Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth! Royal Birthday! The Royals! London, England !

Renee Ashley Baker 2 April 21 2016

“Selfie For The Queen”  by Renee Ashley Baker

For  HRH Queen Elizabeth II’s Birthday….and for Baby Snuckems (aka HRH Princess Charlotte) and for the Baby Dumpling  (aka HRH Prince George….)

     I, Renee Ashley Baker, took these two selfies above  (of myself) just moments ago.  The “camera” on my cell phone is “horrible” but I finally took some “selfies” with the camera facing my face….I took these “selfies” in broad in daylight–with #no filter….Brave me !

Queen Elizabeth birthday portrait with grand kids....


Below: Renee Ashley Baker’s New York Residence

         (50 United Nations Plaza)….

50 United Nations Plaza  50 United Nations Plaza lobby






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