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      Dr. Red, Dr. Blue, Dr. White and Dr.Green had all arrived, on schedule, at The Grand Hotel LIchtenstein.  They knew not each other, nor did they know the secret location at which they were going to work.  They each, only knew, that there had been a call from The Hague (the international high court of Europe).  A call which had stated that each was to board a plane ASAP.  A call which had also stated it was a matter of grave importance, a matter of life and death, and a matter of “top secret world ally security”.   That –four– were being summoned and that Dr. White, the only female (and an Israeli) would act as “team leader”….


“The Carr Extraction”


Renee Ashley Baker

(copyright 2015 by Renee Ashley Baker and CP Irrevocable Trust).  

Note: If–IF– I, Renee Ashley Baker, decide to “develop” this motion picture I, Renee Ashley Baker, will do so at Disney Studios and I , Renee Ashley Baker, will “hire” a CAA “screenwriter” to write the screenplay.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will select from CAA director roster (unfortunately not Ron Howard and not Richard Donner)….and there will be “no soundtrack” for this motion picture only a “movie score” hopefully done by Yo Yo Ma.

Louis Vuitton agenda cover

 Renee Ashley Baker’s “New” Schedule

1a.  Settle Lawsuit Out of Court (for $100 million dollars–my Philadelphia lawyers get 40%).

  b.  Sign a “male model” for the ReneeAB9 Men’s Designer Line of Swim Trunks (maybe Jamie?).

2.  Move To France in October 2015 (set up two companies, Erma French Perfume and Design /ReneeAB9 and Champagne Socialite hopefully with The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds. IF–I, DECIDE:

3.  Star with Bruce Willis in “Diehard” (in 2017 or 2017 (for 20th Century Fox).  

4.  Star with Tom Hanks in 2019 (for Disney Studios).

5.  Star in “The Carr Extraction” by Renee Ashley Baker with Harrison Ford?, and Sean Connery? and Ben Kingsley? and _____as Dr. White (for Disney Studios).

6. Star with Kevin Costner or Brad Pitt in 2020 (for Disney)  BECAUSE of “Colorado’s Strong Arm Extortion Rackets” I, Renee Ashley Baker, will have to get Federal Court Injunctions against Universal Studios, against Warner Bros Studios, against ICM and against Tagliaboo of the NFL.  (Denver keeps trying to “coerce me” to work on a movie project with Tagliaboo and the NFL.  Tagliaboo will “go to jail”.  Denver’s John Elway will  “go to jail too”.

I said NO

No to John Elway, No to Janus Fund, No to Invesco, No to Gale Hurd, No to Gayle King, No to Oprah Winfrey, No to Forrest Whitacker, No to Ludacris, No to Nicolas Cage, No to Dennis Quaid, No to Sean Puffy Combs (he’ll go to jail), No to Jay-Z, No to Kanye West, No to Madonna, No to David Foster, No to Beyonce, No to Lil Kim and No to Rihanna, No to Nicki Manaj, and No to Mariah Carey (she still can’t sing), And….No to George Clooney, No to Bradley Cooper and No to Robert DeNiro (Robert DeNiro will “go to jail).


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