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Wardrobe for Panic Room


(For Single Women, For Families, For College Students)

 1.  In a “dorm room” or in a “studio apartment” make it  the “bathroom”.

 (Install a strong deadbolt lock on the bathroom door….and on the bedroom closet door….)  

2.  In a “one bedroom apartment” or in a “home” make it the “bedroom”.  

(Install a strong deadbolt lock on the bedroom door and on the bedroom closet door….)  

3.  re: Children

 If you have a separate bedroom for your children add strong “deadbolt locks” to their bedroom door(s) and to their “bedroom closet doors(s)”….

 DO TEACH your children to “get inside their closet”, to LOCK the closet door, and to “stay inside” the closet until YOU tell them it’s safe to come out.  

4.  Re: the Protection Kit ( For the “Safe Room/Panic Room” )

BUY  a “sturdy” leather fanny pack with two (2) zippered compartments.  

A. Inside the “fanny pack” put:

1.  Fire Arm with loaded clip (magazine).

 2.  1 or 2 extra clips.  

3.  One cell phone with BIG numbers and a panic button (such as the “Jitterbug Star”.   Or–if you have Swann, DLink, Nest, Night Owl security cameras with “apps” get the “Jitterbug Smartphone” and download the “security camera apps” to the “Jitterbug Smartphone”.  

OR… If  you’re “gun wary”….  

B.  Inside the “fanny pack” put:

1.  Taser Gun (loaded).  

2.  1 or 2 extra “ammo” loads.  

3.  One cell phone with BIG numbers and a panic button (such as the “Jitterbug Star”.   Or–if you have Swann, DLink, Nest, Night Owl security cameras with “apps” get the “Jitterbug Smartphone”  and download the “security camera apps” to the “Jitterbug Smartphone”.  

Or…If you’re inside a “College Dorm”  

C.  Inside the “fanny pack” put:  

1.  Mace Pepper Spray (portable).  

2. 1 or 2 extra “spray” loads.

 3.  One cell phone with BIG numbers and a panic button (such as the “Jitterbug Star”.  Or–if you have Swann, DLink, Nest, Night Own security cameras with “apps” get the “Jitterbug Smartphone” and download the “security camera apps” to the “Jitterbug Smartphone”.  

   About  “Fire Arm” Safety:

 Sign up for a 2 Day “gun safety class” from your local “firing range”;  it is  recommended.  (For the “gun wary”  firearms now come with “LaserMax” and “Crimson Trace Laser” to help guide “marksmanship”).  

Gun with laser



Motion Detection Mats

motion detector mat

Front Door/Back Door “Color Security Cams with Monitor”

Bunker Hill Security Cameras with color monitor

Night Owl Wireless Day/Night  IP Security Cam:

Night Owl Security Cams


Doorbell Cam (For Your Home or For Your Apartment):

Ring Doorbell Cam  (with app)

Ring Doorbell Cam

August Doorbell Cam (with app)

August Doorbell Cam


Panic Room DIY


(For How-To click link below):

BUY LIST (Being Completed):  

  1.  Fanny Pack from REI

fanny pack REI




Being rolled out (first in Detroit) is “Greenlight” which “streams live cam” directly into a “command center” (so police can continuously “monitor” each  Greenlight security video cam for “suspecious or criminal” activity….)





above “Ideal Conceal” created by inventor Kirk Kjellberg

Ideal Conceal 2

Innovation: The New Personal Safety


Above the “Identilock”  Smart Gun

     My readers understand my feelings about “personal protection” and “home protection.”   I, Renee Ashley Baker, have come to believe that all “serious hardware” (meaning automatic weapons–AK’s and Macs) should be “picked up” (confiscated) by the Federal Government (as only the military, the police and stalked celebrities need such powerful weapons).  However,  I do believe that gun laws should allow for 5-10 “handguns” in the home (or in the “business”).  That way, in the event of serious “home invasion” or “terrorist attack in the work place” the public (or home owner) has a “fighting chance”.  What do you think?

   The Smart Gun  Identilock (pictured above) is a “biometric clasp” that shields a gun’s trigger and releases only when it detects the owner’s fingerprint.  (The “Identilock” clasp was created by entrepreneur / engineer Omer Kiyani.  The “Identilock” is being funded by a $100,000 grant from the Smart Tech Challenges Foundation.  What say some VC guys or “bankers” fund this  project and fund Renee Ashley Baker’s idea for a ” 72 Hour Lock Out” Home Safe)…



footprints 2


  (a  screenplay)

by Renee Ashley Baker

Copyright 2016 by Renee Ashley Baker  

All Rights Reserved

    What can you say about a guy committing one crime (his FBI handler doesn’t know about) then discovering,  quite unexpectedly, a second crime being committed (simultaneously) by some “mystery” guy his FBI handler would have to be told about ?   Why, you ask, would I, “Criminal  A”   fckin  stoop to tell the FBI on  fckin  “Criminal B” ?    Because, this other criminal, this “ghost guy”,  was  “piggy backing” all over me;  he was “shadowing” my every “illegal” move;  only to what more “sinister” end ?   What, exactly, was this fckin “doppelganger” planning to do ?  

      Needless to say, I was stuck.  I had to stay put.  I couldn’t let this “copy cat” become “un-thethered”.   I couldn’t let this “hitch hiker” get loose.   I had to tell somebody and I had to do it fast.   I had to contact Fred Handler my handler at the FBI.   But how?   I couldn’t make a phone call because the “doppelganger” most likely had confiscated the building’s phone system –and– had hijacked my cell phone as well.   And, the last “chat room” that Fred Handler and I had conversated in had been closed four weeks ago.  But, I decided that I had to try.    I  “speed tapped” my fingertips on the keyboard.   I typed:  

     “Here comes Jason”

      I  waited, no reply.   I tried again:  

     “Here comes Jason”  

     Still no reply.

    The deal that had put me in the employ of the FBI had been simple; cut and dried:  

    “Help the fckin FBI or  ROT  in fckin prison.  Soap on a rope by Zhane Barnes to be delivered by the shit load (if you’ll pardon my pun)”

    I speed typed again (and many minutes passed) but the preset response by my “handler” never came;  it never came.    What the fck had I stumbled on to ?  

Here comes  Jason  

Can’t be a Mason  

Cut the head off Freddy  

At  the  Po-lice Station


***”Tracks” a Drama/Political Thriller  by Renee Ashley Baker” is a “motion picture project” to be Executive Produced by Renee Ashley Baker and hopefully will “star” Michael Keaton, Kate Hudson, Renee Ashley Baker, and hopefully, will be “directed” by Mel Gibson.  Disney Corp will “release”…. (no to Robert Redford and no to Forrest Whitacker–Forrest Whitacker will “go to jail”)….Read More Below…..


Breaking News April 19, 2016

 re: No to Robert Redford, No to Nicholas Cage and No to Forrest Whitacker

    Because of the “underhanded” and “criminal way” Colorado (Denver/Aurora/Englewood) tried to “shake down” (aka strong arm extort) the Renee Ashley Baker “motion picture productions” and the Renee Ashley Baker “song catalog”  I, Renee Ashley Baker, cannot “do business” with ICM, nor with Universal/Decca/NBC; nor Warner Bros; nor Xfinity/Cable; nor Dish Network, nor Robert DeNiro, nor George Clooney; nor Brad Cooper; nor Sylvester Stallone; nor CBS Network; nor Paramount Studios; nor OWN Network; nor Oprah Winfsrey, nor Gayle King, nor Gale Hurd….and still “NO” to Donald Trump.

 2.    If–IF–I, Renee Ashley Baker, decide to work in the “entertainment industry” I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “Executive Produce” (and will “Star In”) motion pictures (not TV) under an “exclusive contract” with Disney Corp –to be paid–$50 million dollars a year for 20 years.  (Making Disney Corp the “exclusive” and 100% owner of all the Renee Ashley Baker “entertainment projects” and “entertainment properties”.  

  3.   I, Renee Ashley Baker, must disclose that I, have named “CBS Network” in a “complaint” to the U.S. Justice Department.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “not” be signing any contracts with CBS Network nor with Paramount Studios….(I’ve already said Disney Corp “exclusively”….).

  4.    In the mean time, I Renee Ashley Baker, will be in New York and in France “setting up” Erma French Perfume and Design/Celtic Lion Menswear and Champgane Sociliate  (hopefully with The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds !!!)  

   5. I, Renee Ashley Baker, expect the U.S. Attorney to settle my “civil case” (out of court) for $90 million to $120 million dollars because of both “physical injury” and “financial injury” (to last 3-5 years in the future).



“GOOD-BYE”  TO  DORIS  ROBERTS  (from St. Louis Missouri…..)

Doris Roberts Remington Steele

Doris Roberts in “Remington Steele” (above) and Doris Roberts in “Everybody Loves Raymond”(below).

Doris Roberts Everybody Loves Raymond

Doris Roberts 1

St Louis Gateway Arch

 Now, Scroll Down To Read More by Renee Ashley Baker….

(Renee Ashley Baker was also born in St. Louis Missouri)


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