Angeles and Italy !!!).

 6.  No to Donald Trump (and his “stuuupid” kids !!!)

7.  No to Sean P Diddy Combs, No to Jay-Z, No to Tidal Music,No to Beyonce, No to Rihanna.  No to Nicki Manaj, No to Mary Blige, No to Lil Kim, No to Ice-T, No to Ludacris, No to Lil Wayne,   No to Jill Scott,  No to Eminem, No to Dr. Dre, No to Snoop Dogg,   (but YES to Martha Stewart), No to Ice Cube, No to Chris Tucker, and No to Chris Brown.

8. I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not “work for the United States of America as long as “Mexicans” are in it.  Mexicans just don’t seem to understand what “property rights” are….cc: DEA

9.  Renee Ashley Baker expects to settle her “civil case” throught the U.S. Attorney for a dollar amount of $90 million–$140 million.



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