Completed Potpourri: Dollars and Sense (Hillary Clinton, David Brock, Donald Trump, Nicky Hilton, New York, Chanel, ReneeAB9, HalloweenDecor)

$20 Billion Dollars: Cost of Neiman Marcus New York City Store….

Where New Yorkers will be able to buy Erma French Perfume and Design which will be designed by Renee Ashley Baker…

(And “NO” to Jack Nicholson, No to Robert DeNiro and No to David Geffen ….)


“Mega-Doner”  Offers To Pay Lawsuit Bill….  

Donald Brock.jpg

David Brock says he’ll pay $5 million dollars in lawsuit settlements if Mark Burnett TV will release “Apprentice” tapes of Donald Trump saying the “N Word”….


Memorial Fund Set Up….To Save Schindler’s List Factory  


The factory where industrialist Osker Schindler sheltered 1200 Jews from the Nazis is dilapidated and a local writer is desperately trying to “raise the cash” needed to restore the former textile plant.


Go Fund Me Page Set Up


  above Ken Bone

Fans have set up a “Go Fund Me” page to replace “lovable” Ken Bone’s torn pants.  The “red sweater wearing hero” says  he’ll wait until the third and final “presidential debate” (Oct 19) before  deciding  on a candidate.

(” Gotcha !”… the real Ken Bone is pictured below….)


Tax Payer’s Space Plane In Orbit 500 days.

 The Cost ? (____________)



The U.S. Air Force X-37B  space plane has reached 500 days in “orbit”.  But just ‘WHAT’ is  it’s “secret mission ?”   Is it depositing “cubeSat” nano satellites ?  Is it bombing from outerspace ?  or  Is it to “seek out and destroy” spy satellites ?   The U.S. Air Force has requested that the “cost” of the X-37B remain “CLASSIFIED”.  

(Did I, Renee Ashley Baker, tell you –my readers– that my brother “James” served 28 years in the U.S. Air Force ?   GO  AIR  FORCE !!!)


Russian billionaire’s  $450 million dollar “Sailing Big Ben”….  


The “mega-yacht” owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko has masts that are 300 ft high (as tall as London’s “Big Ben” !!!).  This “mega-yacht” boasts a staggering “eight” decks and can accommodate 20 guests and a crew of 54.  The “cruise” speed of this “ship” is 18 mph with a top speed of 24 mph.  The designer of this “mega-yacht” is Frenchman Philippe Starck and the builder is German Naval Yards of Nobiskrug.  

Boy, would I, Renee Ashley Baker, love an “invite” to Andrey’s next “yacht party” !!!


Indiegogo Campaign Raises $200,000 ….For luggage you can “ride on”….


The company (Modobag) topped it’s initial $50,000 funding goal to create and manufacture the world’s first motorized rideable  luggage (that you can “carry on”).  


$$$$$  LOST !!!  

(A Box Office “Flop” means several million dollars “in the red”)


According to The New York Times the movie “Birth of a Nation”  is a box office “flop”.  And as I, Renee Ashley Baker, understand “movie accounting”  here’s why:  

$ 17 million –Fox Search Distribution Rights Cost

+ 10  million — Marketing (U.S. Prints & Ads)


$ 27  million — Total Fox Outlay


30  million–  Predicted Domestic Revenue (No Overseas for Black Movies)

-15  million–  Theatre  Owner  Take


$ 15  million– Fox makes (LOSING  $12 million dollars on it’s initial $27 million “outlay” )


To read  NYT article click link below:



1  Crooked Lawyers steal $200 million dollar settlement:  

 (“American Greed” is remembering the ” Fen Phen” diet pill case)

u-s-attorney   andrew-wolfson


above Assistant U.S. Attorney Laura Voorhees and Reporter Andrew Wolfson break the story of three “crooked” Kentucky lawyers who “exploited” and stole from Fen Phen diet pill “victims”.   Lawyers Shirley Cunningham and William Gallion were sentenced to decades  in Federal prison and lawyer  Melbourne Mills was cleared of criminal misconduct but  “disbarred”.   Below Fen Phen.  


2  Crooked “Squaw”  tells $100 million worth of “Lies”.


A “hedge fund”(PFM) who invested $94 million dollars of their money now accuses Theranos (and Elizabeth Holmes) of “lying” to attract investment.  This “crooked woman” has been trying to fool the “medical profession”.   Why do I, Renee Ashley Baker,  say this ?   Because I, Renee Ashley Baker, (many many years ago) worked at the V.A. Hospital.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, was a “clerk-typist” (a GS-2 who got promoted to a GS-3).  Anyway, I, Renee Ashley Baker, worked at the V.A. Hospital for a  green eyed “Welshman”a  physician who frequently published articles in the New England Journal of Medicine (I used to type this brilliant physician’s first drafts). Anyway, part of my job was to walk “blood work” (test tubes filled with Veterans’ blood) to the “lab”.  Believe me there is “no way–no way” one little “drop of blood” can be sufficient to perform the many “tests” often needed to “diagnose”an illness.  I, hope, this ” women empowerment fiasco” will teach a lesson.  What lesson ?  That sometimes the best man for the job is a MAN !!!



Mega-Millions plus gallons of Wine (…Come To Grandma !!!)

 Below Kathy Hilton in nursery of new baby of daughter Nicky Hilton Rothschild….


Miscellaneous Mega- Money:

(For Luxury Travel)  @SevenSeasExplorer and @LuxuryTravel


(For Wardrobe….) Jeans !   Jeans !    Jeans !)



Michael Kors Ostrich Feather Flared Jeans.jpg

above Chanel Resort Collection 2017 and Michael Kors Ostrich Feather Jeans on sale now ( Cost: $2000 a pair !!!)


above Renee Ashley Baker’s Gorski Chinchilla Coat; for New York galas, soirees, dinner parties, cocktail parties, salons etc etc etc.   Cost: $90,000 !!!  (Photo Sweatshirt below designed by Renee Ashley Baker for ReneeAB9 !!!)


The $10 Million Dollar Condo….

Below is Renee Ashley Baker’s New York City residence located at 50 United Nations Plaza….

     Where ReneeAshleyBaker will be giving “cocktail parties”, “dinner parties ” (and “luncheons” to discuss The Erma Foundation….)

 Below is Renee Ashley Baker’s French Riviera House (bought –purchased–with a Rothschild Bank mortgage….)

Cote d Azur




ReneeAB9 Gift Bag 1

For “Halloween Decor” (plates, giftbags, posters) visit ReneeAB9 store (On Zazzle)


Click link below:




and remember every Tuesday to Visit Renee Ashley Baker (On Twitter)






  1.  Renee Ashley Baker will be “launching” Erma French Perfume and Design, Digital Wallpaper Brand, ReneeAB9 Brand and Celtic Lion/Manly Man Brand in France (hopefully with The Wertheimers owning 70% and CP Industries owning 30%)….
  2.  Renee Ashley Baker will also be launching “Champagne Sociallite Cocktails” (hopefully with The Rothschilds owning 40% and CP Industries/CP Irrevocable Trust owning 60%).
  3.    Renee Ashley Baker hopefully, will be “writing a column”  for The New York Times (shoutout to Mr. Sulzberger Jr.).  
  4.  Renee Ashley Baker is of “English” and “Welsh” descent.  (“English” on my Mother Irma/Erma’s side….and “Welsh” on my Father Mr. Ashley’s side)….
  5.   Renee Ashley Baker will be settling her “civil case” (through the U.S. Attorney’s Office) for an amount of $90 million dollars to $140 million dollars.
  6.   I, Renee Ashley Baker, don’t want Mexicans to “buy” (I want them to “shakedown” the Rosarita Company and leave Renee Ashley Baker alone !!!)
  7. Below the “Flag of Wales”….Flag_of_Wales_.png


1.  No To David Geffen and No to Dreamworks (No to Universal, No to NBC, No to Decca).  

2.  No to “TV” (Renee Ashley Baker will not be “working on” nor “acting on” nor “doing interviews on” television)….

NO to that “inferior Black Hollywood” also “NO” to:

3.  No to Charlize Theron, No to “cross-eyed” Julia Roberts, No to Renee Zellweger, No to Reese Witherspoon, No to Susan Sarandon, No to Lupita Nyongo (not American enough), No to Halle Berry, No to Taranji P Henson (still too ugly) and No to Diana Ross (still not in Barbra Streisand’s league);  No to Angelina Jolie (especially no to Angelina),  No to Madonna, No to Oprah Winfrey (No to OWN Network), NO to BET, NO to Fox-31, No to ICM, No to Robert DeNiro, No to George Clooney, No to Brad Cooper, No to Sylvester Stallone.  No to CBS Network and No to Paramount ….

(I, Renee Ashley Baker, filed a criminal complaint with the U.S. Justice Department naming CBS Network, Universal, ICM and 5 others….)  

4. And…No to Prada and No to Dolce & Gabanna and No to Dennis Basso. And No to California  and No to Los Angeles (because Colorado’s “poor/blue collar/Crip-Blood/Juarez-Mexicans” are running/bossing/owning Italy and Los Angeles…).  

In  2003:

In November 2003 I, Renee Ashley Baker, was in Denver Colorado having Thanksgiving dinner with my “beautiful” Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) below….




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