Completed ! Four New Products ! (plus “I Love New York Collection” License Pending) and “Digital Wallpaper” Fall/Winter Collection plus NYC (50 U.N. Plaza….)



Where did “fat ugly” Sheryl Underwood’s CBS Face Come From ?



For  The  Men ….

Reneeab9 graphic arts high top for men

New Product “Digital Wallpaper Leggings” For Women (in small)


Digital Wallpaper Women’s Sportsbra by ReneeAB9

(Two “Colors” All Sizes….Logo On Back !!!)


Digital Wallpaper Women’s  Hoodie by ReneeAB9

(“Gray Only” in Medium)

and  Digital Wallpaper “Anybody”  Jersey Shirt by ReneeAB9

(All “Colors and Sizes”)

#JimmyChoo On A Plate

(And at Renee Ashley Baker Dinner Parties ?)


And…Should I, Renee Ashley Baker, Buy This Shoe ?

 Casadei  Crocodile  Pump



(Sold Exclusively at Harrods London    Cost: $1800 )



Below…Videos and Designs  by Renee Ashley Baker


“I Love New York Collection”  Spring/Summer 2017

Designed by Renee Ashley Baker for ReneeAB9

(License Pending !!!)

Below  ReneeAB9 “Digital Wallpaper” Collection

Fall/Winter 2016

Designed by Renee Ashley Baker

Samsung Galaxy S7  Cell Phone Case (Tough ! )



Women’s  Activewear  Leggings

(Size M 8-10 White/Size L 10-12 Black)

reneeab9_digital_wallpaper_collection_leggings-size-m  reneeab9_digital_wallpaper_collection_leggings-size-l


Women’s Fall/Winter Clutch



Coffee/Tea  Mug (Buy 12 !)



10.75 Porcelain Dinner Plates (Buy 12 !)



Soup Mug (Buy 12 !)  


Coffee/Tea Mug (Buy 12 !)




Bluetooth Wireless Speakers (in Black & White)

reneeab9_digital_wallpaper_collection_black_bluetooth_speaker    reneeab9_digital_wallpaper_collection_white_bluetooth_speaker


Cell Phone Cases For Iphone S6  (!!!)




ReneeAB9 is owned (100%) by Erma French Perfume and Design.  Erma French Perfume and Design and Celtic Lion/Manly Man will (hopefully) be owned (30%) by CP Industries/CP Irrevocable Trust and  (70%) by The Wertheimers.(!!!)  Below Renee Ashley Baker’s France House and Renee Ashley Baker’s New York Condo located  at 50 United Nations Plaza.  Renee Ashley Baker, will be settling her “civil case” out of court  (through the U.S. Attorney) for an amount of $90 million – $140 million dollars….

Cote d Azur

50 United Nations Plaza


Visit Store (click link below):




To My Readers (2,900,000 – 6,000,000 Viewers )

No to Jada Pinkett’s TV Show….Still No to Hoda Kotb.

 I, Renee Ashley Baker, have “never liked” Oprah Winfrey….So–No to Oprah Winfrey (No to Own Network)and No to Gayle King; No to ICM and NO to William Morris; No to CBS Network, No to Paramount, No to Universal/Decca….No to Beyonce, No to Rihanna, No to Madonna, No to Madonna’s Company, No to Janet Jackson (and No to Jada Pinkett and No to Jada Pinkett’s kids). And No to Charlize Theron and No to Kate Moss (I never liked Kate Moss; only Jerry Hall and Claudia Schiffer –and I like Pyper America, the new girl in town)….



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