Being Completed….


above Renee Ashley Baker’s residence (50 United Nations Plaza New York City); below Designed by Renee Ashley Baker

The “ReneeAB9” Store (for Halloween Party Supplies !!!)…


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YOU Will Vote !


I Will Vote

YOU  Will Gift (and GIF !)

 Free !   Free !   Free !  

“Halloween Screensavers” and “GIFS”  

ScreenSavers  (by Renee Ashley Baker)


“HOG !”


GIFS  (created by Renee Ashley Baker)

 “Over My Head ?  Well, We’ll Just See About That !!! ”


  “Lost In Space:  Where Are You Will Robinson ?”


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Cote d Azur

above Renee Ashley Baker’s “French Riviera” House (The house Chanel and a Rothschild Mortgage bought)

Renee Ashley Baker is a “Fashion and Champagne” Designer:

  1. Erma French Perfume and Design, Digital Wallpaper, Celtic Lion/Manly Man, and ReneeAB9 will be hopefuly owned (70%) by The Wertheimers (and 30% owned by CP Industries and CP Irrevocable Trust).
  2. (All “fashions” designed by Renee Ashley Baker will hopefully sold at the Neiman Marcus stores (It is “Neiman Marcus” and not “Neiman’s”….)
  3.  The “Champagne Socialite” Cocktails will be hopefully owned (40%) by The Rothschilds (and 60% by CP Industries and CP Irrevocable Trust).
  4.   The Erma Foundation (TEF) named for Renee Ashley Baker’s beautiful Mother will be a New York 501 3c and “CP” will act as both Chairman and President.  (A CEO/COO will be hired).  





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