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NRenee Ashley Baker Golden Dragon

July 13, 2016

To The Worldwide Press & Public 

Re: Renee Ashley Baker GOLD (without the “entertainment industry”)….

My Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) was the real “gold finger” as she wore tons of  real 24kt  gold jewelry on her fingers.  My Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) also wore real 48kt gold jewelry which, you can only buy in Europe.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, wore “real gold jewelry” (12kt-24kt) from the time I was 7 years old  as I, Renee Ashley Baker, got my ears pierced when I was 7 years old and my Mother–Lady Irma/Erma –bought me  my first pair of pierced earrings ( they were 12kt gold crucifixes).   I, Renee Ashley Baker, also wore real 24kt gold jewelry when I was in “high school”  but–I’ve stopped wearing “real jewelry” as I don’t want to “round a corner” and get robbed (i.e. “mugged”).  What I, Renee Ashley Baker,  would like to do is design a line (a collection) of “sunglasses” for Swarovski (the “royal” Austrian jewel family).

 What  Say  Swarovski?

 P.S.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, am very “International”.   When I, Renee Ashley Baker, was a high school student (attending the rich Denver Crestmoor Park George Washington High School);  I, Renee Ashley Baker, was  very “Swedish”.   All the “rich Jewish girls” at George Washington High School wore their long hair “Swedish style” and wore “Swedish clogs” on their feet.  Of course I, Renee Ashley Baker, wore my hair “Swedish style” and wore “Swedish clogs” on my feet….

P.S. P.S.  The “entertainment industry” has always been “tinsel” (not gold).  Why “still” Tinsel?  Because the “entertainment industry”–because California–is NOW being run by Colorado’s blue collar poor, by Colorado’s “poor Mexicans” (aka Juarez) by Colorado’s Crips, by Colorado’s Bloods, and by Colorado’s “organized crime”….and….this is why Charlize Theron will receive a “cease and desist order” from the U.S. Attorney telling her that she will not be working with Renee Ashley Baker.

Below Swedish Clogs Circa 1970

Swedish clogs

DB Cooper

NEWS !     F.B.I.  closes case on DB Cooper…

     In 1971 DB Cooper supposedly jumped from a Boeing 727, somewhere between Seattle and Reno, with $200,000 in “extorted” money.  Capt William Scott, was the pilot flying the 727 over “Tina/Tena Beach” when DB did his “eject-O” thing.  F.B.I. , at that time, coordinated an “aerial search” using fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters from the Oregon Army National Guard along the entire flight path which–was known as Victor 23 (not  Vector 23)….



Above, New Photos of Renee Ashley Baker !!!  

Selfies of Renee Ashley Baker photographed on July 9, 2016  while I was watching “Mercury Rising” on TV….

#NO make up and #NO Filter….



FYI:  “CP Irrevocable Trust” will be receiving the “out of court settlement” of $90 mil to $140 million….Now View New “The Graphic Arts Collection” debuting  exclusively at ReneeAB9 (on Zazzle)…

View  New Shoes (For Her and Him), Speakers, Headsets,  Men’s Ties and a Knight’s Messenger Bag Below….





VisIt Store (click link here):   



p.s.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, don’t want Mexicans to buy….Mexicans can leave what Renee Ashley Baker does alone…..



SHOUT OUT TO L:     You (and your Mom) are still invited to “dinner at my condo at 50 U.N. Plaza”.  (I have no projects for you at Warner Bros nor at Universal).

SHOUT OUT TO B & A:   You (and all the kids) are invited to dinner at my condo at 50 U.N. too (but I have no “directing job” for  “A” although she should probably continue directing….).

 SHOUT OUT TO “THE HOLLYWOOD FOREIGN PRESS ASSOC”:   I  don’t want that “CBS audience” (that “sick killer TV series” audience) that has taken over TV viewership…SO, I, Renee Ashley Baker, won’t be working for 3-5 years….

Bruce Willis and Renee Ashley Baker


Renee Ashley Baker GQ cover




 Hi Bruce:  I can’t wait to get that “Die Hard” script starring Bruce Willis and Renee Ashley Baker….(“Die Hard” will be Renee Ashley Baker’s movie debut…meaning “NO” to Rihanna….) and  P.S.  There was no “Emma Karn”….

fourth of july

FYI:  re: Twitter Tuesday:

For each of my three Tee on Tuesday “tweets”   I, Renee Ashley Baker,  used exactly  56 characters…..

411:  SINCE 2003, I, Renee Ashley Baker, have cost the “entertainment industry” (meaning motion pictures, music, satellite TV, and ebooks) 13 billion dollars (meaning 1 billion dollars a year….)  



Something is very very wrong when Colorado wants to set up a “business deal” (a movie deal) with Arnold Schwarzenegger but hates (hates !) the name “Kennedy” (!!!).

      I, Renee Ashley Baker, realize that I’ve “lost friends” but–so what.    

     After I, Renee Ashley Baker, get my “civil settlement”  of $90 mil-$140 mil dollars (through the U.S. Justice Department) I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be the one to “cross the street”.  

     BACKSTORY:  There are those who work in the “entertainment industry” who remember me , Renee Ashley Baker, “making the rounds”.    (I, Renee Ashley Baker, walked around Beverly Hills and Century City wearing a “gingham mini dress”, wearing a pair of black cross strap high heels that I had seen on Princess Diana, wearing purple lipstick and wearing purple “John Lennon sun glasses” ;     and –do believe– that I, Renee Ashley Baker, was wearing my hair in a “huge” ash blonde/ash brown  French roll !!!).

     Because of Denver’s “shake down” (Colorado’s strong arm extortion) I, Renee Ashley Baker,  can never work with the “entertainment industry professionals” that I had been “going around   to see”.  

(and still “NO” to Meryl Streep, No to Universal Studios, No to CBS Network, No to Paramount, No to Charlize Theron,No to Taraji P Henson, NO to OWN Network, No to Oprah Winfrey, No to Madonna’s company  and NO to Forest Whitaker and NO to Tidal….)…. 


Michael Jackson


Click link below to read the latest news on Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson “was” with the “real” entertainment industry and not with the “sex offender/hobo/Crip/Blood/Juarez Drug Dealer” entertainment industry that Colorado keeps trying to put me with….)  I’d say Colorado and Renee Ashley Baker are real  “Ememies”   and  not phony “Frenemies”)


     I, Renee Ashley Baker, won’t use Universal, nor NBC, nor Decca, nor will I use “the Jackson’s lawyer” ….I don’t NEED “the Jackson’s lawyer !!! ….. (However, I, Renee Ashley Baker, am keeping AT & T….)

at & t cell phonejimmy-choo-willis-leopard-print

Ford Model Agency

   I,  Renee Ashley Baker,  will “hire” Ford Modeling Agency (aka Katie Ford) to find me a “male model” to launch my menswear line  “Manly Man/Celtic Lion”…..

Aristotle1953 Buick

In  his  “Historia  Animalium”  (ca 400 BC)  Aristotle mentioned the ability of what “animal” to “change its color” for  both  “camouflage”  and for “signaling” ? 

Read Down For The Answer….

Fathers Day

    re: My Father–My Daddy–aka  Mr. Ashley

     I, Renee Ashley Baker, “walked” at 7 months old and before I even started kindergarten I, Renee Ashley Baker, could read and write “words” and all because my Father–My Daddy– (Mr. Ashley) “taught me”.    My father–My Daddy–aka Mr. Ashley (and his bourgoisie family) were all big on “education”.  My Father’s (Mr. Ashley’s) brothers were all Army Men (and “Masons”) and they all moved, in the late 1950’s,  to the wealthy St. Louis suburb of “Kinloch”.    My Father–My Daddy–aka Mr. Ashley and my Mother (Mrs Ashley aka Lady Irma/Erma) had bought new furniture (from Stix, Baer, & Fuller department store in St. Louis) and had “made plans” to move to the St. Louis suburb of “Kinloch”–but–my Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) had to “change plans” and bought–instead–the “mini-mansion” that had been brought over –piece by piece–from France (brought over by a “wealthy Jewish St. Louis Judge”….)    Anyway, back to My  “Daddy” (Mr. Ashley).   My Father– My Daddy–Mr. Ashley must have been a “hump back whale” (because my brother “James” was a “shark”)…My Father–My Daddy–Mr. Ashley–must have been a “Lion” because my brother  “James” was a “Panther” (which–is funny because my brother James loved a “white wine” that he’d discovered while he was living overseas (in Germany) and this “white wine” was named  “Swarze Katz” aka “Black Cat”….)    Anyway,  My Father–My Daddy–Mr. Ashley took me everywhere with him (of course,  I, Renee Ashley Baker, would cry and “throw fits” if he didn’t).  So, my Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) would “dress me up” (in one of the beautiful Stix Baer Fuller / Famous Barr  “dresses” that she’d bought for me–with my father Mr. Ashley’s money–) and My Father–My Daddy–Mr. Ashley–would take me to his “haberdashery”  (his tailor)  where he’d have his suits tailored/altered/fitted.   My Father–My Daddy–Mr. Ashley  would take me to the “tobacco shop” where he’d “buy cigars and pipe tobacco” (and where I, Renee Ashley Baker, saw my first “wooden Indian”….).  My Father–My Daddy–Mr. Ashley  was a “veteran” of the U.S. Army and  was also a “golfer” who would “golf” on the golf courses in St. Louis Missouri.  And –like I said– My Father–My Daddy–Mr. Ashley  was a “Mason” (who wore a “ring” and who would often go to the Masonic Lodge in St. Louis Missouri).  My Father–My Daddy–Mr. Ashley liked and “respected” Jews as I, Renee Ashley Baker, was born in the rich Jewish hospital in St. Louis Missouri (Barnes Jewish Hospital);  And further respecting Jews  he (Father/Daddy/Mr. Ashley)  drank Manischewitz Wine (which I, Renee Ashley Baker,  was allowed to “taste” and grew to like because it tasted just like “grape juice” !!!).    My Father–My Daddy–Mr. Ashley would pack my “rocking horse” in the trunk of his big, important “1953  Buick” (the same car that billionaire Howard Hughes drove) and he and my Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) would take me to “play” in  Forrest Park.  (In fact, there is no memory more vivid than my riding in my Daddy’s big blue “1953   Buick”   as it moved slowly through the big tall trees of Forrest Park !!!).  In later years, My Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) told me that my father’s Mother (a grandmother I never knew) was of “Welsh” descent.  I have placed this grandmother–Grandmother Harris–as being from the “Isle of Harris”.  (Is this right ?….I hope so, that way I can be “related” to the brilliant and crusty Irish actor “Richard Harris” !!!  LOL !!!)  Anyway, “Happy Father’s Day”  to all the “Daddies” around the world.


 Renee Ashley Baker  

P.S.  Below  “The Devil’s Brigade”  photographed by Renee Ashley Baker

(Tell me, what is that “cloaked” thing in the “painting” in the background ?  Is it:

 A squid ?   A cuttlefish ?    An octopus ?  A  what ?  ….)

The Devils Brigade photographed by Renee Ashley Baker

  Rothschild Logo



above Rothschild Crest (click link above to view Renee’s new website):

50 United Nations Plaza

(above Renee Ashley Baker’s NYC residence which–belongs to C P Irrevocable Trust and below Renee Ashley Baker FRANCE HOUSE which–hopefully can get a mortgage –from the Rothschild Bank….)

Cote d Azur


 DEMO “911” (Chase Scene) written and sung by Renee Ashley Baker

«911 Chase Scene» by Renee Ashley Baker
©2016 by CP Irrevocable Trust
note: Lyrics won’t be in this foot chase scene–middle eastern instrumental music only!!!
911, what is your emergency?
Man with a gun, tell em it’s an urgency
Stay on the line, I dont think he’s gonna play
Mack with a 9, that is what he came to say
911, what is your emergency?
Man with a gun, tell em it’s an urgency
Hang on the line, I dont think he’s gonna play
Mack with a 9, that is what he came to say
911 what is your emergency?
Man with a gun, crazy as he wanna be
Plays like a spoof, trying to rehearse his lines
Man on the roof, saying that he lost his mind
Poor Charlie END–O
Doesn’t have a friend so
Plotting a new trend yo
Sighting through a window
Living was so last year
Charlie wants to smell fear
Now its coming all clear
Aiming at a TALL Deer


“TRACKS” (Theme Song)
lyrics and melody by Renee Ashley Baker
copyright 2016 by CP Irrevocable Trust
(in a slow jazzy style)
V.O. (Operator)
“911 What is your emergency?”
SOUND (Ambulance siren–the European kind)
(verse 1)
Gold into wine
They’ll never break me
Blood from the vine
They didn’t «MAKE» me
Starting at One
Then count to zero
Man with a gun
Testing a HERO
I’m not here, I’m on the SUN
I’m not leaving, GOT to run
(verse 2)
Me adding you
Right calculation
Heart beating too
Right palpitation
Smell of her hair
I’ll only wonder
If she’s aware
I’m coming like thunder
I’m not here, I’m on the SUN
I’m not leaving, GOT to run
(music interlude–bridge–instrumental)
(verse 3)
Wave of my hand
Just like Houdini
Swimming through sand
Blink like a Genie
World spinning round
They’d like to STOP it
All Crashing Down
I’m not here, I’m on the SUN
I’m not leaving, GOT to run
If produced “Tracks” will hopefully star Michael Keaton, Kate Hudson, Renee Ashley Baker, and Mel Gibson.  Mel Gibson, hopefully will Direct.  Renee Ashley Baker will “Executive Produce” and Disney will release under the banner: “Walt Disney Presents: A Renee Ashley Baker Production, Directed by Mel Gibson…..”


 I, Renee Ashley Baker, won’t be doing any “motion picture projects” until my Neurologist in NYC) clears me to do so.  And then, I, Renee Ashley Baker, will only work for 20th Century Fox and Disney Corp.  (No to CBS Network.  No to Television).   

2.  If, I can’t get Michael Keaton then my choices for the “male lead” are Brad Pitt and Christian Bale (for this Disney motion picture, which, hopefully will be directed by Mel Gibson).

 3.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, actually made a “DEMO” ;  check it out below….

 All songs for the movie “TRACKS” will be co-owned by  CP Irrevocable Trust, Chet Hanks and Sony/Columbia Music.



Renee Ashley Baker

(copyright 1973, 2003)

        So, there they sat, ‘staring’ at one another.  “J” red headed and math smart and worked as a ‘teller’ down at the bank, was sitting in the Ford and in the other truck ‘Lilly’ who counted on her fingers and on her toes sat  in the GM but was ‘smart’ only at ‘locking and loading’.  I glared at one then the other as I stood squeezed between the four headlights on the two 4 x 4 pick ups (that now faced each other).  I had signed off shift at exactly 12 midnight and was all of two blocks from my house when a call came over the ‘CB’ :  Somebody had seen “J” turning up the drive toward Lilly’s house……( “All Great, Small, Hell and DamnATION !”)……  As I looked around, I figured that “J” had come to move the rest of  Vinton’s stuff out of the house and had ‘backed’ into the driveway instead of  ‘pulling in head first’.   Lilly must have been making time ‘SPEEDING’  back from her Mother’s house –which– was at least an hour’s drive away; speeding just so she could block ‘J’s  truck’  off in the driveway and do “what?”.    I looked at one; then the other.  At  blonde ‘Lilly’ then back at red headed  “J.    “J”  probably knew that Vinton had taken the ‘shotgun’ out of the house; but what “J” probably DIDN’T  know was that ‘Lilly’ kept a loaded 38 caliber snub nose Smith & Wesson –a police special–taped under the dashboard of her truck.  And me ( standing in the middle, while it ‘dripped’ rain) I, hadn’t  UN-holstered my service weapon.  I don’t know what had transpired during the time, the 20 minutes, that it took me to drive up the mountain–in the pouring rain; but there they sat,  “J” the ‘green eyed’ monster;  and Lilly with the blue eyes (who could ‘lock and load’)….

     I, looked at one; then the other.  The badge pinned on my ‘black’ Stetson faced “J” , then ‘Lilly’.  The ‘silver star’ shined at one, then the other.  At “J” , then at “Lilly”.  It shined from the “glare”  of both their eyes…..  


                            (9 words, spoken at a whisper)

             Please don’t take him just because you can…

                                       FADE OUT   (THE  END)

BACKSTORY:  When I, Renee Ashley Baker,  first wrote this “music video” (back in 1973) of course, I cast myself in the role of “Jolene”.  (Funny how at that time I was even using the “product named Jolene” to color (to bleach) my eyebrows “chestnut red” to match my “chestnut red” hair weave….) However, in these past years, I’ve “changed”  and “grown” and decided that one day I’d like to “direct” and began casting myself in “secondary” even supporting roles…(like the “sheriff” maybe) so that I, Renee Ashley Baker, could in fact, “direct”.

sheriff star on hat

Dolly Parton



Mother Rose Kennedy 2

Happy Birthday

President John F Kennedy with brother Robert F Kennedy

First Lady Jackie Kennedy at President Kennedy  Arlington Grave Site


Caroll OConnor and Crew In The Heat Of The Night

1956 Chevy Pick Up



 “CHECK IT OUT !!!”  the  “NEW HOODIE !!!”  by  ReneeAB9 !!!….













Moore News!

This “Webpage” Will Remain On Until I’ve Arrived In NYC…. (So, No to Gigi Hadid, No to David Foster (No to Oprah Winfrey, No to Own Network, No to Susan Sarandan, No to Amal, No to George Clooney, and No Sale To Tom Hanks and No Sale To Tom Cruise. No to CBS, No to Paramount, No to Warner Bros, No to Universal, No to Decca, No to Chris and No to 50 Cent’s owning with Chet and always No to Robert DeNiro).

P.S.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, cannot stand Mexicans.  I don’t want Mexicans to “buy”.

No to Beyonce, No to Rihanna, No to Zendaya, No to Karueche, No to Brittany Spears, No to Miley Cyrus, No to Madonna.  No to Meryl Streep, No to Charlize Theron, No to CBS Network, No to Paramount and No to Gale. (Gale/Gayle/Gail had better leave the Renee Ashley Baker websites alone !  ) 


(photographed from 2011-2016)

Renee Ashley Baker in St Louis Missouri

renee-ashley-baker-self-portrait 2011


Renee Ashley Baker Princeton cap 1

Renee Ashley Baker Princeton cap 2

Renee Ashley Baker Princeton cap 3

Renee Ashley Baker Princeton cap 4


“A56-7W” by Renee Ashley Baker

 A cell phone video “tribute”to Jan Michael Vincent

(although the color isn’t good….)




  I, Renee Ashley Baker, am expecting to receive (for physical/financial injury) an amount of  $90 million dollars-$140 million dollars  in a “out of court civil settlement”  to be negotiated by the U.S. Justice Department in Colorado.  (Details may come later).  

2.  The $90 million dollars -$140 million dollars will be deposited in Rothschild Bank.  (Deposited in “Certificates of Deposit” which are to be owned by C P Irrevocable Trust).  

3.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, am getting the $90 million dollars – $140 million dollars because I “cannot work” and I “will not” take jobs.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, am NOT FOR HIRE.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, do plan to be the NEXT BIG “socialite in NYC”.  (In two years I, Renee Ashley Baker will “launch” Celtic Lion/Manly Man Menswear and Champagne Socialite hopefully with The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds and Neiman Marcus exclusively for Celtic Lion/Manly Man Menswear….)

 4.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will NOT have (not alllow)  “the entertainment industry” into my homes in New York and in France. SO–STAY OUT SHOWBUSINESS (!!!).

5.   I, Renee Ashley Baker, am “sick and tired” of this country’s “poor” taking over “industries” that are supposed to be “run by the rich”.  (I, Renee Ashley Baker, am NOT a “communist” –I am a Democrat…..)

June 8, 2016

To The  F.B.I. and to The Worldwide Press & Public:

re:  Amal Clooney (and No To Gigi Hadid and No to David Foster)

1.  Denver Organized Crime and “The Crips” are trying to “claim” an “association” with Amal and George Clooney.  Whether this is true or not, I, Renee Ashley Baker, must say “NO” to any and all “business relationships”  with Amal and George Clooney.  Simply–because–Colorado “criminals” are trying to “duress” me to “sell” to George Clooney (and you know how many times I, Renee Ashley Baker, have said NO to George Clooney on this website).

 2.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, plan to do most of my “United Nations” work (through The Erma Foundation) in Eastern Europe and in Western Europe which–is very different from Amal and George Clooney’s “Africa” work.  

3.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, am here in Denver “being bothered” by Colorado –by Cowtown “organized crime” —  and I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “tell, tell, tell” (the world) everything that this  “crooked cowtown”  has been trying to do.  (Amal Clooney  cannot be “fit” to serve on a “U N Commission Inquiry Panel” into “wrong doing”  if-IF–she’s a part of such “garbage”….Can she ?)



P.S.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not use Amal Clooney to help with my wardrobe (I have Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel) and I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not use  Amal Clooney to help with my “presentation” to The Hague  (which, I, Renee Ashley Baker, will do–present to The Hague –instead of “presenting to”  the U.S. Supreme Court).



(Open   Letter)

June 3, 2016

To The F.B.I.

    The Renee Ashley Baker Song Catalog has been sent to the U.S.  “copyright registrar”.  The “Copyright Claimant” for Vol 1, Vol 2 and Vol 3 is to be “CP Irrevocable Trust”.

 2.  No Covers.  No Sale.  No Usage (of The Renee Ashley Baker Song Catalog).

 3.  This means–no to Rihanna, No to Beyonce, no to Jay-Z (and NO to Tidal Music) and No to Sean P Diddy Combs.  They’re “DOGS” If they “try” me.  No Sale To Mexicans either.  (I don’t want the Mexican public). Also, No to Jill Scott. No to Mary Blige, No to Lil Kim, No to Latifa, No to Madonna, No to Zendaya, No to Miley Cyrus, No to Brittany Spears. No to Janet Jackson, No to Gwen Stefani,  No to Christina Aguillera and No to Bette Midler (because she’s at Warner Bros Music). and No to Universal Music, No to Decca.

4.  Nothing for R & B Singers.

5.  I don’t care about those who “ain’t selling” the “junk” they recorded.  They will leave Renee Ashley Baker’s Songs ALONE !!!   Cease and Desist Orders (from the U.S. Justice Department) will be sent out to “record labels”.   Extortion of a Song Catalog “Charges” will be filed in Federal Court.

 6.  And “they” can “stay away” from the Renee Ashley Baker/Erma Foundation “parties” in New York City (at 50 United Nations Plaza).

 7.  Renee Ashley Baker will be settling her “civil case” (through the U.S. Attorney’s office)  for $90 million – $140 million dollars….



CLINK LINK:   http://www.jfkrfkashley.blogspot.com





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