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above, “The Masquerade Ball” by ReneeAB9


above, “The Capricorn Ball” by ReneeAB9

above Two new “posters” for sale at ReneeAB9 (at Zazzle)

below  a new screensaver/wallpaper/selfie/Gif

of Renee Ashley Baker (free download)



Want A Great Story ?


(re: Yusra  Mardini)

Yusra Mardini 3

Yusra Mardini  1 Getty Images

Yusra Mardini 4



Renee Ashley Baker’s New Screensaver/Wallpaper 

(new “selfie” of Renee Ashley Baker; it’s a free download !!!)


and below….

Renee Ashley Baker’s  “Arriving in New York”  Outfit

(Chanel to travel from Denver to New York)

Chanel Jacket 2

I, Renee Ashley Baker,  will  wear the “black pumps” instead of the metallic above….And I, Renee Ashley Baker, will take pictures (selfies) at the Four Seasons in New York and post them on Instagram for everybody (including Colorado) to SEE….

Chanel closed toe fall 2016

Renee Ashley Baker’s Wireless….The Best

at & t cell phone


A great new drink I just discovered today….It is delicious !

Aloe Cure

Now…new “Crib” below

Renee Ashley Baker’s NYC Condo (at 50 United Nations Plaza)

50 United Nations Plaza 1


50 United Nations Plaza 2


50 United Nations Plaza 3 bathroom

     I, Renee Ashley Baker, “will” be buying a 2 or 3 bedroom condo unit (at 50 United Nations Plaza) as I, Renee Ashley Baker, am getting two “out of court” civil settlements….


Below  Renee Ashley Baker (and ReneeAB9 ) News….


ReneeAB9 products, hopefully, will be sold exclusively in the Neiman Marcus stores….


Halloween Poster:

Canvas Print “Cat Eyed  Pointillism” by ReneeAB9 

To view click link below:


     Below links to 4 new Halloween plates ….




Halloween Plates:

The ReneeAB9 Halloween Party Plate Collection

Two Porcelain Plates and Two Paper Plates

Visit Store: (click link below to view “collections”):




Town and Country Magazine

Renee Ashley Baker and The Erma Foundation will be giving “cocktail parties” and “dinner parties” from November 1, 2016 thru December 31, 2016 at Renee Ashley Baker’s NYC condo (at 50 United Nations Plaza).  above, an elegant New York “holiday party table”  featured in  Town and Country Magazine…..

Below the “beautiful and elegant” Mrs A/Mrs B

(aka Renee Ashley Baker’s Mother)….


Nick and Nora by Renee Ashley Baker

Nick and Nora by Renee Ashley Baker 2

“Nick and Nora” photographed by Renee Ashley Baker

  (for laughs)

James Bond

“007” for  “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

Die Hard Bruce Willis

“Die Hard” for  Cowboys like Gary Cooper 

Star Wars Skellig Michael Monastery  in Ireland

for The Isle of Harris ?

(above “Star Wars” Skellig Michael Monastery in Ireland)




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For Renee Ashley Baker’s Fans In Japan !


For Renee Ashley Baker’s Fans in India !

 (I, Renee Ashley Baker, would watch “Bollywood TV” every Saturday morning when I, Renee Ashley Baker, resided in Los Angeles….)


For Renee Ashley Baker’s Fans in London !


a8a43801-d239-48c4-9805-0854004eb917 (1)

For Renee Ashley Baker’s Fans In France (sur le Left Bank !)



For Renee Ashley Baker’s Fans In New York/NYC (Times Square !)



For Renee Ashley Baker’s Island Dwellers !

(aka the “Beach Bums” in Hawaii, Mustique, St. Tropez, Bali, Indonesia; and on Golden Eye, on Lyford Cay,  on St. Barts,  and on Antiqua !!!)



For Renee Ashley Baker Fans on “the Inside” ….

(in San Quentin and Rykers Island….)

just kidding !!!….lol  Mr. Murdoch !!!


Renee Ashley Baker’s Favorite Products

(Renee Ashley Baker’s Endorsements) 

Kelloggs Frosted FlakesKelloggs Breakfast To Go Maxwell House Iced Coffee

RC Cola       A & W Rootbeer          Coca Cola

Renee Ashley Baker  says,  “NO”  to that Pepsi Concert…..




50 United Nations Plaza

First, Renee Ashley Baker,  will obtain “two” out of court settlements via the U.S. Justice Department in the amount of $90 million to $140 million  (to be deposited in  CP Irrevocable Trust at Rothschild Bank).

2.  Purchase of NYC Condo (at 50 United Nations Plaza; Cost of Condo: $10 million !)

 3.  Set Up (in New York):  “The Erma Foundation” (with CP as Chairman and President).


Set Up (in France):  Erma French Perfume and Design (hopefully with The Wertheimers), and  ReneeAB9 Furniture (with Roche Bobois?), and “Champagne Socialite Cocktails” (hopefully with The Rothschilds).


4.  In 3-5 years:

 Hire CAA (Renee Ashley Baker will sign “exclusively” with CAA for representation and for obtaining “talent” for the Renee Ashley Baker “movie productions” for The Walt Disney Corporation).

5.  Sign with The Walt Disney Corporation.   Renee Ashley Baker will “Executive Produce/Write /Star In”  20 motion pictures for The Walt Disney Corporation.  Renee Ashley Baker will be paid, by The Walt Disney Corporation,  $50 million dollars a year for 20 years.

Proviso 1:  That Renee Ashley Baker will be granted “complete autonomy” to hire and fire Writers, Directors, Actors, Movie Score Composers, Line Producers , Costume Designers, etc etc etc .

Proviso 2:  That Renee Ashley Baker will not “authorize” “produce” nor “release” music soundtracks with any of her 20 motion pictures produced under her Walt Disney Deal. 

Proviso 3: That Renee Ashley Baker will be “free and available” to  Act In/Star In (Play the Female Lead In):

a. “Die Hard” for 20th Century Fox  (to Star actor Bruce Willis and Co-Star Renee Ashley Baker).  And possibly a second motion picture for 20th Century Fox (to Star actor/director Warren Beatty and to Co-Star Renee Ashley Baker)

 b.”James Bond” (with Daniel Craig ) and “The Thin Man” (with Kevin Costner) for Sony/MGM/Columbia Pictures.  

Movie Composers List (Renee Ashley Baker’s long list):  

John Williams, John Debney, John Barry, Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, Maurice Jarre, Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder, Alan Silvestri, Alan Menken, Thomas Newman,  Rob Simonsen, Edmund Choi, Carter Burwell, Gabriel Yared, Patrick Doyle,  Elmer Bernstein, Alexandre Desplat,  Jim Copperthwaite, Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow, Craig Armstrong, Henry Jackman and Mathew Margeson, Stephen Rennicks, Theodore Shapiro, Sven Faulconer, Michael Kamen, William Ross, Bruce Broughton.

Songwriters:  Renee Ashley Baker and Chet Hanks

The Walt Disney Corporation



footprints 2


  (a  screenplay)

by Renee Ashley Baker

Copyright 2016 by Renee Ashley Baker  

All Rights Reserved

    What can you say about a guy committing one crime (his FBI handler doesn’t know about) then discovering,  quite unexpectedly, a second crime being committed (simultaneously) by some “mystery” guy his FBI handler would have to be told about ?   Why, you ask, would I, “Criminal  A”   fckin  stoop to tell the FBI on  fckin  “Criminal B” ?    Because, this other criminal, this “ghost guy”,  was  “piggy backing” all over me;  he was “shadowing” my every “illegal” move;  only to what more “sinister” end ?   What, exactly, was this fckin “doppelganger” planning to do ?  

      Needless to say, I was stuck.  I had to stay put.  I couldn’t let this “copy cat” become “un-thethered”.   I couldn’t let this “hitch hiker” get loose.   I had to tell somebody and I had to do it fast.   I had to contact Fred Handler my handler at the FBI.   But how?   I couldn’t make a phone call because the “doppelganger” most likely had confiscated the building’s phone system –and– had hijacked my cell phone as well.   And, the last “chat room” that Fred Handler and I had conversated in had been closed four weeks ago.  But, I decided that I had to try.    I  “speed tapped” my fingertips on the keyboard.   I typed:  

     “Here comes Jason”

      I  waited, no reply.   I tried again:  

     “Here comes Jason”  

     Still no reply.

    The deal that had put me in the employ of the FBI had been simple; cut and dried:  

    “Help the fckin FBI or  ROT  in fckin prison.  Soap on a rope by Zhane Barnes to be delivered by the shit load (if you’ll pardon my pun)”

    I speed typed again (and many minutes passed) but the preset response by my “handler” never came;  it never came.    What the fck had I stumbled on to ?  

Here comes  Jason  

Can’t be a Mason  

Cut the head off Freddy  

At  the  Po-lice Station



 There will be no “soundtrack” for this nor any other motion picture Executive Produced by Renee Ashley Baker.  However, I,Renee Ashley Baker,  have selected “Chet Hanks” to sing this movie’s “theme song” .  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will hopefully, “hire” Chet Hanks to sing “one or two” songs for my motion picture “Tracks”.

“TRACKS” (Theme Song)

lyrics and melody by Renee Ashley Baker

copyright 2016 by CP Irrevocable Trust
V.O. (Operator)
“911 What is your emergency?”
SOUND (Ambulance siren–the European kind)
(verse 1)
Gold into wine
They’ll never break me
Blood from the vine
They didn’t «MAKE» me
Starting at One
Then count to zero
Man with a gun
Testing a HERO
I’m not here, I’m on the SUN
I’m not leaving, GOT to run
(verse 2)
Me adding you
Right calculation
Heart beating too
Right palpitation
Smell of her hair
I’ll only wonder
If she’s aware
I’m coming like thunder
I’m not here, I’m on the SUN
I’m not leaving, GOT to run
(music interlude–bridge–instrumental)
(verse 3)
Wave of my hand
Just like Houdini
Swimming through sand
Blink like a Genie
World spinning round
They’d like to STOP it
All Crashing Down
I’m not here, I’m on the SUN
I’m not leaving, GOT to run

 DEMO “911” (Chase Scene) written and sung by Renee Ashley Baker

«911 Chase Scene» by Renee Ashley Baker
©2016 by CP Irrevocable Trust
note: Lyrics won’t be in this foot chase scene–middle eastern instrumental music only!!!
911, what is your emergency?
Man with a gun, tell em it’s an urgency
Stay on the line, I dont think he’s gonna play
Mack with a 9, that is what he came to say
911, what is your emergency?
Man with a gun, tell em it’s an urgency
Hang on the line, I dont think he’s gonna play
Mack with a 9, that is what he came to say
911 what is your emergency?
Man with a gun, crazy as he wanna be
Plays like a spoof, trying to rehearse his lines
Man on the roof, saying that he lost his mind
Poor Charlie END–O
Doesn’t have a friend so
Plotting a new trend yo
Sighting through a window
Living was so last year
Charlie wants to smell fear
Now its coming all clear
“TRACKS” a Drama/Political Thriller  by Renee Ashley Baker” is a “motion picture project” to be Executive Produced by Renee Ashley Baker and hopefully will “star” Michael Keaton, Kate Hudson, Christian Bale, Renee Ashley Baker, and hopefully, will be “directed” by Mel Gibson.  The Walt Disney Corp will “release and own” the “Tracks” motion picture as part of the Renee Ashley Baker 20 year “buy out deal” outlined above…. (no to Robert Redford and no to Forrest Whitacker–Forrest Whitacker will “go to jail”)….(If ICM and Michael Keaton are not “available”–because of Denver Colorado–then I, Renee Ashley Baker, will cast the “leading man” from CAA.  

Read More Below…..




Renee Ashley Baker

(copyright 1973, 2003)

        So, there they sat, ‘staring’ at one another.  “J” red headed and math smart and worked as a ‘teller’ down at the bank, was sitting in the Ford and in the other truck ‘Lilly’ who counted on her fingers and on her toes sat  in the GM but was ‘smart’ only at ‘locking and loading’.  I glared at one then the other as I stood squeezed between the four headlights on the two 4 x 4 pick ups (that now faced each other).  I had signed off shift at exactly 12 midnight and was all of two blocks from my house when a call came over the ‘CB’ :  Somebody had seen “J” turning up the drive toward Lilly’s house……( “All Great, Small, Hell and DamnATION !”)……  As I looked around, I figured that “J” had come to move the rest of  Vinton’s stuff out of the house and had ‘backed’ into the driveway instead of  ‘pulling in head first’.   Lilly must have been making time ‘SPEEDING’  back from her Mother’s house –which– was at least an hour’s drive away; speeding just so she could block ‘J’s  truck’  off in the driveway and do “what?”.    I looked at one; then the other.  At  blonde ‘Lilly’ then back at red headed  “J.    “J”  probably knew that Vinton had taken the ‘shotgun’ out of the house; but what “J” probably DIDN’T  know was that ‘Lilly’ kept a loaded 38 caliber snub nose Smith & Wesson –a police special–taped under the dashboard of her truck.  And me ( standing in the middle, while it ‘dripped’ rain) I, hadn’t  UN-holstered my service weapon.  I don’t know what had transpired during the time, the 20 minutes, that it took me to drive up the mountain–in the pouring rain; but there they sat,  “J” the ‘green eyed’ monster;  and Lilly with the blue eyes (who could ‘lock and load’)….

     I, looked at one; then the other.  The badge pinned on my ‘black’ Stetson faced “J” , then ‘Lilly’.  The ‘silver star’ shined at one, then the other.  At “J” , then at “Lilly”.  It shined from the “glare”  of both their eyes…..  


                            (9 words, spoken at a whisper)

             Please don’t take him just because you can…

                                       FADE OUT   (THE  END)

BACKSTORY:  When I, Renee Ashley Baker,  first wrote this “music video” (back in 1973) of course, I cast myself in the role of “Jolene”.  (Funny how at that time I was even using the “product named Jolene” to color (to bleach) my eyebrows “chestnut red” to match my “chestnut red” hair weave….) However, in these past years, I’ve “changed”  and “grown” and decided that one day I’d like to “direct” and began casting myself in “secondary” even supporting roles…(like the “sheriff” maybe) so that I, Renee Ashley Baker, could in fact, “direct”.

sheriff star on hat

Dolly Parton



ReneeAB9  at  Zazzle com

For The Louvre, For The Yacht, For That NY Restaurant !

 High Top Sneakers (For Him and For Her)

reneeab9_graphic_arts_high_top_printed_shoes     Reneeab9 graphic arts high top for men

Low Top Sneakers For Her (Coming Soon)


ReneeAB9 Shoe white         ReneeAB9 Shoe

Janis Spindel Matchmaking


 Janis Spindel (the Billionaire Matchmaker) will “fix up” Renee Ashley Baker  with New York’s most interesting (and most eligible) MEN.

 (Men who must be Caucasian/Jewish, 50-70 years of age, a Billionaire or Millionaire , and be a “Heterosexual” !!!)  


Cote d Azur


(Taken 2011 – 2016)


Renee Ashley Baker in St Louis Missouri



U S Workplace

     I, Renee Ashley Baker, can’t stand to hear about any more terrorism caused “massacres”….So, I, Renee Ashley Baker,  a semi Air Force brat (meaning I never actually resided “on base”) have put together a “security plan” that I hope may save lives.  This is a “luxury blog” but I’ve put my “luxury posts” ON HOLD until I, Renee Ashley Baker, can put forth (offer) some type of “solution” (the best “defense” is an “offense”….right?).




Sun Force Peep Hole Camera

above, Sun Force Peephole Door Camera

(has 3 MP camera and fits any size door).


TAK  KIT  aka  “Terrorist Attack Emergency Kit”

(Below a CCW Leather Urban Conceal Carry Shoulder Bag,  a Hayneedle Conceal Carry Backpack and a Tactical Life Conceal Carry Fanny Pack…)

Tactical life Fanny Pack Gun Carry

CCW Leather Urban Shoulder Bag

Hayneedle Conceal Carry Sling Pack.jpg

How to  build  a  TAK  KIT ….

To keep inside your “workplace” desk; (it has  NO  firearm inside it).

In a strong leather “shoulder bag” or a strong leather “fanny pack” put:

A Taser by Taser International  or  A Stun Gun by Vipertek

Taser International Pulse Taser

Vipertek Stun Gun

2.  A Long Range “Pepper Spray”  by Cobra or  by  Mace 

Cobra Pepper Spray

Mace Brand Long Range Pepper Spray Gun.jpg

3.  Add a Knife (the Swiss Army “Hunter Hardwood” is good):

Swiss Army Huntsman Hardwood


 4. If there is enough room left in your “shoulder bag” or “backpack” add a “tactical flashlight”:

Cobra Pepper Spray Flashlight  or  a  Delta Force “Stun” Flashlight


A Bell & Howell Tac Light  or  a Smith & Wesson Tac Light

Cobra Pepper Spray Flashlight

Delta Force Stun Flashlight

Smith & Wesson Tactical Flashlight

Tac Light by Bell and Howell

II.  Personal Emergency Response (a wearable alert):

V.ALRT  is a security beacon that alerts friend or family that you’re in DANGER.  In the event of an “emergency” you just push the button –there is no need to dial 911 on your cell phone because you program the V.ALRT to dial “911” too….(the GPS will pinpoint your location for “law enforcement”).

V.AlRT Personal Emergency Response

III.  Work Place, Business, (or Home)  wireless “Security Cams” with apps:

 Izon, Nest, and the  Ring Doorbell Cam

Izon security Cam with app.jpg

Nest security cam

Ring Doorbell Cam


What’s New in Workplace Safety and Security?   It’s “Concealment Furniture”

(by  NJ  Concealment)….

NJ Concealment Furniture 1

Visit Website (click link): http://www.njconceal.co/




The “YES” List

The Wertheimers/The Rothschilds


Mel Gibson (director/actor)

and: Bruce Willis, Daniel Craig, Warren Beatty (actor/director) Kevin Costner (actor/director), Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley,Dustin Hoffman, Gene Hackman, Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Colin Firth,  Kenneth Branagh (actor/director),  Brad Pitt (actor/director),  Leo DiCaprio, Jude Law (Michael Keaton optional).


no 4


Below  Renee Ashley Baker (and ReneeAB9 ) News….

No to Rihanna, No to Beyonce, No to Jay-Z (No to Tidal) and No to Ice Cube, No to Oprah Winfrey and No to Gayle King….(Also No to Christie Brinkley and No to Cindy Crawford because I said “NO” to Cindy Crawford a long time ago and No to their QVC shopping channel….)

ReneeAB9 products, hopefully, will be sold exclusively in the Neiman Marcus stores….

The “NO” List:


1.  No to Giudice and No to Vanderpump (They won’t be around me on my birthday).




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